Monday, February 7, 2011

the announcement

we left off on saturday morning, when i finally had a positive test.

it was around 7am when i took the test. usually the pups wake up at 530am, even on weekends. but they were being uber sweet and let me sleep in! i knew the hubs had stayed up pretty late playing video games, so i wasn't sure when i wanted to tell him. should i wake him up? let him keep sleeping?

so i did what most women would do- i took another test. haha.

i had to be absolutely sure before telling my husband. as much as i've wanted to have a baby, i genuinely think my husband has wanted it more. every month that i told him we hadn't succeeded, he was incredibly bummed. we eventually stopped talking about our friends that are pregnant because it would make us both sad. i knew when i told him, i had to be sure.

after the second test yielded two lines again, i was ready to spill the beans. i went to the guest room closet and opened my craft box. i keep my fabric, ribbon, etc. in this box and had been storing two things in there for weeks in preparation of this moment. quite frankly, i knew the hubs would never open my craft box and discover what i'd been hiding.

after i had a negative test last month, i did some depression shopping at target. wow, this is a theme in my life... haha. anyways, even though i knew i wasn't pregnant that month, i thought i'd like to be prepared if / when it did happen. we'd seen an adorable lines of onesies a couple weeks before and hubby doted over them. i thought they'd be the perfect announcement gift.

finally i decided to wake up the hubs, i had tears in my eyes and couldn't handle the excitement any longer. i grabbed two gift bags- one hot pink and another with puppies on it. i gave the gift bags to my husband and told him to open them.

he opened the pink bag and with a confused look said "what is this?"
i said "in case it's a girl. now open the other."
he opened the second bag and said "and this one?"
i replied "for if it's a boy. i'm pregnant."
he gave me the biggest, sleepiest, most special smile and pulled me into his arms for a big hug. we laid there, embracing, for about 10 minutes. it was an amazing moment.

here they are, the announcement onesies. my hubs adores monkeys and i knew he loved these particular sets, so they were the best pregnancy announcement gift.


  1. So cute. I love reading about it all. It makes me even more excited about how I'm going to tell my hubby when it finally does happen. :)

  2. If saw those onesies at Target and ALMOST bought the girl ones for Ava! Haha. So adorable!