Monday, February 7, 2011

leading up to the big test

*first of all, i called my obgyn this morning and his office is closed until february 14! if i hadn't gotten pregnant this month, i would've been SOL on getting clomid this week. anyways, i'm going to try to set up an appt with my regular physician to see if he can confirm the pregnancy. of all the weeks to be closed, dr. erwin, of ALL the weeks!*

on wednesday, february 2 i took my first pregnancy test. it was only nine days past ovulation, but i thought i would start testing anyways. i had bought about 20 cheapo tests for $16 from about a month ago, thinking i could use them over the next couple months, allowing myself to test from 9 dpo through 14 dpo.

so at nine days, the pregnancy test was negative.
and at ten days, the pregnancy test was negative.
and at eleven days, the pregnancy test was negative.
finally, at twelve days, the pregnancy test was positive.

i don't know that i ever really knew i was pregnant in the past two weeks. i'd been daydreaming about all the possibilities, like making a grand announcement at hubby's 30th birthday party in april. i'd even had two incredibly realistic dreams last week.

wednesday night i dreamt that i found out i was pregnant. i'd taken a test and seen two lines, then i told hubby i was pregnant the way i'd been planning for weeks. i woke up at 4am, thought "wow! really!?" then realized it wasn't reality and went back to bed. when i fell asleep, i had the exact same dream again. i woke up at 530am when my alarm went off with the same excitement. once again, i realized it hadn't really happened. i hopped out of bed, fed the dogs, took a pregnancy test, and only saw one line. i was devastated. i really, genuinely thought i was going to find out i was pregnant that morning. i thought those two dreams of the exact same thing could only mean one thing- that i was preggo.

the rest of wednesday i was in a funk. i was having headaches / migraines on and off, which part of of me attributed to the pregnancy test depression. thursday i woke up and couldn't handle going to work, my head was hurting so bad. i hung out around the house and after awhile i felt better, so i dragged my sorry ass to the bookstore to pick up something to read at home. friday we had a snow day, which perked up my mood significantly. hubs and i played in the snow with the puppies and had a blast.

then on saturday morning, february 5, that fateful morning, i continued my pregnancy test ritual and there they were. two lines.

coming in the next blog... what i did after those two lines appeared.

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