Monday, February 21, 2011

6 weeks

can you believe it's been a little over 2 weeks since we found out i was pregnant? time flies! but sadly, it's not flying fast enough. i'm eager to reach the safety of the 12 week mark, after that i don't mind time slowing back down again. i'm going to try to remember to complete these every other monday and have the hubs take a photo every other sunday for me to post along with it.

how far along: 6 weeks today. there is a little bump where my shirt is overlapping the button on my jeans, then above that is another little bump, which i like to suspect is the beginning of a baby bump. but i'm possibly making that up. and perhaps i'll wear sweats next time so that button bump isn't confusing.

how big is baby: the size of a lentil (1/4 of an inch)

weight gain / loss: i weighed in at 143.8, which is about a half pound loss from 2 weeks ago. i'm planning to blog about my goals for weight gain and loss during pregnancy and how i'll accomplish them.

symptoms: the funky metallic taste has gone away, but new symptoms have emerged. my breasts are starting to get tender (that feels soooo tmi to say) but only if i prod at them haha. i had my first bout of morning sickness on saturday and again this morning, i foresee a few more weeks of that obnoxiousness in the near future.

cravings / aversions: i guess you could say i've been craving bacon and orange juice. i think my bacon craving came solely from seeing a blt the size of my face at carnegie deli in vegas last week and being unable to eat it at the time (i wasn't very hungry), so i proceeded to eat a blt for dinner both thursday and friday. i also can't get enough orange juice! for aversions, i don't like the sound of sandwiches. i used to eat turkey sandwiches at least 3 days a week and perhaps this aversion has something to do with my knowing i can't eat deli meat anyways, but the thought of cold slimy turkey meat sounds awful right now. actually the thought of any sort of cold food doesn't sound appealing.

movement: no kicking or anything here, especially because the hands and feet don't start forming until next week :-)

gender: i have a hunch it's a boy. every month that we were trying to get pregnant, i'd have a feeling if we had conceived a baby that month, it was a certain gender. so some months i thought girl, some months boy. and ever since conception it's been a boy in my mind. we won't know for another 3 months or so though.

belly button: still nada

sleep: i usually wake up at 530 and am at work by 730, but this past week i was waking up at 530 to take care of the dogs then going back to sleep from 6 to 7, and getting to work at 815. that extra hour of sleep puts my brain and body in a completely different level of relaxed and ready for the day, so i'm going with it

what i'm looking forward to: our first ultrasound next week! when i scheduled it i thought "gosh, 2 weeks away, how will i survive that long of a wait" and now it's a week from tomorrow. i'm looking forward to this, but also am incredibly nervous. someone very close to us went in for a routine 8 week ultrasound like this last month and discovered a very minimal heartbeat and a problem with the yolk sac. at the next appointment, no heartbeat. it was truly sad for all of us who knew. i don't think i'll feel any sort of relief until i hear a strong heartbeat at the first appointment, and i know hubby won't feel any relief until i'm 12 weeks. he's trying not to get overly excited in case something happens, but then he bought some longhorn pacifiers this weekend soooo i don't know how well that mentality is working for us.

what i miss: being able to eat and drink whatever i want. it's difficult to always be thinking "wait, self, can you eat this? can you drink that?" but for how much i miss those things, i adore seeing hubby at the store. this weekend we were in the pop aisle and he goes "look! there's diet caffeine free dr. pepper, you can drink that!" and then he went and studied the labels of the fancy root beer and cream soda bottles to determine which ones i could have. i love how much he cares about what i'm putting in my body and the effect it could have on the baby.

highlights this past week: telling our parents that we're pregnant and scheduling the ultrasound.

i promise i'm going to talk about how we told our parents this week, i had wanted to upload a few pictures from vegas first to give the full effect of how the baby affected our vacation.

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