Sunday, December 5, 2010


as you'll remember, i decided not to be fertility obsessed this month and i successfully refrained from googling and fertility friending day and night. i even deleted the mydays app.

well that was all hunky dory, but i knew i wanted to take temperatures a few days before ovulation, just to make sure it was happening.

now if you'll recollect, these were my previous charts.

september - month 2

october - month 3

now this is what i have so far for
november - month 4

and lastly, here is an overlay of the 3 charts

what is weird to me, is that the temperatures this month are what in previous months have been post-ovulation temperatures. i've previously ovulated on days 21 and 23. today is day 22, so this is around the time it should happen. but on day 17 i had a temperature of 97.85, which is even higher than my ovulation day temperature in october and right about my ovulation day temperature for september! maybe the 98.3 spike from yesterday was ovulation? it's hard to say with such high temperatures in the couple of days before.

i wasn't paying attention to how high my temperatures were this week, i remembered having temps ending in .9 in previous months, i didn't piece together that those were 96.9 not 97.9... i was simply trying to establish a baseline so ovulation could be detected when the spike came. now i see that these are well above my usual baseline of 97.3.

anyways, maybe taking b6 increases your basal body temperature? i'm fairly sure the b6 couldn't have affected my ovulation already, i've heard it takes a month or two. so it would seem strange that ovulation would happen 4 days or more before usual, a mere 2 days after i started taking the vitamin!

i'll keep you guys posted on my temperatures over the next few weeks. perhaps these higher temperatures are my new base. perhaps the stars have aligned and i ovulated on a normal freaking day, instead of a week after the average.

damn it, here i am dissecting every little part of my chart! this is exactly what i was trying not to do!! time to watch harry potter and back away from the google. ;-)

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