Wednesday, February 23, 2011

breaking the news in vegas

we went on vacation to las vegas with my iowa family february 11-14. we found out we were pregnant a week before, on february 5. at first we decided not to tell anybody until after our first ultrasound, but that slowly changed. we decided we could each tell a person or two that was closest to us, so i told my sister laura and besties nichole and liz first thing. hubby told his mom right away. we didn't get to do a really cute announcement with her because he told her on the phone, but that's alright. she's very excited nonetheless. we saw her the day before we went to vegas and she kept asking me loads of questions about how i was feeling, what names we had picked out, etc. i'm going to try really hard to keep the names we've chosen under wraps on this blog until i'm a little further along, although the people closest to us do know what we've picked.

anyways, we hadn't decided on telling my iowa parents in vegas until literally the day before. i had wanted to do some cute thing that involved an "i love my grandpa" bib or something of the sort, but since it was a last minute decision to tell them we didn't have time to get those sort of things. i had also wanted very badly to tell my texas mom in person, but we weren't going to be in victoria again until march and i didn't want to have one set of parents knowing and not the other. so sadly, a phone call had to suffice.

hubby and i arrived in vegas early friday morning while the rest of my family (dad, stepmom, laura, andrew, and baby ava) were arriving in the evening. hubby and i had an eventful morning exploring so we decided to nap while waiting for them to arrive. we were all staying at caesar's palace, so after everyone was there we decided to meet up in the food court for some snacking. while everyone was drinking beer, laura grabbed me a water. this is when my mom said she first suspected something. although honestly, i have always hated beer so i have no idea why my skipping out on it would arise any suspicions!

{ hanging out at the food court together, where none of these beers belong to me }

after a couple drinks and snacks, we started shopping in the forum shops at the hotel. we decided to grab dinner, but couldn't all agree on what to do. laura and andrew weren't very hungry, mom and dad thought we should do a sit-down dinner as a family the next night, but i knew i wanted to tell everyone the news tonight and that required a family meal. we could've waiting until saturday, but hubby was going to be in a hold 'em tournament from 2pm to possibly 10pm that night, then my parents were leaving on sunday.

we decided to eat at a restaurant in the forum shops and all sat down for the meal. when we were ordering drinks, i asked for a root beer. my stepmom said "do you have something to tell us?" and i said "no, why do you keep asking me this? i have always loved and drank root beer. and if they had cream soda, i'd drink that instead." which is true, i looooove cream soda and root beer, i drink them all the time regardless of being pregnant.

so we were all eating and chatting, and hubby asked my sister when her and andrew were planning to come to texas again. she said sometime this summer. then i said "well and october of course, you guys all have to come in october since that's when our baby is due." my mom immediately said congratulations and was excited. meanwhile, my dad kept eating. finally my mom goes "randy! jill just said she's having a baby!" and he goes "ohmygosh, she did!" i love my dad, he cracks me up!! he heard what i said, but hadn't fully grasped it. we told them i was about 5 weeks along and asked that they not spread the news just yet. we are trying very hard to keep this news close to us and will not be telling the rest of my siblings until after the first ultrasound. nor are we telling our jobs, friends, etc. until closer to 12 weeks.

after dinner, we were all getting up from the table and my parents were talking together. my mom grabbed us and gave us a hug saying congratulations. my dad said he was in a state of shock, haha. i asked how on earth he could be so shocked, as i'd been dropping him hints that this could happen soon. when we spoke on the phone maybe 2 weeks prior, we were discussing when hubby and i would be in iowa again. he reminded me that it was our year to be in iowa for christmas and i said we were planning on it, unless something came up like if we had an infant to take along, in which case we wouldn't go. there were a few other times where i mentioned similar possibilities, but i guess it hadn't quite sunk in. :-)

