Monday, November 29, 2010

luteal phase defect

after realizing that my luteal phase on my last cycle was only 9 days and the cycle before that was 10 days, i was a bit concerned. i did some research on the subject and apparently it is difficult to conceive if your luteal phase is less than 12 days. i knew i had read that it could be an issue in what to expect before you're expecting, but i couldn't recall if it was a make or break kind of thing. turns out it is genuinely a make or break scenario. even if your egg is fertilized, it won't have sufficient time to implant if your luteal phase is so short.

one of the easiest ways to overcome this issue is to take extra vitamin b-6. it's best to take it with additional b-12 in a "b-complex" vitamin. so this weekend i purchased a bottle of b-complex 50, which contains 50mg of b-6 (amongst b-12 and other vitamins). i think it's best to start taking them when aunt flo starts, but i didn't know about b-6 until a few days ago, so i figure there's no harm in starting them now. if i don't see a change with 50mg, i can increase my dosage to 100mg.

so that is where the quest for a baby stands. i'm really glad i started charting when i did and perhaps by discovering my deficiency early, it can help us get pregnant sooner. i'm going to start checking my temperature again from december 1 - 15. o-day is supposed to be december 6th, but since i've started on b-6 it's possible that it will come early, in which case i need temps a few days before to establish a cover line.

we saw my niece addison this weekend and she is just the cutest. we got in the car and the second our doors closed i said "i want an addison!" hopefully the additional b-6 will be what we need to have baby enginerd next year!

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  1. You will get your little Addison in no time! I'm so excited that I have someone to be excited with! :)