Tuesday, October 25, 2011


yesterday was the one year anniversary of this preggo enginerd blog. and i think the time has come to let it lay to rest. for obvious reasons. like i'm no longer preggo.

i'm heading back to confessions of an enginerd with leila in tow. i had so much fun documenting our journey to conception, through all the tears, ovulation charting, and fertility appointments. then i had an even better time documenting the pregnancy (made possible by clomid- woo hoo!). the birth story seems like a good place to conclude the past year.

thanks to everyone for their advice on all things fertility and pregnancy. now it's time to live life with all things baby (and husband too, of course). and based on the past week and a half, it's going to be great. :-)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

birth story

my darling girl is snug as a bug in a rug right now, swaddled in a blanket and sleeping on her boppy next to me on the couch. jake, laura, and ava went to round rock to do some shopping, and my parents are running errands and getting a reservation at the renaissance for the night. so here i am, finally with a minute to write up leila's birth story. i want to do it now so i won't forget later.

and of course, it'd probably be good to know this is a reeeeal labor story, including some graphically anatomical terms. so you've been warned.

jake and i arrived at the hospital on thursday, october 13th at 7pm. i was still only 2cm and 50% effaced with a high cervix when i arrived and had my first dose of cytotec at 9pm with hopes that i would progress.

cytotec is taken every 4 hours so the nurses were checking my progress throughout the night. but alas, at 1am, 5am, and 9am, i was STILL only 2cm. i got another dose at 9am and was starting to get pretty discouraged. the nurse said they could give me up to 6 doses of the medicine, meaning i could still be 2cm into the evening. the monitors were picking up contractions with the cytotec, but nothing i could really feel. then at 1pm dr. meadows came in and broke my water. we were actually surprised, we didn't anticipate her coming in to do that at all.

once my water broke, the contractions started. i knew i wanted an epidural the moment it was available, but it turns out it wasn't available as soon as i was hoping! i had to get started on the pitocin for a while and intake an entire bag of fluids before it was an option. jake was really good during the 2 hours of contractions, but he joked his hand almost fell off because i was squeezing so hard. once i got the epidural life was carefree again!

the doctor came in at 4pm and i was excited to learn i was 4cm. she said that i should expect to progress at about a centimeter an hour. i loved my nurse brandi, and was sad her shift was ending at 7pm because i would probably only be about 7cm by then. at 5:30 i was on track with the centimeter an hour thing and was up to 5.5cm. then at 6pm, i felt like i was bleeding. i called the nurse and she said it was probably just amniotic fluid but would be in to check. when she checked, i was indeed bleeding like crazy. within 30 minutes i was up to 8cm! jake went out to the waiting room to tell our moms and my sisters, who had been in and out of the delivery room all day visiting with us. the nurse told me that if i felt more pressure to give her a buzz.

while jake was in the waiting and my sister steph was in the room, i felt like i was bleeding again and had a bit more pressure, but nothing significant. the nurse came in to check and said "jill, you are 10cm and i can feel the baby's head. you will have this baby in the next 30 minutes." steph rushed out to the waiting room to grab jake and by this time it was about 630pm. the man left the room for 5 minutes and suddenly i was having a baby!

by this time everyone involved in the delivery started bustling in the room. everyone except the doctor. my doctor had to leave at 5pm to pick up her son from daycare so someone else had to deliver our little peanut. the nurse instructed me to start pushing and the delivery began. after 10 minutes the nurse instructed me to stop because "half an inch of hair was hanging out and we needed the doctor." that cracked me up! when the doctor arrived i started pushing again and within 3 contractions, leila was here! when they said we only had one contraction left jake and i exchanged teary eyed glances and prepared for her arrival. i pushed for just under 10 minutes and only had a couple of stitches from tearing. the delivery was easy breezy, i didn't feel any pain whatsoever. all i could think was that pushing longer and harder would give us our baby girl even sooner. i will admit that there was one moment and scared the heck out of me. after the last push, i could see the doctor holding her and i could see the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and shoulder but could not hear her cry. my mother's first child died during childbirth because the cord was wrapped around his neck. i wanted to cry but nobody else seemed to be concerned and i realized there was nothing to worry about.

they placed our mop top little girl on my stomach while jake and i admired her. they whisked her away a few moments later to clean her up and take care of me. jake watched them take care of her while i had my stitches put in. then we had a couple of minutes alone to admire leila. we allowed our mothers and my sisters to come into the room to say hello before i could breastfeed for the first time.

so far breastfeeding is going well. she latched on beautifully from the first moment and is still doing well. we're trying not to implement bottles until absolutely necessary. i hope this keeps up!

well that's all i've got for now, we'll see when i've got a free hand again. :-) later gators!