{ our family in vegas after we spilled the beans }

after dinner we all went back to our rooms and went to bed. the next morning i called my mom in texas to tell her the news. she asked if we'd hit the jackpot in vegas yet. i said "well, not really a money jackpot, but we are pregnant." gawd, i've never known a woman to be so excited for another person's child. i could practically hear her jumping up and down on the other end of the line. i told her the names we'd picked out but how we were stuck on a middle name for a girl, and she spent the remainder of the morning texting me potential middle names. so cute!!

the rest of the trip consisted of zero alcohol, zero caffeine, and zero hot tubs. can we please talk about how boring the loss of these three items can make a vacation!? oh well, it's all worth it!

we did buy the little pumpkin-head a gift while we were there, as sort of a reminder that we found out we were pregnant just before this vacation and that this is when we told our parents. and really people, do you think we'd buy anything BUT a monkey!? :-)

Monday, February 21, 2011

6 weeks

can you believe it's been a little over 2 weeks since we found out i was pregnant? time flies! but sadly, it's not flying fast enough. i'm eager to reach the safety of the 12 week mark, after that i don't mind time slowing back down again. i'm going to try to remember to complete these every other monday and have the hubs take a photo every other sunday for me to post along with it.

how far along: 6 weeks today. there is a little bump where my shirt is overlapping the button on my jeans, then above that is another little bump, which i like to suspect is the beginning of a baby bump. but i'm possibly making that up. and perhaps i'll wear sweats next time so that button bump isn't confusing.

how big is baby: the size of a lentil (1/4 of an inch)

weight gain / loss: i weighed in at 143.8, which is about a half pound loss from 2 weeks ago. i'm planning to blog about my goals for weight gain and loss during pregnancy and how i'll accomplish them.

symptoms: the funky metallic taste has gone away, but new symptoms have emerged. my breasts are starting to get tender (that feels soooo tmi to say) but only if i prod at them haha. i had my first bout of morning sickness on saturday and again this morning, i foresee a few more weeks of that obnoxiousness in the near future.

cravings / aversions: i guess you could say i've been craving bacon and orange juice. i think my bacon craving came solely from seeing a blt the size of my face at carnegie deli in vegas last week and being unable to eat it at the time (i wasn't very hungry), so i proceeded to eat a blt for dinner both thursday and friday. i also can't get enough orange juice! for aversions, i don't like the sound of sandwiches. i used to eat turkey sandwiches at least 3 days a week and perhaps this aversion has something to do with my knowing i can't eat deli meat anyways, but the thought of cold slimy turkey meat sounds awful right now. actually the thought of any sort of cold food doesn't sound appealing.

movement: no kicking or anything here, especially because the hands and feet don't start forming until next week :-)

gender: i have a hunch it's a boy. every month that we were trying to get pregnant, i'd have a feeling if we had conceived a baby that month, it was a certain gender. so some months i thought girl, some months boy. and ever since conception it's been a boy in my mind. we won't know for another 3 months or so though.

belly button: still nada

sleep: i usually wake up at 530 and am at work by 730, but this past week i was waking up at 530 to take care of the dogs then going back to sleep from 6 to 7, and getting to work at 815. that extra hour of sleep puts my brain and body in a completely different level of relaxed and ready for the day, so i'm going with it

what i'm looking forward to: our first ultrasound next week! when i scheduled it i thought "gosh, 2 weeks away, how will i survive that long of a wait" and now it's a week from tomorrow. i'm looking forward to this, but also am incredibly nervous. someone very close to us went in for a routine 8 week ultrasound like this last month and discovered a very minimal heartbeat and a problem with the yolk sac. at the next appointment, no heartbeat. it was truly sad for all of us who knew. i don't think i'll feel any sort of relief until i hear a strong heartbeat at the first appointment, and i know hubby won't feel any relief until i'm 12 weeks. he's trying not to get overly excited in case something happens, but then he bought some longhorn pacifiers this weekend soooo i don't know how well that mentality is working for us.

