Friday, March 25, 2011

things baby doesn't like

aka things that make me feel sick.

girl scout cookies.

this is going to be a loooooong pregnancy if he doesn't kick his tastebuds into high gear! i can't go 7 more months without these things!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

pregnancy diet

as i said in my last post, i'm determined not to gain much more weight this trimester. i'd like the maximum to be about 2 pounds and with a baby doubling and tripling all the dang time, it's hard to manage. but in an effort to keep up with this goal, i've put myself on a "pregnancy diet" so to speak.

when i first discovered i was pregnant i scoured the android market for the perfect pregnancy app. i downloaded a couple mediocre ones and finally settled on one. at that point, there was not a babycenter app for android. but then this weekend i discovered that version 1.0.3 was out! which means i'm not too late in the babycenter game. and my GOODNESS, is that the best pregnancy app out there. i went through the checklist of daily activities and was pleased that i'd been keeping up with the list despite not having a list to go by. i've gone on walks a couple times a week, taken my prenatal vitamins, done some kegel exercises (tmi, who cares), even done some stretching. however i've been slacking in the "pack healthy snacks" and "eat a pregnancy superfood" categories.

some pregnancy super foods include eggs, salmon, sweet potatoes, yogurt, walnut, beans, and colorful fruit. so saturday morning my determined little butt got up and cooked eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast. pregnancy superfood victory day #1! then sunday we went to the grocery store where i stocked up on a couple servings of yogurt. pregnancy superfood victory day #2. and as we speak right now, i'm munching on some homemade trail mix with walnuts in it. pregnancy superfood victory day #3. i might not eat a pregnancy superfood everyday, but i am determined to do so at least every other day.

some healthy snacks babycenter recommends are fruit, raisins, yogurt, homemade trail mix, salad bars, carrots, string cheese, whole grain cereal, instant oatmeal, orange juice, and cottage cheese. i don't really like cottage cheese, but i do eat high fiber whole grain cereal for breakfast or oatmeal each day, and i also have some baby carrots in the fridge here at work. yesterday i bought a box of whole grain chex along with a bag of locally produced nuts and dried fruits. at first i was going to buy a couple bags of dried fruit, raisins, and nuts and mix them into the mix. but then i saw a package that already had my favorites- dried cranberries and oranges, pistachios, walnuts, almonds. i don't generally love raisins or prunes, but i'll take one for the team. that mix is the perfect blend of 3 healthy snacks and even a couple superfoods. i filled three ziploc bags with the trail mix, put one in the car, and took the other two to work. the one in the car was perfect on my way to work as i combated the usual i-really-need-to-eat-nausea. i've already gone through over half a bag at work snacking this morning. that's my problem- i constantly snack when i'm at work!

{ snack happy at work! }

so it's about 1030 and i'm full from my whole grain cereal with milk, superfood healthy trail mix snack, and 2 glasses of water. we're off to a great start on this pregnancy diet. i hope you're prepared to be the most nutritious baby on the planet little enginerd! :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

10 weeks

two more weeks until we're clear of the first trimester! we are so so so ready to start spilling the beans! but in the meantime,  here we go, week 10 synopsis of the baby enginerd pregnancy.

how far along: 10 weeks. my belly POPPED this week! i've heard you don't start showing until closer to 12 weeks and perhaps some of this is "bloating" or whatever, but i haven't really gained any weight. i thought people who were relatively skinny didn't start to show until later, but apparently my uterus has doubled in size, so i suppose that makes sense. regardless, i officially have a bump!

how big is baby: a little over an inch, about the size of a grape. hubby asked how big he was yesterday and when i told him that he was in awe. the baby has grown so much since our first ultrasound, almost tripled in size. also the little one already has little fingernails and toenails, plus eyes, nostrils, and ears. lots going on in there. :-)

weight gain / loss: i'm at 145.6, which is an overall 1.4 pound increase over the course of 6 weeks. that is about all i wanted to gain in this first trimester, so i've promised myself i'll be better about the candy snacking and opt for yogurt or trail mix instead.

symptoms: the morning sickness isn't as bad as it was before. i haven't thrown up and the problem only really occurs if i haven't eaten in awhile or if i drink something without food. i keep crackers on my desk at all hours and snack on them the second i feel nauseated. once i do that, i'm totally fine. the worst thing now is the headaches. i sound like a whiny brat, sorry. every morning i wake up with a headache, so i'm having to take tylenol first thing then eat some saltines because water alone upsets my stomach. i generally take another tylenol in the afternoon or evening, so it isn't too terribly bad. the bottle says to take two at a time, but i'm lucky enough that one will do the trick for hours on end. oh, also the bloating has subsided. yay!