Friday, October 21, 2011


oh! and here are a few pictures from her first week too.

i'm a mommy

hello hello everyone! our little girl is a whole week old now and it has been a week of nonstop bliss. we love our daughter so much, it's hard to put into words. i'm planning to post her birth story soon, but give me some time to get it all typed up. i've started and stopped this post alone about 6 times. it seems like every time i start i remember something else i'd rather be doing like, umm, hang out with my baby! lol. right now she is in the swing taking a little nap because i'm trying to adjust her to sleeping other places besides mine and jake's chests. she sleeps like a pro, but really doesn't like being on her back, so we're using naptime to try to acclimate her to it.

anyway, we had lots of guests at the hospital, it was wonderful that both mimi (jake's mom) and nana (my mom) along with aunties steph and ashley could meet leila within literally 30 minutes of her birth. i was a little overwhelmed at the hospital, between adjusting to our new life, nurses coming in and out, visitors coming to see leila, and needing to get my body recovered. we were relieved to come home on sunday, where we weren't restricted to one room and hospital food, haha.

we love being home with our little monkey, she is so much fun! jake is the greatest father, just as i imagined he would be. he fights over the opportunity to hold her so basically if i'm not nursing he steals her. :-) we have a little sleep regime set up that's working out great. i give her a full feeding around 8pm and jake watches her from 9pm to midnight so i can get 3 hours of sleep. then i take over with her from 12am - 7am. i wake her up around 3am to eat, otherwise she keeps sleeping. then she's back to sleep by 4am and sleeps until i wake her up at 7am. so there's another 6 hours. then depending on if we have a doctor appointment or something else going on that morning, jake will take her another 2 hours while i sleep or we all get up for the day. i think we can still make this work when jake goes back to work on monday, but we might have to change her to an 8pm instead of 9pm bedtime. i know every couple is different, but since i'm breastfeeding exclusively, i don't see any point in jake getting up with me in the middle of the night. i mean what can he do, watch me have a baby latched to my boob? wake up to change a diaper? i'm already awake feeding her, so i don't think it's necessary to wake him up to change that. of course the one night she was really fussy and i couldn't console her, jake gladly got up to help. hopefully that isn't the case too often...

now my parents, sister, and niece are here from iowa. jake is outside grilling burgers and leila is laying with grandpa on the couch. my texas mom will be here again on sunday to see laura and ava and stay a couple more days, then i'll be on my own. ah! i'm hoping to get a routine going once everyone clears out. it's kind of hard when we're all bustling about. i'm also hoping that we'll have found a successful way to get her sleeping on her back. will it be the miracle blanket that gets her on her back? the swing? the miracle blanket in the swing? who knows, but i hope something works soon because all the SIDS stuff petrifies me and i don't think chest sleeping is in her best interest.

i better go hang out with my family, hope everyone else has this much happiness in their life too. :-)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

scheduled induction

i started this blog almost a year ago (october 24, 2010) when jake and i were having issues conceiving. now here we are, a year later, and i'm blogging about the upcoming arrival of our daughter. unreal.

i had my 39 week appointment yesterday and am still 2cm. i'm also 50% effaced. we are going to induce on friday, october 14th. actually, i'm going to go in at 7pm thursday night to begin the um, "ripening" of my cervix. then friday morning they'll administer pitocin to get the real labor under way and hopefully we'll have a new baby girl on friday. i will only be 2 days shy of 40 weeks.

it's been pretty interesting to hear all the viewpoints on having an elective induction. yes, admittedly, this one is elective. my blood pressure spikes here and there, but i don't have pre-eclampsia. i don't have diabetes. my water hasn't broken without the onset on contractions. i'm not scheduling because i live 2 hours away and am afraid i won't make it to the hospital in time. those are typical reasons for required inductions. we do think the baby is already around 8 1/2 pounds, which is one reason i'm opting to induce. but that's just an estimate, maybe she'll be a small baby after all. overall, this is mine and jake's choice.

i've read a lot about the risks associated with inducing. an increased chance of c-section and increased need for forceps or the vacuum, stronger and longer contractions. i'm willing to accept those risks, and i think it has a lot to do with what you do and don't expect from labor.

i would love to give birth vaginally, but i've known since the beginning that i wouldn't care if i had to have a c-section. there are instances when that becomes medically necessary, like if the baby is breech or sunny side up. same thing with induction. if something happens and there is a medical need to have a c-section, that is totally fine with me. the recovery period might be longer, but if a c-section is the best way to deliver a healthy baby, i'm okay with that.

i've heard countless times that induced labor causes stronger and longer contractions. but ya know, i've also heard the exact same thing about first-time labor without being induced. the horror stories go both ways. i know women who have had successful home births, and some women who almost died. i know women who waited until 42 weeks to have their baby naturally and went through 30 hours of labor. i know women who were induced at 40 weeks and went through 6 hours of labor. every woman and every baby is different, you can't possibly know which experience you are going to have. and if you go into labor with the mindset that labor and delivery is going to go one specific way of perfection, you're going to be upset when it doesn't.

i know thursday and friday might not be smooth. quite frankly, i'm pretty sure the whole ordeal is going to be painful and sucky. i'm crossing my fingers that an epidural will help curb that, lol. but whether it's scheduled for this week or happens on it's own next week, that doesn't change my painful and sucky viewpoint.

the point is, no matter how painful and awful labor and delivery is, there is a baby at the end of it. and THAT is the most important thing to us. we look forward to welcoming leila diane in a few short days.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

what i've learned

here are a few things i've learned about pregnancy in the past month.

1. any and all references to a pregnancy symptom and its associated timetable should be stricken from the internet. they are junk.

i know every person is different and every baby is different, and i definitely expected to not exactly be on target with everyone who ever posted something that made it to the google search engine. but i've gotten a smidge frustrated with how far off i really am.

it's like "oh when you lose your mucus plug it happens like 2 weeks later, tops." here i am, still pregnant, over 3 weeks later. "and when you have the 'bloody show', labor is immiment, within about 72 hours." no no, 6 days later i am still preggo.

last night i started having contractions, albeit they're hours apart. i was hoping oh so hard that this meant the real deal. but alas, all i've gotten out of it is these 1-2 minute long bouts of excruciating pain. i dare not google how long some women go through contractions like this. if i see that it's one day, i don't want to hold my breath that it'll be the same for me. if i see that it's 2 weeks, i'd prefer to be oblivious.