what i miss: being able to eat and drink whatever i want. it's difficult to always be thinking "wait, self, can you eat this? can you drink that?" but for how much i miss those things, i adore seeing hubby at the store. this weekend we were in the pop aisle and he goes "look! there's diet caffeine free dr. pepper, you can drink that!" and then he went and studied the labels of the fancy root beer and cream soda bottles to determine which ones i could have. i love how much he cares about what i'm putting in my body and the effect it could have on the baby.

highlights this past week: telling our parents that we're pregnant and scheduling the ultrasound.

i promise i'm going to talk about how we told our parents this week, i had wanted to upload a few pictures from vegas first to give the full effect of how the baby affected our vacation.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

change of doctors

first of all, we had an exciting weekend! we told all of our parents that we are pregnant. more on that and the rest of our trip to vegas later.

for now, a really crazy thing happened yesterday / today. last night hubby and i were driving home from the airport and passed the cedar park regional medical center. i said that i wished my obgyn could deliver me there because it's closer to the house, which would be easier for hubby if he wanted to take a quick shower or if my family wanted to stay a few days at the house, etc. but i really didn't want to leave my doctor for the sake of hospital access, after all he's the one who helped me get pregnant in the first place! i've really enjoyed my experience with him.

fast forward to this morning. i called my obgyn to schedule our first ultrasound because he was on vacation last week and we had just returned from our own vacation last night. the most coincidentally sad yet convenient thing happened during this phone call.

my obgyn is leaving the ob part of his practice! he is sticking only to gynecology to allow himself to do more mission work, which he feels he is unable to do while working with pregnant women.

what are the odds!?

as of 11am this morning, this pregnant gal had no baby doctor.

so i called my good friend leslie, who i was fairly certain delivered at cedar park regional. i also knew she loved her doctor, because we'd just had a 3 hour long conversation about pregnancy, trying to conceive, etc. the day before i found out i was pregnant. i didn't tell her i was pregnant (we are waiting for 12 weeks to announce at hubby's birthday), just said i needed to make an appointment for clomid. trust me, i was bursting at the seams to tell her and i almost let it slip about 8 times. but i held steady and didn't spill the beans. i made the appointment and am looking forward to meeting our new doctor. i know leslie has had a good experience with the birth of her first child and now she is pregnant with twins, and again everything is seemingly good with the doctor. plus this particular obgyn literally saved her sister's life after she had a less than ideal home birth. i feel good about putting mine and my baby's lives in her hands.

moral of the story... now i have my very first ultrasound scheduled for march 1st at 1:45pm! hubby has to check with his boss to see if he can leave early that day, or if we should look into re-scheduling for a less busy afternoon or something like that.

but for now, two weeks until we get to see our baby for the first time! i'm hoping oh so hard that everything is good and healthy. i'll be anxious these next couple of weeks leading up to it. fun day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

and so it begins

the symptoms of pregnancy have officially begun. so far i've been spared the morning sickness (knock on wood!) but i'm sure it's coming.

the past few days have been riddled with heightened senses of EVERYTHING though. monday morning i was convinced there was something rancid in the fridge at work. i asked a nearby coworker and she said she hadn't noticed anything. i thought perhaps she was crazy. then i brought it up again with megan yesterday, and she investigated only to tell me she couldn't smell anything bad. i was also convinced my dryer was going to catch fire tuesday night because it smelled like something was burning. hubby assured me there was nothing wrong.

heightened sense of smell... check.

i mentioned that i've been craving a whooole lotta water the past couple of days. i generally keep a case of bottled water in my trunk (for when i'm out in the field or when hubby takes my car for work) and i've been so thirsty that i've been chugging an entire bottle over the course of my 15 mile commute. one of the reasons i've been so obsessed with water is that i've been trying to get a funky taste out of my mouth. today i finally put my finger on that weird taste- metal. it tastes like i have pennies in my mouth. so far it's not very bothersome, but its strength has been increasing since i first noticed it monday afternoon. i hope it goes away soon!

changes to the taste buds... check.

