Tuesday, December 7, 2010

mystery solved?

i think i've solved the mystery of the high temperatures.

if i had taken temperatures prior to starting b6, i could probably be more confident about this, but i believe one of two things might have happened.

scenario #1
from what i've read, b6 increases the progesterone in your system. progesterone is the reason you get elevated temperatures post-O and it's also the reason temperatures stay high during pregnancy. that leads me to believe that taking an additional amount of progesterone will increase your temperature, regardless of whether it's before or after O-day. if this assumption is correct, perhaps i'll O in the next couple of days. this is my chart so far, and i feel the peak on saturday was due solely to taking my temperature 2 hours later than usual.

scenario #2
taking b6 corrected my cycle in a matter of two days and i ovulated on day 16 or 17. i've read a few articles and testimonials about b6 correcting peoples' cycles from like, day 30 ovulation to day 14 ovulation. but they also started taking it on day 1 of their cycle, whereas i started taking it on day 15. this scenario is doubtful, but i suppose it's possible.

so i'm on day 24 and haven't seen a large spike yet, perhaps it'll come today or tomorrow. i hope my luteal phase increases this month. if not, i'll survive.

and i haven't decided what i'm going to do next month... take temperatures knowing that i've introduced a variable (b6), so i can see what its effects are? or stop taking temperatures altogether and cross my fingers? i really suck at the latter, as evidenced this month, lol.

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