2. you do, in fact, just KNOW when you're having a real contraction.

there i was, on the phone with a coworker in fort worth discussing a 3d surface model he was working on for my project, when i started getting some pain in my stomach. i thought huh, that's odd. and then it wasn't going away. it got worse within seconds. i had to tell him to hold on while i clutched the phone with all my might, lost all voice capabilities, gasped for air amidst the pain, and thought very simply "holy fuck nugget". a minute and a half later i returned to the phone and said "um, i think i just had a contraction.

it was unlike any of the braxton-hicks contractions i've had before. it was like a menstrual cramp was radiating up my stomach and around to my back. i used to get annoyed when people said "when you're in labor, you'll just know." and although i'm not in active labor so to speak, i've learned that you do, in fact, just KNOW when you've had a real contraction. because that shit hurts.

3. ultrasound measurements can be off by a pound.

at my appointment on monday the doctor said that leila was measuring around 8lbs 2oz. she said there's room for error and perhaps leila was on the smaller side of that. i have since come to discover that those measurements can be off by a pound. one friend was induced because they suspected her baby was over 8lbs and she arrived at 6lbs 10oz. i'm not-so-secretly hoping that leila follows in avery's footsteps. big babies are intimidating!

4. pregnant women should enforce a sobriety rule for the last 2 weeks of pregnancy.

obviously i don't mean a sobriety rule for ourselves. i mean that mothers (ahem, no names) should be cautious about pain meds that may debilitate driving. and that husbands (again, no names) should not drink a 6-pack whilst playing video games.

ok, i'm kidding. my mom's back was hurting and jake had a really bad day at work, i would've done the same thing. except i'd opt for a bottle of wine or margarita drunk fest at baby a's. anyways, we've had one close call and now contractions that'll probably lead to a close call, and ya gotta make sure everyone is on their a-game.

unless of course you want to tell you child that their grandma was high and their father was puking when they were born. which you don't. (for the record, my mom wasn't actually high and jake wasn't actually puking drunk. i'm exaggerating for the purpose of encouraging this rule lol)

that's all i've got for now... i'm sure i'll post more lessons learned post-delivery! my due date is 10 days away and if she doesn't come this weekend i'm pulling for an october 14th induction date. with any luck, we'll have our baby girl this time next week!

Monday, October 3, 2011

38 weeks

hello hello! in case you've been checking my blog after the craziness of this weekend, you now know that i am STILL pregnant. which makes perfect sense because i'm only 38 weeks along. i will also probably enlist my sister to post a blog for me saying that i'm in labor or had the baby. so don't worry, you will all know when it happens, i won't disappear for weeks and leave you hanging! you know, since i'm sure everyone's life revolves around this pregnancy. jk ;-)

how far along: 38 weeks

how big is baby: according to babycenter, leila is around 7 pounds and 19 1/2 inches long. BUT i had an appointment this afternoon and my little girl does not appear to be so little- she is measuring at 8 pounds 2 ounces!!

weight gain / loss: i'm now at 176.2, an increase of exactly 2 pounds from 2 weeks ago and a 32 pound overall pregnancy gain. my rings still fit and i can still shave my legs, so i feel good about this weight gain lol

symptoms: all sorts of braxton-hicks contractions and continuous spotting since friday. however, i haven't made any progress since last week and am still 2cm dilated. that surprised me, but it is what it is!

cravings / aversions: veggies have sounded soo good lately. fresh salads, a side of peas, sandwiches chock-full of spinach and tomato. mmm! what does not sound good is fried food. yuck.

movement: she's running out of room in my belly so i don't feel her as often as i used to. sometimes i wonder if she's even in here because i feel contractions, but not her. then she does something cute like get the hiccups and i know she's biding her time to arrive.

gender: girl

belly button: outtie, and i sincerely hope it goes back in after i have leila. it creeps me out

sleep: sleeping is going just fine

what i'm looking forward to: having my baby this week or scheduling an induction next week. can't believe the time is already here.

what i miss: being skinny. sorry that sounds vain, but it's a sad day when you realize you are as deep as you are wide and you can't squeeze between two tables the way you used to. i miss my pre-pregnancy body

highlights this past week: honestly, having the spotting thing happen this weekend got me really excited for the baby. like i was almost convinced she was coming this weekend. after all, labor is usually imminent once that happens. several friends shared their stories of how they had the "bloody show" and went into labor that day, the next day, few hours later, etc. i'm a bit bummed and surprised that labor hasn't happened yet, but at the same time i'm glad it all happened because it prepared us a bit for how ready we need to be when the real deal takes place. and ya know what, the real deal is going to take place soon! :-)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

wake up call

disclaimer: this gets anatomical around paragraph 3. you have been warned! :-)

this week has been nothing short of a wake up call. at my appointment on monday my blood pressure was high, but when the nurse came back 20 minutes later it was back to normal. all day wednesday and thursday i had a bad headache and nausea, but i just assumed it was what people meant by "the last few weeks of pregnancy suck." of course my dear friends in the medical field and sister were freaking out because those are actually signs of pre-eclampsia. i had no friggin clue! at their adamant request i went to the pharmacy across from my office and took my blood pressure there- 142/79. apparently this is high. sooo i called my doctor and they asked more about my symptoms then told me to take a higher dose of tylenol and see how i felt from that. they also asked that i take my blood pressure again a few hours later. the tylenol worked its headache / nausea magic, my blood pressure was back down to something like 122/83, and i felt better. my doctor said i needed to rest a lot more, so jake banished me to the couch, propped up some large pillows, cooked dinner, and took care of me. such a good husband!