even more disturbing is that i'm not in the mood for sweets. i don't know what the hell is wrong with me there. monday night i baked a celebratory strawberry cake with white icing. or as laura said "strawberry cake isn't the only thing baking in your oven!" i usually loooove cake, especially with white icing. but i've only eaten 3 tiny slices and ended up taking 7/8 of the cake to work this morning because we won't finish it. my appetite for girl scout cookies is also dwindling. i can only eat two cookies, tops, before i have to put the box away. i used to eat half a box in one sitting!

further absurd changes to the taste buds... check.

the third thing i've noticed this week is that i've been getting full a lot faster. i used to down half a large pizza in one sitting with no problem. last night, i ate 3 slices and called it quits. then i felt gross and lethargic. i know right now the baby is a mere poppy seed, but i thought i'd want to start eating for two, not eating for half of myself lol. although perhaps this is my body's way of saying "hey jill, you were eating too much before. simmer down and get some nutrients in there, the baby doesn't want 4 slices of pizza with hardly any nutritional value."

losing my appetite... check.

ah pregnancy, welcome to my life.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

4 weeks

i figured i could start up on the bi-weekly pregnancy surveys since i'm at an even week interval. i'm just going to cross my fingers and hope really hard that everything is healthy and good and i can continue doing these for the next 36 weeks.

how far along: 4 weeks yesterday

how big is baby: the size of a poppy seed

weight gain / loss: yesterday i weighed in at 144.2. that is going to be my official starting weight for this pregnancy, so the gains and losses will be based on that

symptoms: nothing yet as far as i can tell. let's see how long it stays that way...

cravings / aversions: i've been craving a lot of water the past 2 days. and i've been grossed out every time i drive past rudy's bbq. not sure if it's the smell of bbq or bacon or what, but it's not appetizing

movement: our little pumpkin is still an embryo, so no movement for us yet

gender: i think we could know this somewhere around the first week of june

belly button: my stomach has hardly changed, let alone my belly button! :-)

sleep: this past weekend i was getting around 12 hours of sleep each night, i didn't want to wake up at all. but since i've been at work, it's been a solid 8 hours and i haven't had to get up in the middle of the night yet.

what i'm looking forward to: my obgyn coming back from vacation so i can schedule an ultrasound! i should be 8 weeks on march 7, so we'll probably have to wait a month, but i'm ready to get it on the calendar.

what i miss: we're not in the missing stages about anything right now. we're too dang excited!!!

highlights this past week: finding out i was pregnant! first via home pregnancy test, then today my doctor called and confirmed from the bloodwork- there is a bun in the oven!!!! also, i've been taking pregnancy tests everyday since i found out because i have them leftover and don't want them to go to waste. the lines have all been pretty light but today it was significantly darker. it's like the test is shouting "yes jill, you are pregnant" now, haha. another highlight has been my husband. oh my word, he is the cutest thing. i had the blood test done yesterday to confirm the pregnancy, so i called to tell him i was waiting on the results to confirm. he goes "well what did they say? is everything alright? is the baby good?" and i said it wasn't that kind of test yet, right now it's just to confirm that i really am. he is so concerned and so sweet. just wow, he has been amazing me these past few days. :-)

life is so wonderful right now!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

the announcement

we left off on saturday morning, when i finally had a positive test.

it was around 7am when i took the test. usually the pups wake up at 530am, even on weekends. but they were being uber sweet and let me sleep in! i knew the hubs had stayed up pretty late playing video games, so i wasn't sure when i wanted to tell him. should i wake him up? let him keep sleeping?

so i did what most women would do- i took another test. haha.

i had to be absolutely sure before telling my husband. as much as i've wanted to have a baby, i genuinely think my husband has wanted it more. every month that i told him we hadn't succeeded, he was incredibly bummed. we eventually stopped talking about our friends that are pregnant because it would make us both sad. i knew when i told him, i had to be sure.

after the second test yielded two lines again, i was ready to spill the beans. i went to the guest room closet and opened my craft box. i keep my fabric, ribbon, etc. in this box and had been storing two things in there for weeks in preparation of this moment. quite frankly, i knew the hubs would never open my craft box and discover what i'd been hiding.

