Thursday, November 4, 2010

cray-cray cycles

possibly my favorite thing about trying to conceive is the tracking cycles part. well, honestly i can think of one particular thing that i enjoy a bit more... but anywho! you don't need to hear about all that. the point is, i loved tracking until now. it is officially driving me crazy because there aren't any dang patterns!!

i do oddly enjoy taking my temperature, recording this data, recording that data, paying attention to my body like i never actually took the time to understand before. this would probably be considered a chore to some people, but i adore organization and planning so i'm all over it.

moral of the story though, my cycles are kind of bat shit. i've heard it takes a month or two for your hormones to figure themselves out and get back into a regime but on month 3 mine is as odd as ever.

month 1 - 32 days
16 day follicular phase
16 day luteal phase

month 2 - 31 days
19 day follicular phase
12 day luteal phase

month 3 - ??
22+ day follicular phase
?? luteal phase

i don't know that i trust the first month because that estimate is based on ovulation prediction kits, which i have come to not trust. i've never had a line that was as dark as the test line, which is frustrating. the second month i took my temperature and did the opk testing both. that time i didn't get a dark line any time near my actual O-day. i had a medium line the week prior, which doesn't make sense. if i trusted only the opk tests, i would seriously think i've never ovulated a day in the past 3 months, but my basal temps have told me otherwise.

now i'm in month 3 and solely depending on temperatures and other body symptoms. day 21 and no temperature increase. c'mon O-day! i'm ready for a baby! i also know that O-day can be late based on stress and i've had my fair share of stress at work lately. actually that's kind of an interesting point. apparently your period is never late, your O-day is late causing your period to be late. you are supposed to consistently have the same length luteal phase post-ovulation. so if mine was 12 days last month, it should be 12 days this month. meaning this month's cycle will end up being at least 34 days long on top of the 22 day follicular phase i'm still in... whoever said 28 was the average is surely lying. maybe if you're on birth control, but that's about it!

ok, end rant. i've been a little frustrated that O-day was supposed to be somewhere between october 28th and november 1st based on my previous cycles, but here we are november 4th without so much as a 0.1 degree temperature change, let alone 0.4-0.6. le sigh!

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