Wednesday, February 23, 2011

breaking the news in vegas

we went on vacation to las vegas with my iowa family february 11-14. we found out we were pregnant a week before, on february 5. at first we decided not to tell anybody until after our first ultrasound, but that slowly changed. we decided we could each tell a person or two that was closest to us, so i told my sister laura and besties nichole and liz first thing. hubby told his mom right away. we didn't get to do a really cute announcement with her because he told her on the phone, but that's alright. she's very excited nonetheless. we saw her the day before we went to vegas and she kept asking me loads of questions about how i was feeling, what names we had picked out, etc. i'm going to try really hard to keep the names we've chosen under wraps on this blog until i'm a little further along, although the people closest to us do know what we've picked.

anyways, we hadn't decided on telling my iowa parents in vegas until literally the day before. i had wanted to do some cute thing that involved an "i love my grandpa" bib or something of the sort, but since it was a last minute decision to tell them we didn't have time to get those sort of things. i had also wanted very badly to tell my texas mom in person, but we weren't going to be in victoria again until march and i didn't want to have one set of parents knowing and not the other. so sadly, a phone call had to suffice.

hubby and i arrived in vegas early friday morning while the rest of my family (dad, stepmom, laura, andrew, and baby ava) were arriving in the evening. hubby and i had an eventful morning exploring so we decided to nap while waiting for them to arrive. we were all staying at caesar's palace, so after everyone was there we decided to meet up in the food court for some snacking. while everyone was drinking beer, laura grabbed me a water. this is when my mom said she first suspected something. although honestly, i have always hated beer so i have no idea why my skipping out on it would arise any suspicions!

{ hanging out at the food court together, where none of these beers belong to me }

after a couple drinks and snacks, we started shopping in the forum shops at the hotel. we decided to grab dinner, but couldn't all agree on what to do. laura and andrew weren't very hungry, mom and dad thought we should do a sit-down dinner as a family the next night, but i knew i wanted to tell everyone the news tonight and that required a family meal. we could've waiting until saturday, but hubby was going to be in a hold 'em tournament from 2pm to possibly 10pm that night, then my parents were leaving on sunday.

we decided to eat at a restaurant in the forum shops and all sat down for the meal. when we were ordering drinks, i asked for a root beer. my stepmom said "do you have something to tell us?" and i said "no, why do you keep asking me this? i have always loved and drank root beer. and if they had cream soda, i'd drink that instead." which is true, i looooove cream soda and root beer, i drink them all the time regardless of being pregnant.

so we were all eating and chatting, and hubby asked my sister when her and andrew were planning to come to texas again. she said sometime this summer. then i said "well and october of course, you guys all have to come in october since that's when our baby is due." my mom immediately said congratulations and was excited. meanwhile, my dad kept eating. finally my mom goes "randy! jill just said she's having a baby!" and he goes "ohmygosh, she did!" i love my dad, he cracks me up!! he heard what i said, but hadn't fully grasped it. we told them i was about 5 weeks along and asked that they not spread the news just yet. we are trying very hard to keep this news close to us and will not be telling the rest of my siblings until after the first ultrasound. nor are we telling our jobs, friends, etc. until closer to 12 weeks.

after dinner, we were all getting up from the table and my parents were talking together. my mom grabbed us and gave us a hug saying congratulations. my dad said he was in a state of shock, haha. i asked how on earth he could be so shocked, as i'd been dropping him hints that this could happen soon. when we spoke on the phone maybe 2 weeks prior, we were discussing when hubby and i would be in iowa again. he reminded me that it was our year to be in iowa for christmas and i said we were planning on it, unless something came up like if we had an infant to take along, in which case we wouldn't go. there were a few other times where i mentioned similar possibilities, but i guess it hadn't quite sunk in. :-)

{ our family in vegas after we spilled the beans }

after dinner we all went back to our rooms and went to bed. the next morning i called my mom in texas to tell her the news. she asked if we'd hit the jackpot in vegas yet. i said "well, not really a money jackpot, but we are pregnant." gawd, i've never known a woman to be so excited for another person's child. i could practically hear her jumping up and down on the other end of the line. i told her the names we'd picked out but how we were stuck on a middle name for a girl, and she spent the remainder of the morning texting me potential middle names. so cute!!

the rest of the trip consisted of zero alcohol, zero caffeine, and zero hot tubs. can we please talk about how boring the loss of these three items can make a vacation!? oh well, it's all worth it!

we did buy the little pumpkin-head a gift while we were there, as sort of a reminder that we found out we were pregnant just before this vacation and that this is when we told our parents. and really people, do you think we'd buy anything BUT a monkey!? :-)

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  1. I've been so excited to hear how you told your family. Sorry I've been MIA, we've been on vacation...but I'm back in full force! :)