Thursday, February 10, 2011

and so it begins

the symptoms of pregnancy have officially begun. so far i've been spared the morning sickness (knock on wood!) but i'm sure it's coming.

the past few days have been riddled with heightened senses of EVERYTHING though. monday morning i was convinced there was something rancid in the fridge at work. i asked a nearby coworker and she said she hadn't noticed anything. i thought perhaps she was crazy. then i brought it up again with megan yesterday, and she investigated only to tell me she couldn't smell anything bad. i was also convinced my dryer was going to catch fire tuesday night because it smelled like something was burning. hubby assured me there was nothing wrong.

heightened sense of smell... check.

i mentioned that i've been craving a whooole lotta water the past couple of days. i generally keep a case of bottled water in my trunk (for when i'm out in the field or when hubby takes my car for work) and i've been so thirsty that i've been chugging an entire bottle over the course of my 15 mile commute. one of the reasons i've been so obsessed with water is that i've been trying to get a funky taste out of my mouth. today i finally put my finger on that weird taste- metal. it tastes like i have pennies in my mouth. so far it's not very bothersome, but its strength has been increasing since i first noticed it monday afternoon. i hope it goes away soon!

changes to the taste buds... check.

even more disturbing is that i'm not in the mood for sweets. i don't know what the hell is wrong with me there. monday night i baked a celebratory strawberry cake with white icing. or as laura said "strawberry cake isn't the only thing baking in your oven!" i usually loooove cake, especially with white icing. but i've only eaten 3 tiny slices and ended up taking 7/8 of the cake to work this morning because we won't finish it. my appetite for girl scout cookies is also dwindling. i can only eat two cookies, tops, before i have to put the box away. i used to eat half a box in one sitting!

further absurd changes to the taste buds... check.

the third thing i've noticed this week is that i've been getting full a lot faster. i used to down half a large pizza in one sitting with no problem. last night, i ate 3 slices and called it quits. then i felt gross and lethargic. i know right now the baby is a mere poppy seed, but i thought i'd want to start eating for two, not eating for half of myself lol. although perhaps this is my body's way of saying "hey jill, you were eating too much before. simmer down and get some nutrients in there, the baby doesn't want 4 slices of pizza with hardly any nutritional value."

losing my appetite... check.

ah pregnancy, welcome to my life.

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