Friday, December 31, 2010

small victories

well apparently i ovulated within a normal timeframe this month.

and by "apparently" i mean i didn't think i had so i just kept taking my temperature every morning thinking that even on clomid i was going to continue having delayed ovulation.

my post-ovulation temperatures have been in the 98.0+ degree range for the past few months, so when my temperatures hadn't gotten above that point this week, i assumed it meant i hadn't ovulated yet.

{ this month is orange, slowly climbing... }

but lo and behold, when i plugged my weekly temperatures into fertilityfriend, they calculated ovulation on... wait for it...

DAY 16!!!!

that is a week earlier than last month. perhaps that means my luteal phase will also be within a normal range this month.

fingers crossed my lovelies!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

clomid, here i come

you know what i love? pro-active doctors. like mine.

i want to go through the whole appointment here so i don't forget a single detail, haha. i got to the appointment at 3:28pm and they immediately led me to a room, apparently i was the last patient of the day. the doc asked what was going on and i told him i'd been charting and thought i had a short luteal phase. he asked to see my charts. first he took one glance and said "how old are you? these don't look like the cycles of a healthy 25 year old girl!"

then he asked when i'd gotten off the pill and when my periods came. i said august 11, september 12, october 13, november 14, and december 11. he was ecstatic by these dates. i said they were annoying because they were generally 32 days apart, but he was just glad that i was having regularly timed cycles so soon after getting off of birth control. people always say it'll take time for your body to adjust and cycles to figure themselves out but nope, my body jumped right back on the wagon.

then we looked at each chart individually and i gave him the low down on each month. he said that it was really good i came in, because i have delayed ovulation and an inadequate luteal phase. just as i suspected!! he didn't seem to think it was based on stress given that it pretty consistently occurs on day 23. he said we could try progesterone to increase my luteal phase, but since i tried b6 last month and it didn't help, he didn't feel we needed to go that course.

instead he said "what you need is clomid."

i've heard the term "clomid" before. my friend laura has a ttc blog and i've seen the name there. i also saw it in a few forums when i was researching short luteal phases. my doc explained how it works and thinks the clomid could help trick my body into producing the chemicals it needs to sustain a pregnancy. he said they typically start the treatment on day 3 of the cycle and as luck would have it, yesterday was day 3! if they hadn't had an opening yesterday i would've had to wait another month to start treatment. thank science that all worked out.

if i don't get pregnant this month, i will go in again around cycle day 1-3 next month and we'll look at my charts to see how i'm progressing. if nothing happens in 3 or 4 months, i'll have the hsg test and hubby will be tested as well. if after 6 months the clomid hasn't been effective, we'll look into something else. but that's all down the road and right now we're going to focus on being positive this month!

i'm hoping to blog again later this week about one of the possible effects of clomid... TWINS. it's definitely something of interest to me since they run in my family.

later gators!

Monday, December 13, 2010

appt today

*warning: this is going to be an anatomical post*

i got my period on saturday. that means a 4 day luteal phase.

i called my gyno this morning and after telling them about my recent charts and this month's crazy short luteal phase, they actually asked me to come in this afternoon.

i wouldn't normally call after only trying to conceive for 4 months, but every month my luteal phase gets progressively shorter. and there's no way around it- you cannot have a baby with anything anything less than 10 days. it's not physically possible for the fertilized egg to implant.

i already knew i had something called a cervical eversion. all i remember about it is that it has to do with the cells in the lining of my uterus and that it's not normally a big deal, but sometimes can be. they recommended i have surgery to fix it about a year or two ago, but we weren't ever planning to have kids so i passed. now i'm wondering if it has something to do with my short luteal phases. after all, we're talking about a fertilized egg's ability to implant IN the lining of my uterus...

so i'm going to take my charts up to the doctor's office this afternoon and discuss a plan of action. i was surprised that they wanted me to come in so soon, i could've waited a few days, but i suppose that means i'm not overreacting and they really are concerned.

also, we found out that two of our best friends are pregnant... with twins. jealous much?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

mystery solved?

i think i've solved the mystery of the high temperatures.

if i had taken temperatures prior to starting b6, i could probably be more confident about this, but i believe one of two things might have happened.

scenario #1
from what i've read, b6 increases the progesterone in your system. progesterone is the reason you get elevated temperatures post-O and it's also the reason temperatures stay high during pregnancy. that leads me to believe that taking an additional amount of progesterone will increase your temperature, regardless of whether it's before or after O-day. if this assumption is correct, perhaps i'll O in the next couple of days. this is my chart so far, and i feel the peak on saturday was due solely to taking my temperature 2 hours later than usual.

scenario #2
taking b6 corrected my cycle in a matter of two days and i ovulated on day 16 or 17. i've read a few articles and testimonials about b6 correcting peoples' cycles from like, day 30 ovulation to day 14 ovulation. but they also started taking it on day 1 of their cycle, whereas i started taking it on day 15. this scenario is doubtful, but i suppose it's possible.

so i'm on day 24 and haven't seen a large spike yet, perhaps it'll come today or tomorrow. i hope my luteal phase increases this month. if not, i'll survive.

and i haven't decided what i'm going to do next month... take temperatures knowing that i've introduced a variable (b6), so i can see what its effects are? or stop taking temperatures altogether and cross my fingers? i really suck at the latter, as evidenced this month, lol.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


as you'll remember, i decided not to be fertility obsessed this month and i successfully refrained from googling and fertility friending day and night. i even deleted the mydays app.

well that was all hunky dory, but i knew i wanted to take temperatures a few days before ovulation, just to make sure it was happening.

now if you'll recollect, these were my previous charts.

september - month 2

october - month 3

now this is what i have so far for
november - month 4

and lastly, here is an overlay of the 3 charts

what is weird to me, is that the temperatures this month are what in previous months have been post-ovulation temperatures. i've previously ovulated on days 21 and 23. today is day 22, so this is around the time it should happen. but on day 17 i had a temperature of 97.85, which is even higher than my ovulation day temperature in october and right about my ovulation day temperature for september! maybe the 98.3 spike from yesterday was ovulation? it's hard to say with such high temperatures in the couple of days before.

i wasn't paying attention to how high my temperatures were this week, i remembered having temps ending in .9 in previous months, i didn't piece together that those were 96.9 not 97.9... i was simply trying to establish a baseline so ovulation could be detected when the spike came. now i see that these are well above my usual baseline of 97.3.

anyways, maybe taking b6 increases your basal body temperature? i'm fairly sure the b6 couldn't have affected my ovulation already, i've heard it takes a month or two. so it would seem strange that ovulation would happen 4 days or more before usual, a mere 2 days after i started taking the vitamin!

i'll keep you guys posted on my temperatures over the next few weeks. perhaps these higher temperatures are my new base. perhaps the stars have aligned and i ovulated on a normal freaking day, instead of a week after the average.

damn it, here i am dissecting every little part of my chart! this is exactly what i was trying not to do!! time to watch harry potter and back away from the google. ;-)