then yesterday i felt decent all day, but still not fantastic. i didn't overexert myself at work but was on a mission to get to a decent stopping point on my big project should i go into labor this weekend. i hung out with hailey and cole after work, then per my doctor's orders- lounged on the couch watching a movie for a couple hours. and at 1030pm, i noticed i was bleeding.

i'm clearly not well-read on medical things, but what i DO know is that blood is something to be concerned about. i spoke with the after hours nurse line and coincidentally my doctor was the one on call at the hospital, so the nurse conferred with her. they concluded that i did not need to come in and explained that the bleeding i was experiencing was as a result of blood vessels rupturing. apparently this means i'm dilating more rapidly and my cervix is thinning out.

what does this mean to me? shit just got real.

from what they explained and i've researched, it's one thing to lose your mucus plug like i did about 2.5 weeks ago. it's something different to have a "bloody show". some people use the terms interchangeably, but they're not really the same. also from what i've read, labor is imminent. we're talking days now, not 2 weeks. i find this hard to believe because i still haven't felt a single contraction! but if you are dilating, it means you're having contractions and it's possible you simply aren't feeling them. if you are bleeding, you are also having contractions and still not feeling them. i was already 2cm dilated on monday, i swear i'm going to finally go in with contractions and already be at 5cm! haha.

anyway, jake and i were pretty overwhelmed by all of this last night and realized this was a huge wake up call. we've spent months preparing ourselves for the time when i go into labor and our baby girl arrives, but now i don't think you can quite be mentally prepared enough until that time actually comes. we thought last night may have been that time and our minds were frantic! now we shall sit and wait for leila to arrive. i'm going to do a bit of cleaning today, but mostly hang out on the couch. i still want my little pumpkin to stay put a bit longer so that she's really ready and healthy, and if that means being a bum, then so be it. :-)

Monday, September 26, 2011

interesting appointment

as of yesterday i'm officially full term. i had my 37 week appointment today and it was interesting.

first, i found out that i'm group b strep positive. apparently about 25% of pregnant women are and this bacteria can affect your baby's health during delivery. luckily, this is what antibiotics are for. the nurse said they typically give you penicillin through an iv, but i'm allergic to penicillin. so now they are doing another test to find out my sensitivity and determine which alternate antibiotic should be used.

leila's head is still down and seems to be pretty snug there. she is measuring small, but still in the normal range. i was only around 6 lbs 13 oz or something like that when i was born and was a week early, so she might just be a small baby like her mama was. or perhaps she's already inherited my metabolism? then again, she could've inherited the short gene from jake's family. or none of the above, haha.

i'm already 2cm dilated and was correct about losing my mucus plug about 2 weeks ago. i realize some people are 2cm for a couple of weeks, but i have a feeling i've been dilated at least a week or so already. i don't think i'm going to make it to my due date of october 16th. i think i will be about a week early. i don't think it's happening tomorrow or even this week, but i do think i'll be a bit early. most people don't have any progress at this stage, let alone lost their mucus plug and are 2cm dilated.

on a side note, i really like hearing other people's pregnancy stories, but get annoyed when they are a bit know it all about it. like i said, i'm fully aware that lots of people don't have their babies until a month later with these same situations, but there are just as many that go into labor soon after too. my sister lost her plug and went into labor 2 days later. everyone is different! i just wish people didn't presume to think everyone else's pregnancy is going to be the same as theirs. trust me, i won't be surprised if october 16th rolls along and leila isn't here! i just have a feeling that's not going to happen, that's all.

well i'm gonna make some dinner now, i'll keep you posted on any other progress going on here. :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

leila's nursery

i finally finished the nursery this weekend and am in love with it. here is a little tour of leila's room.

when you walk in the door, this is what is directly in front of you. right now there is fabric in the picture frames, but we'll fill them with photos once leila arrives.

to the right of the closet door is the changing station and crib. the name letters are huge but perfect above the crib. i wish the left wall could've turned out a little better, but it was hard to find vases at the right scale and the most important thing was having the video monitor camera aimed at the crib so we can check in on her when we're downstairs.

the opening on the left is the doorway into the nursery. the glider is nice and close since we'll need easy access during late night feedings and cry sessions! and yes abby- sock monkey made another appearance on the blog! ;-)

here's a close up of the wall decal above the dresser. auntie laura bought this for leila and it's adorable!

the girlie safari theme turned out pretty darn good if you ask me. this bedding was our inspiration for the whole room. jake even picked it out!

the only things left to do now are install the car seats and finish making the extra burp cloths. i am really hoping to have a post with a couple of the craft projects i've done before i go into labor. the burp cloths are the latest attempt at creativity. since i'm still 3 weeks from my due date i'm sure i'll have time to post something. tomorrow will be a better indication of that. i have my first internal so i will report back with the progress then. cheerio for now!