after i had a negative test last month, i did some depression shopping at target. wow, this is a theme in my life... haha. anyways, even though i knew i wasn't pregnant that month, i thought i'd like to be prepared if / when it did happen. we'd seen an adorable lines of onesies a couple weeks before and hubby doted over them. i thought they'd be the perfect announcement gift.

finally i decided to wake up the hubs, i had tears in my eyes and couldn't handle the excitement any longer. i grabbed two gift bags- one hot pink and another with puppies on it. i gave the gift bags to my husband and told him to open them.

he opened the pink bag and with a confused look said "what is this?"
i said "in case it's a girl. now open the other."
he opened the second bag and said "and this one?"
i replied "for if it's a boy. i'm pregnant."
he gave me the biggest, sleepiest, most special smile and pulled me into his arms for a big hug. we laid there, embracing, for about 10 minutes. it was an amazing moment.

here they are, the announcement onesies. my hubs adores monkeys and i knew he loved these particular sets, so they were the best pregnancy announcement gift.

leading up to the big test

*first of all, i called my obgyn this morning and his office is closed until february 14! if i hadn't gotten pregnant this month, i would've been SOL on getting clomid this week. anyways, i'm going to try to set up an appt with my regular physician to see if he can confirm the pregnancy. of all the weeks to be closed, dr. erwin, of ALL the weeks!*

on wednesday, february 2 i took my first pregnancy test. it was only nine days past ovulation, but i thought i would start testing anyways. i had bought about 20 cheapo tests for $16 from about a month ago, thinking i could use them over the next couple months, allowing myself to test from 9 dpo through 14 dpo.

so at nine days, the pregnancy test was negative.
and at ten days, the pregnancy test was negative.
and at eleven days, the pregnancy test was negative.
finally, at twelve days, the pregnancy test was positive.

i don't know that i ever really knew i was pregnant in the past two weeks. i'd been daydreaming about all the possibilities, like making a grand announcement at hubby's 30th birthday party in april. i'd even had two incredibly realistic dreams last week.

wednesday night i dreamt that i found out i was pregnant. i'd taken a test and seen two lines, then i told hubby i was pregnant the way i'd been planning for weeks. i woke up at 4am, thought "wow! really!?" then realized it wasn't reality and went back to bed. when i fell asleep, i had the exact same dream again. i woke up at 530am when my alarm went off with the same excitement. once again, i realized it hadn't really happened. i hopped out of bed, fed the dogs, took a pregnancy test, and only saw one line. i was devastated. i really, genuinely thought i was going to find out i was pregnant that morning. i thought those two dreams of the exact same thing could only mean one thing- that i was preggo.

the rest of wednesday i was in a funk. i was having headaches / migraines on and off, which part of of me attributed to the pregnancy test depression. thursday i woke up and couldn't handle going to work, my head was hurting so bad. i hung out around the house and after awhile i felt better, so i dragged my sorry ass to the bookstore to pick up something to read at home. friday we had a snow day, which perked up my mood significantly. hubs and i played in the snow with the puppies and had a blast.

then on saturday morning, february 5, that fateful morning, i continued my pregnancy test ritual and there they were. two lines.

coming in the next blog... what i did after those two lines appeared.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

two lines

 on saturday morning, aka 12 days past ovulation, i got this gem on my cheapy tests.

and this morning, aka 13 days past ovulation, i got two lines again.

{ you might have to click the photos to see the second line, they're still a bit light because it's such an early detection }

i kind of can't stop peeing on sticks now that i've been getting two lines. after 7 months of one line, these two-liners are making my YEAR.

i'm comfortable with ONLY you guys knowing right now.


we are not telling any of our siblings (except laura) or parents until after our first ultrasound, which likely won't be until early march.

more to come on the actual plans with our parents, set appointments, how i told the hubs, etc.

for now, i'm only 4 weeks along, so please send plenty of thoughts and hopes our way for a safe and healthy pregnancy.