Monday, October 25, 2010


if you know me at all, you know i'm a planner. although my husband is incredibly spontaneous and tries to bring out that side of me, i am obsessed with numbers and knowing things. i just have to know EVERYTHING at ALL times. or at least be prepared based on whatever tiny detail i can find. and i will scrounge my little heart out to find out everything i can on a subject. megs and i have concluded that we share an addictive personality.

so given my addictive personality, it should come as no shock that statistics like "most healthy couples will conceive within 4 or 5 months" make me crazy. seriously, does most mean 51%? or 74%? and does the most lean more towards 4 months or 5? are these stats based on 24 year old gals or anyone ranging 18 to 40? do these numbers include women who are just plain infertile? i am a scientist, peeps. i know all about control groups and variables. i need to know how these play into your "most healthy couples will conceive 4 or 5 months" business.

today i finally found statistics that i like. thank you

of all couples trying to conceive, here's about how long it takes:
  • 30 percent get pregnant the first cycle (about one month)
  • 59 percent get pregnant within three cycles (about three months)
  • 80 percent get pregnant within six cycles (about six months)
  • 85 percent get pregnant within 12 cycles (about one year)
  • 91 percent get pregnant within 36 cycles (about three years)
  • 93 to 95 percent get pregnant within 48 cycles (about four years)
and better yet, they even give you stats on how your chances increase when you're as much of a planner as i am!

in one study, the pregnancy rates of couples who timed intercourse with ovulation were faster than typically seen among couples trying to conceive:
  • 38 percent were pregnant after one cycle
  • 68 percent were pregnant after three cycles
  • 81 percent were pregnant after six cycles
  • 92 percent were pregnant after 12 cycles
we know we're not in that 30-38% because it didn't happen on our first try. i'm crossing my fingers we're in the 59-68%! we won't know for a few weeks, but i have my hopes. i'm definitely not freaking out about fertility at this point, i just like having those numbers in my pocket to ponder on. and happily ponder i shall. :-)

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