Tuesday, February 15, 2011

change of doctors

first of all, we had an exciting weekend! we told all of our parents that we are pregnant. more on that and the rest of our trip to vegas later.

for now, a really crazy thing happened yesterday / today. last night hubby and i were driving home from the airport and passed the cedar park regional medical center. i said that i wished my obgyn could deliver me there because it's closer to the house, which would be easier for hubby if he wanted to take a quick shower or if my family wanted to stay a few days at the house, etc. but i really didn't want to leave my doctor for the sake of hospital access, after all he's the one who helped me get pregnant in the first place! i've really enjoyed my experience with him.

fast forward to this morning. i called my obgyn to schedule our first ultrasound because he was on vacation last week and we had just returned from our own vacation last night. the most coincidentally sad yet convenient thing happened during this phone call.

my obgyn is leaving the ob part of his practice! he is sticking only to gynecology to allow himself to do more mission work, which he feels he is unable to do while working with pregnant women.

what are the odds!?

as of 11am this morning, this pregnant gal had no baby doctor.

so i called my good friend leslie, who i was fairly certain delivered at cedar park regional. i also knew she loved her doctor, because we'd just had a 3 hour long conversation about pregnancy, trying to conceive, etc. the day before i found out i was pregnant. i didn't tell her i was pregnant (we are waiting for 12 weeks to announce at hubby's birthday), just said i needed to make an appointment for clomid. trust me, i was bursting at the seams to tell her and i almost let it slip about 8 times. but i held steady and didn't spill the beans. i made the appointment and am looking forward to meeting our new doctor. i know leslie has had a good experience with the birth of her first child and now she is pregnant with twins, and again everything is seemingly good with the doctor. plus this particular obgyn literally saved her sister's life after she had a less than ideal home birth. i feel good about putting mine and my baby's lives in her hands.

moral of the story... now i have my very first ultrasound scheduled for march 1st at 1:45pm! hubby has to check with his boss to see if he can leave early that day, or if we should look into re-scheduling for a less busy afternoon or something like that.

but for now, two weeks until we get to see our baby for the first time! i'm hoping oh so hard that everything is good and healthy. i'll be anxious these next couple of weeks leading up to it. fun day!

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