Wednesday, November 10, 2010

new charting obsession

when i took my temperature this morning, it was 0.4 degrees higher than yesterday, and higher than any other post-o temperature i've recorded. i thought it was odd but also thought i'd read about it somewhere, so i looked it up. if my temperature stays a few tenths of a degree higher over the next few days, it could mean i'm having a triphasic pattern, which is consistent with implantation, or in happier terms, pregnancy. however, this also happens in very rare non-pregnancy cases. and actually, even in pregnant cases it's generally rare. i don't want to read into it too early, but i'll be crossing my fingers for more high temps.

so moral of the story, while i was googling triphasic information, i came across a website called i spent almost my entire lunch break filling in the charts! i have been recording everything in the "my days" app on my phone, and it's gone pretty well, but this website does a lot of calculating that the app doesn't do. i can decide if certain temperatures should be "discarded" like i drank 3 glasses of wine the night before, so that's why this temperature is high, it's invalid, or hubby turned the a/c down to 68, so i was freezing cold the night before. then based on the temps it detects ovulation, when your most fertile time was, how many days your follicular and luteal phases were, etc. i had my phone app and a google doc going to calculate this stuff. but turns out i can track it in one place! so these were my first 2 charts. i didn't start taking temps until right before o-time in september and i didn't do it at all during the first month.

i'm really excited to keep using this website (unless of course, i'm pregnant). i love me some calculations and graphs!

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  1. I'm sorry! I thought you knew about FF!! I would have shared that info with you. I also use the My Days app in my phone. I hate having to transfer it to paper when I go in for my Dr's appointments. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.