Monday, September 19, 2011

36 weeks

only a month left in this pregnancy, if that. my nerves are starting to set in knowing that this time next month jake and i will have a little girl. ah!!

how far along: 36 weeks

how big is baby: i've got a whopping 6 pound bun in my oven. she's around 18 1/2 inches long now too

weight gain / loss: i'm now at 174.2, an increase of 2.6 pounds from 2 weeks ago and exactly a 30 pound overall pregnancy gain.

symptoms: i posted a very lovely blog about the symptoms i've been having recently, but to recap- leila has dropped, i lost my mucus plug, and i've had some braxton-hicks contractions. i haven't had any contractions since wednesday or thursday though, so that's nice.

cravings / aversions: nothing really sounds good to me lately. i mean, i'll eat whatever is there and convenient, but i'm not particularly satiable.

movement: this weekend she was a busy bee! friday night i thought for sure she was trying to plow through my side. it didn't hurt, it was just funny to watch this little protrusion consistently banging around. then when i was studying for the cfm exam, she was moving a ton. she either loves or hates floodplain management i guess. :-)

gender: girl

belly button: outtie... last weekend i put a bandaid over it so it wouldn't look as conspicuous through my clothes. jake thought that was the funniest ever, i didn't get to live it down for a week.

sleep: if i sleep too long on one side i start to get cramping on the opposite side. i usually sleep on my left until i have to get up in the night for the bano, then come back and go to the opposite side.

what i'm looking forward to: holding my baby girl for the first time

what i miss: having tons of clothes to choose from. i'm down to about 5 blouses and 3 dresses that fit at this stage. it's such a bummer to not have options!

highlights this past week: we had our fifth and final baby shower on saturday, which was tons of fun! jake smoked a brisket and ribs, and all the neighbors brought a side. i'll post pictures of the cake and such too, it was great. i can't imagine living on a better street or having better neighbors. leila is going to love hanging out with all her aunties! oh oh, one of her gifts was a little monkey halloween costume, it's PRECIOUS. next month's block party will be a halloween party at traci's house. it should be leila's neighborhood debut, i can't wait to see her dressed up in that adorable costume.

Friday, September 16, 2011

baby progress

well i wasn't very far off base when i said i had a feeling leila was coming early. i had this feeling in my gut that SOMETHING was going to happen this week. and waddayaknow, a few things did!

first of all, leila dropped. and let me say how GLORIOUS it is to be free of the rib pain. i can breathe so much better than before. all of her movement is much lower now and there are times when i think she's going to plum drop out of me while i'm walking to the printer. well, you know what i mean. :-)

now for a disclaimer: this is about to get a bit gross. do not read on if you don't want to know about the other anatomical pregnancy shiz that people don't tell you about. i'm the first to say that i couldn't handle seeing the word "uterus" on my sister's blog during her pregnancy, let alone what i'm about to discuss. but this is my blog, and i like having a record of how my pregnancy has progressed. AND i've given you all a disclaimer so you can't blame me if you toss your wheaties over this.

ok. i lost my mucus plug. insert vomit sounds and shoulder cringes here. the first time i heard that term was in childbirth class a couple weeks ago and i wasn't a happy camper about it. i was like wtf, do i really need to know this!? it's GROSS. that term is GROSS. now i'm glad we had that conversation in childbirth class bc otherwise i wouldn't have known what was happening to me earlier this week and would've had to google descriptive phrases when i got home from work (there's no way i let THAT show up on my internet history at work.) so yeah, that happened. of course i had to take a poll of my siblings and closest friends to get a timeline in my head of when shiz is gonna get real. and of course i got varying responses. one person went into labor 2 days later, another one week later, and yet a third person two weeks later. i called my favoritest nurse at my ob-gyn's office and she said losing your mucus plus means your body is getting ready and you are likely a bit dilated, but labor is not necessarily imminent. much like my poll, she said it could be a couple days or a couple weeks.

now enter sigh of exasperation here. why can't these signs give me a more specific timeframe!?

i've also been having braxton-hicks contractions lately. so that makes me feel like it's coming soon too.

that said, my premonitions are gone now. i don't have any more gut feelings. i knew something was gonna happen this week, and it did! i'm going in for a 36 week appointment today and i'm hoping it'll help jake and i rest easy about next week. he doesn't want me to go to san antonio for fear that i'll go into labor then. but if i see my ob-gyn today and have zero progress, i'll feel loads better about going. if i'm something crazy like 4cm dilated (highly doubtful) then i'll know i should cancel my plans for next week. such a conundrum, i want to have progress because i'm anxious for leila to be here, but i don't want progress because i want to at least be full-term and want to take my certified floodplain manager exam next week!

the joys of pregnancy. :-)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


y'all. i'm 35 weeks pregnant today. can you believe that!? we are weeks, WEEKS away from having a baby. not months anymore, but weeks. i've started having this weird feeling that leila is going to come early, maybe even before october. it's like this voice inside of me is saying "you better get shiz done, because she's coming." at first i thought this was nesting, but i can't shake it. it's not an "oh, i should clean this and organize that" feeling, it's something in my gut. like i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if i had contractions tomorrow.

20 bucks says that because i've said that, leila takes her sweet time and is a week late.

well, not a full week late. i've talked to my doctor about inducing and she's not averse to it. obviously it will depend on my progress, but there's no way we wait any longer than about october 19th for her. my parents are arriving on the 20th and i want her to be here for their arrival. that probably sounds like a terrible reason to induce, but that's not really the reason, that's more of a benefit. it's dangerous for babies to come really late, the placenta gets old, they can have bowel movements in the uterus, bigger babies have a harder time in the pelvic bone, etc. there are also risks with babies coming early of course, but i don't have any intention of asking my doctor to induce 2 weeks early just because that'd be convenient. plus she'd probably decline at that point.

i'm supposed to go to san antonio sept 20-23, which is a few days before i'm full-term. my doctor is out of town that week so we didn't schedule my usual 36 week appointment on the 19th. i'm going to try to see if the other doctor in the practice will see me before i go to san antonio though. jake and i would feel a lot more comfortable with my staying 2 hours from home if i haven't had any progress. i know that can change at a moment's notice, but i don't see any harm in trying to be more prepared.

anyway, i better get going, the joys of laundry beckon. have a good week, everyone!

