Wednesday, October 27, 2010


so this is going to sound incredibly pathetic, but my goal since august has been to be pregnant by october. and i should probably ovulate (TMI, sorry!!) this week, so the race is on! i really really really want to announce our pregnancy on christmas day with our family around. i have been really persistent with getting my family and even some of hubby's family at our house for christmas eve. i know it's a lot of pressure on my uterus (ha!), but we are trying ultra hard to be pregnant this month so we can have a special announcement. it's so rare that all of my family is in one place, and it'd be even more special if it was in our home while celebrating family. i think i would hypothetically be 10 weeks along at the time and i'd feel comfortable announcing then.

obviously it's totally possible that won't happen and i can definitely accept that. but i think it would be great if it did and i'm going to be optimistic! the way my mind works these days is...

"if i get pregnant in august, out baby will be due in may."
"if i get pregnant in september, our baby will be due in june."
"if i get pregnant in october, our baby will be due in july."

i love july birthdays, my dad's birthday is at the end of the month. for some reason i generally dislike march, august, or early september birthdays. is that weird!? i feel like august and early september get passed up easily because it's when school starts. no idea what's with my aversion to march birthdays. i want our child's birthday to be on a day everyone will remember and not while they're scrambling for school supplies or christmas presents, etc.

so wish us luck this week!! it's month three, so maybe we'll be in that 59-68% group with a christmas eve announcement. one can hope!!

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