Sunday, November 14, 2010

much better now

alright, well that's over. i had a good little "woe is me" cry this morning over the whole not being pregnant thing.

i have the most amazing husband though... no matter what is on my mind or what is bothering me, he's so good at cheering me up. he doesn't take the typical "oh honey, it'll all be okay" approach (which admittedly, sometimes i DO need) but instead says really funny things to make me laugh. then of course he reminds me that we have two hilarious little fur babies to dote on until we have a human baby. :-)

and there are some positives about not being pregnant yet. for one, i only have about 50 hours of personal time saved for maternity leave so far. i need around 200 hours total, not including what will naturally accrue and short-term disability. if i continue to work about 5 hours of overtime every week i can easily get there. but every month i'm not pregnant is less overtime i'll have to work when i am.

also every month that i'm not pregnant is another month towards another work raise and more financial stability. and another month of saving money. and another month of not changing dirty diapers.

plus i have 3 good months of cycles to work off of. i'm pretty confident in knowing when i'll ovulate now, and when to expect my period. i know that my cycles are 32 days, which i never knew before. so i don't really need to take temperatures or chart symptoms anymore. i'll put a big X on my calendar for the anticipated o-day, take a couple temperatures before and after to confirm that i did indeed ovulate, then let nature take it's course. i'd say i'm going to quit taking temps and such altogether, but i do need the reassurance that i'm ovulating and that can only come with checking my temps.

so i'm going to focus on the positive! i've never been one to dwell on negatives or be depressed about things, i'm the most obnoxiously optimistic person most of my friends have ever come across. i'm not going to give up my bright side mentality for a lack of patience in something going my way. in the words of scarlett o'hara:

after all... tomorrow is another day.

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  1. I love how optimistic you are about everything! I don't want to give you the lame "it will happen when it's meant to happen" because well that just sucks! Hang in there-having people (like me!) going through the same thing helps alot! <3 ya!