Monday, September 5, 2011

34 weeks

i love that you can get a feel for the nursery in this picture. we're only a few curtains and shelves away from it being complete, then i'll post plenty more.

how far along: 34 weeks

how big is baby: leila should be about 4.75 pounds, and apparently that's about the weight of a cantaloupe. she's about 18 inches long now too.

weight gain / loss: i'm up to 171.6, up 3.6 pounds up from 2 weeks ago and a 27.4 pound overall pregnancy increase.

symptoms: i've been enduring some serious pain where my rib cage meets my breasts for the past few months. by 2pm the pain is usually unbearable so i whip off my bra, put it in my purse, and wear a loose scarf around myself the rest of the work day. it's always cold in the office anyway, but it helps hide the fact that i've resorted to taking off my bra and doing random boob massages in the afternoon. sigh.

cravings / aversions: i've been craving well-balanced meals, if that makes any sense. i'm usually a simple toast or cereal eater, but all week i've been wanting something with eggs, bacon, and toast. then for lunch i don't want a sandwich, i want a salad, chicken, and fruit.

movement: she must be the calmest baby ever. i feel her moving several times a day, but it's always light and more like she's taking a second to get comfy than beating me up. i think i've gotten lucky so far in this pregnancy.

gender: girl

belly button: stupid outtie

sleep: all is well there

what i'm looking forward to: quite simply, leila's arrival. the anticipation is killing me.

what i miss: my own pajamas! i've started wearing some of jake's shirts and shorts to bed, haha.

highlights this past week: i bought some cuuuute outfits during the carter's labor day sale, including a little thanksgiving dress. i put the dresser together and have finally been able to take things out of bags and piles and sort them. less of a highlight- the task of washing clothes!

Monday, August 29, 2011

holiday happiness

only about 7 weeks left until my due date and it can't come soon enough. i'm ready to be a mom and meet the little girl that is going to bring oodles of happiness to our lives. i love how little babies can really bring families closer together. i found out last week that my sister laura is probably coming to texas for christmas this year with andrew and ava (mostly because they are planning a vacation). my iowa parents were already discussing a trip to austin between christmas and new year's to celebrate leila's first christmas too. if laura comes down, then i think my parents will come for sure.

and honestly, this would be a dream come true. i haven't been able to spend christmas (even if it's 2 separate events) with each of my complete immediate families since my parents divorced when i was 3. this would mean that i could spend a day with my mom, stepdad, steph, jarrett, laura, and ashley along with their spouses and kids, then another day with my dad, stepmom, laura and her husband and baby girl. see what i mean? dream come true! the only thing better would be if i could stick my aunts, uncles, and grandparents from iowa in laura's pocket so they could be here too.

i love everyone in my family so much, and i'm thankful that our precious leila is bringing us all together for the holidays. my dad said he doesn't like to go a month without seeing his grandkids, so i foresee a lot more trips to austin from my parents and maybe an increase in trips to iowa each year. this makes me really happy, i want everyone in our families to be part of leila's life, regardless of the distance. well, almost everyone. there are a couple people we've decided leila doesn't need to know even exist.

that's all going on here. just getting excited for leila to arrive and even more excited for all the happiness she's bringing to our families with her arrival. i could go into labor tomorrow and wouldn't mind in the least. i want to be a mommy now!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

32 weeks

the exciting thing about this week's picture is that despite my whale-like physique, you can see the finished chair rail and one piece of nursery decor- the banner laura and kathy made for my iowa baby shower. it was too precious not to have on display somewhere.

ps: sorry this is several days late

how far along: 32 weeks

how big is baby: leila is weighing in around 3.75 pounds- whoa mama! she's also about 16.7 inches long, which is a whole extra inch in two weeks.

weight gain / loss: monday i weighed 168 even, or a 23.8 pound overall pregnancy increase.

symptoms: i almost had a heart attack this week when i thought i saw a stretch mark. have no fear, it was just a scratch. my rings still fit too, so if my body wants to keep on this stretch mark and finger bloating free path, i'm on board.

cravings / aversions: i could eat pizza everyday and am loving fresh lemonade. canned lemonade makes me queasy.

movement: remember last week when i said i only ever feel movement on my right side? well i had an appointment on monday and my doctor said right now leila is head down with her back and legs on my right. i think she must love it over there because that's where i've felt all her movement these past several weeks.

gender: girl

belly button: it's an outtie now. le sigh. but if i have to trade an outtie belly button for no stretch marks, then that's a bargain.

sleep: i was waking up in the night from discomfort around my hips for a few days. once i put a pillow between my legs, i felt fine.

what i'm looking forward to: finishing the nursery this weekend. we got a glider and a gift card to buy our dresser at my office shower today, so we are almost done!

what i miss: can't think of anything, all is well with no regrets :-)

highlights this past week: we went swimming last weekend and i LOVED it. i felt so light, it was great. when i got out of the pool and felt like i was going to fall over from being heavy, well that wasn't as enjoyable. but those few hours of buoyant bliss were superb.

Monday, August 22, 2011

good stuff

well i finished reading no cry sleep solution and i liked it pretty well. i need to go to the library and pick up happiest baby on the block next. jake and i talked about sleep training last night and i said i was worried about getting up every hour and not getting any sleep. he said i shouldn't worry because we'll be taking turns. he is going to be the greatest dad, he's so eager to be hands on about everything. we talked about how i'd probably want to take leila to visit my family while i'm on maternity leave and he said i'd have to make them day trips because it isn't fair for me to take her away for even one night. how adorable is that? then again, by the time that rolls around he might be begging for a night of crying-free sleep, haha.

this thursday i have a baby shower at work and am looking forward to it. i also had a baby shower last weekend with friends and jake's family, it was lots of fun. we did a bib decorating activity which was neat. it'll be fun to feed leila and be reminded of the person who made that particular bib. leila got even more presents, tons of cute accessories this time. aunt gail ordered these precious socks that look like mary jane shoes in a bunch of colors. stephanie and celeste got her an assortment of headbands, flowers, and bows too, just like stuff her mama wears! she's going to be quite the fashionista with her little socks and headbands. we decided we are going to buy a nice camera next month so we can take good quality pictures of her at home. my poor baby is going to be like a doll, dressed up and having her picture taken all day! that's alright though, i need to take advantage of making her a girly girl now in case she becomes a tomboy later. :-)

well i better go, we need to head to the grocery store. my mom cooked for us this weekend and we haven't eaten that well since probably christmas. maybe we'll pick up something besides frozen pizza and sandwich food today. psssh, doubtful! good night everyone.

Friday, August 19, 2011

running out of time

i just got home from a long day at work and am exhausted from overtime trying to crank out a deadline this week. i keep reminding myself that the overtime is worth it though. every hour of overtime is another hour i will get to spend with my baby girl this fall. i'm planning to take off 11-12 weeks of maternity leave, returning after the holidays. jake has decided to take 2 weeks off work. we have under 2 months to go and much to do in that time. the nursery is done except we need to buy the dresser and glider, which i keep putting off. i need to finish washing leila's clothes, towels, and blankets too. i'm around halfway done, but that child has so many things that every time i finish a load we get a package in the mail with a new bathrobe or something. our friends are so sweet. :-)

i'm on a reading mission now. i was pretty positive i was going to use the babywise methods to sleep train leila because it came so highly recommended. but as i read the book, i realized it wasn't for me. i'm going to hold onto it for the next few months (can't have it back yet megan s!) in case it turns out i'm capable of withstanding the cry it out method. but in the meantime, i'm reading no cry sleep solution and am going to try hard to finish happiest baby on the block and the baby whisperer before leila arrives too. i want to be informed on a few different methods and make a decision accordingly. i also have a book on breastfeeding to read.

so many decisions to make when you're pregnant and you think you have ages to figure it all out. then bam, you're 8 weeks away from your due date wondering where the time went. speaking of time, how is it almost 9pm? i need to go to bed, we are going to see my mom this weekend. i'm looking forward to walking the beach and hanging out at the pool. i've been wanting to go swimming all summer and completely forgot my grandma has a pool. too bad we have to drive 4 hours to enjoy it, but i'm all for something relaxing after this stressful week! good night.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

30 weeks

*i can't believe there are only 7 guesses logged to the left, you slackers. surely more than 7 people read this blog, so click the box and make your guess for leila's arrival stats! :-)

we had a really fun and busy weekend, sorry i didn't get a chance to post until now. i'm also impressed with the quality of this photo considering i took it before work using the camera's self-timer haha. and please note that the putty on the chair rail shall soon be painted over. i sanded it down last week and got clearance from my doctor to paint the chair rail this week as long as the room is well ventilated.

how far along: 30 weeks

how big is baby: our baby girl has gained yet another pound and another inch since my last update 2 weeks ago. she's up to 3 pounds and 15.7 inches long now.

weight gain / loss: monday i weighed 165.4, which is a 1.8 pound increase from 2 weeks ago. that's an overall weight gain of 21.2 pounds for the pregnancy

symptoms: just sort of feeling pregnant!

cravings / aversions: i'm back on my milk kick. i may or may not have drank 1/4 of a gallon of milk on sunday alone...

movement: she is still kicking and i can only feel her on my right side. for some reason i've never felt any movement on my left side. i'm guessing it's either because her legs are on my right and she's not a puncher, or because of that anterior placenta thing.

gender: sweet girl

belly button: the top half is almost permanently out, but the bottom half is holding strong and staying in haha.

sleep: sleep is like clockwork. for the past several weeks i've gone to sleep on my left side at 930pm, wake up at 3am to go to the bathroom, then come back and sleep on my right side until i wake up at 630am. i'm not too uncomfortable yet, but i have to switch sides because my hip bones start to hurt.

what i'm looking forward to: getting to about 90% completion on the nursery this week before our baby shower on saturday.

what i miss: alcohol. it took 30 weeks, but i admit that i now miss wine and margaritas like whoa. so if people could stop posting pictures of their moscato (cough nichole cough) on facebook and stop taking wine samples at the grocery store (cough jake cough) i'd suuuuper appreciate it. ;-)

highlights this past week: lots of DIY and crafting! i hope i can stay this creative when leila arrives and that we do lots of fun school projects together. we got the tricky parts of the chair rail up and the whole thing sanded, plus i finished the name letters for the nursery. the how-to should be coming soon if i can find time amidst our shower preparations this week.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


man, i can't believe it's already august. a little over 2 months before our baby girl is here. i had a dream last night that i went into labor crazy early and didn't have my hospital bag ready. needless to say, that is on my agenda tonight. maybe then i won't wake up worrying anymore.

the nursery is coming along pretty well. i want to have the walls finished, wall decor hung, and find some curtains before we have people at our house for two of my last three showers. the last three showers will be one with our austin friends and jake's family in a couple of weeks, then my coworkers are throwing us one at the office at the end of the month, and lastly our neighbors are throwing a block party shower in early september. the first and last of those will be at our house and i want to be able to show everyone our progress. i'm proud of the room so far. i know leila won't know the difference, but we'll be in there putting her to bed and reading her stories, so we want it to be perfect.

i haven't gotten to the point where i'm worn out yet, but my belly is getting a lot bigger now and i know the day will soon come. this summer has been busier than ever between our vacations to salt lake city and iowa, weddings, showers, etc. my friend sara is getting married next month and i am presenting at a conference at the end of september, then i will have to start staying in town. it'll be nice to have that as an excuse not to go places, haha.

well jake told me that my blogs are like novels you have to set aside 3 days to read, so i better wrap this up. i bought him a new ps3 today, maybe i should tell him to be a little nicer about my blogs if he wants it, haha. hope everyone else is having a great week so far!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

28 weeks

leila and i are officially in the third trimester! also, i added a little box to the left for guessing when leila will arrive, her length, weight, etc. make sure you guys take a guess! i had put in my answers then i asked the hubs for his and it's so weird that we both chose a time 42 minutes past the hour. great minds. :-)

how far along: 28 weeks

how big is baby: our daughter is around 2 1/4 pounds (she's gained almost a whole pound since the last update!) and measures 14.8 inches from head to heel. also, she is blinking now and has eyelashes. that is so sweet to me.

weight gain / loss: today i weigh 163.6. at my last check-in i was 161.6, so i've gained exactly 2 pounds in 2 weeks. this is an overall weight gain of 19.4 pounds for the pregnancy. i'm supposed to gain between 25 and 35 pounds, so if i keep up this pound a week thing for the next 12 weeks, i'll still be on course.

symptoms: i had my first major instance of round ligament pain this week. it lasted from saturday through wednesday, ouch! my friend kat was feeling my belly last weekend and said that it is suuuuuper tight, not the least bit squishy. apparently my body is stretching as leila grows, instead of leila growing into a stretched belly. it doesn't surprise me that i was having round ligament pain if my ligaments are trying to support the ever-growing baby in there.

cravings / aversions: i lost most of my appetite while i was sick so nothing to report here.

movement: i've started trying to pinpoint her most active hours of the day. i can almost always feel her from 8-9pm, but during the day it varies. i think a lot of that has to do with how relaxed i am.

gender: baby girl

belly button: the top part of my belly button keeps protruding and the hubs thinks it's hilarious for some reason. boys!

sleep: this is kind of like the craving/aversion. sleeping has been terrible the past week thanks to being sick. the best night of sleep i got was after i took nyquil on accident (oops!). otherwise i can't recall a day where i haven't woken up unable to breathe from congestion or with side pains. i'm ready to be fully cured of this crud.

what i'm looking forward to: 12 weeks zooming by so i can see what leila looks like! it's all i think about. i think i've finally settled on an image of her, which i'm sure will be so wrong. i think my light brown hair and nose with jake's blue-green eyes and pale skin. considering how impatient i am to see her, i don't know how people go so long without knowing the baby's gender. i would die.

what i miss: not making grotesque noises when i stand or bend over. um, wait, that came out wrong. i mean every time i hoist myself up i make some sort of grunting noise. or when i bend over to pick up the dog bowls i sound like i'm gasping for air as soon as my belly halts my chest from going any further. it's weird and unintentional, i think i sound like an old fat lady.

highlights this past week: feeling leila kick the day after i took nyquil. i was worried sick that i'd liquored my baby up and offed her. when you're pregnant, rationality isn't a woman's strong suit, lol. i took nyquil around 1am and didn't feel her kick until 5pm the next day. but when i did feel her kick, i was relieved! what a pathetic highlight, haha.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

shower and sickling

man, i have been sicker than a dog the better part of this week! sunday afternoon i was driving home from south austin and bam, felt like i'd been hit by a bus. my throat was beginning to feel sore and i was fatigued beyond belief. jake was sick last week so i assumed i'd caught his illness. by monday i had a mild fever and kept waking up in the night gasping for breath, my throat and chest were congested. since then it's been incredibly miserable, i constantly feel like my throat is going to close at any moment. on top of all that, i had the worst pain in my right abdomen saturday evening through today. i was very afraid that there was something wrong with my appendix, because of the fever accompanying all of this. luckily the side pain subsided this morning along with the fever. i still feel like garbage, this is the first time i've been on the computer for any length of time since sunday morning (except monday night when i had to do a quick task for work). as much as it sucks to be sick, my weekend was still pretty darn good.

why? because we had leila's second baby shower! my sisters stephanie, wendi, and ashley threw us a shower at the sanctuary in port o'connor. that place is so gorgeous and my sisters did a wonderful job. my brain is still a bit foggy right now, so i'm not going to go through and caption all of these. i'll just say it was wonderful to spend the afternoon with my sisters (except we missed laura!), mom, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, nieces, and friends. i love the women in my family and wouldn't trade any of them for the world. i feel very lucky that almost everyone in my family from the victoria, port lavaca, and poc area made the drive to attend! even great-aunt margitta came down from pennsylvania. i've had two lovely afternoons with my iowa and texas families, now i'm looking forward to our next shower in a few weeks with our austin friends and my favorites of jake's family.