cravings / aversions: i still like fruit, although fruit juices, especially orange juice, are out. now i'm slightly obsessed with milk. i've been going through a gallon a week, whereas it used to take us 2 weeks to get through a half gallon. my sugar tolerance is at an all-time low, i can't eat sweets the way i used to without feeling sick, and yet that doesn't stop me from a daily bag of skittles. it's an internal struggle between not feeling like myself and caving for my weaknesses.

movement: i can't feel anything, but i read that the baby is a moving machine now. he can open his fists, wiggle his toes, and shake his head. more like a baby everyday!

gender: we've been talking about when we'll be able to schedule this. i think they'll adjust my due date based on progress at our next ultrasound, then i'll have a better indication of when my 20 week appointment will be. right now it'd be around may 24th, but we'll see. until then, baby enginerd is a "he" in my head (as evidenced by all the "he" "his" and "hims" in my past couple posts)

belly button: no change, as usual

sleep: i finally found a sleep schedule that works for me. there was a night when i crashed at 845 and still didn't roll out of bed until 7, but i've found that going to bed at 930 and waking up at 615 has been good the past few work days. on weekends, it's like 930 to 8.

what i'm looking forward to: a little over a week until our next ultrasound! i hope everything looks good, because if it is, we are planning to announce the next day. i think we'll spend tuesday night calling grandparents and a couple of our best friends that we haven't told yet, then wednesday i'll scan in the ultrasound and make the public announcement via blog and facebook and all that jazz.

what i miss: feeling healthy. i love this baby with all my heart, but hot damn, it makes me ache somewhere all day everyday! i hope what they say is true, that when 12 weeks rolls around you start to feel better again. i also miss bikram yoga. i had started my bikram regime back up in january and was adoring every moment of it. then i read in "what to expect before you're expecting" that bikram yoga is no good for fertility and is especially no good for pregnancy! i LOVE the hot atmosphere, but you're not supposed to raise your body temperature above 100 degrees or something like that, so i had to ditch my favorite workout. and i miss headbands. oh my science do i miss my headbands! with these all day headaches i can't stand wearing those or my glasses. the pressure behind my ears is too much to handle. le sigh, i'm hoping the rosettes can come back in full swing when the second trimester rolls around.

highlights this past week: my belly popping out. it's not big by any means, but i can finally see a difference, and that makes the baby's presence even more realistic. :-)

Friday, March 11, 2011

new phase

well... i've hit a new phase in my life.

the "i can't button my pants phase". i couldn't understand why i was unable to button them this morning. it used to be discomfort, now it's like i'm going to die if i do. i weighed myself and was only 144.2, down half a pound from a week ago! but i guess it's not weight gain, it's the slight progression of a bump.

my friend once said she used a hair-tie to keep her pants buttoned so i tried it today and it worked like a charm. i thought this wasn't going to be a problem until i was closer to 12 weeks, nobody prepared me for it to happen at 9 weeks.

welcome to my new life.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

8 weeks

remember how last time i did one of these i was in awe of how it'd been 2 weeks since we found out? um, can you believe i've kept this a secret for a solid month!? okay, secret is a bit of an overstatement considering something like 15 people probably know now. but i haven't spilled on my other blog or facebook or at work or to several of my very close friends, so it's a secret if i'm not talking about it to everybody 24-7. :-)

how far along: 8 weeks today. there is a shadow on the left side of my face that makes my face look chubby, but i haven't really gained anything there. i wore workout shorts instead of jeans with hopes that i wouldn't have awkward pants bulges but failed, you can still see my same little pooch under "football" and two creases in my shorts under that. honestly, i look the same as two weeks ago, still zero baby bump.

how big is baby: at our ultrasound a week ago, the baby measured 0.99cm crown to rump which is just under half an inch (blueberry-sized!). apparently babies grow about a millimeter a day at this point, so it should be closer to the size of a kidney bean. i suppose this is why i'm still lacking the baby bump, lol.

weight gain / loss: i'm at 144.8, which is a 0.6 pound increase from 4 weeks ago. i think you're only supposed to gain 2 to 4 pounds in the first trimester, so i'm pleased with 0.6 pounds at 2 months along. let's just hope it stays down.

symptoms: i haven't had any hardcore morning sickness since that weekend around week 6, although i've had a little nausea here and there. i'm a lot more tired than i was before, but it's nothing an extra hour of sleep isn't currently curing. the worst symptom right now is feeling bloated. i know a lot of women would experience that during their "time of the month", but i can say in all honesty i've never really felt bloated, nor have i had heartburn. i've heard the latter gets bad during pregnancy so i'm not looking forward to it!

cravings / aversions: i'm loving all kinds of fruit! we keep a stash of bananas, apples, peaches, etc. in our break room at work and i usually skip them for a twix, haha. but i even ventured out and ate a plum this week, which i haven't eaten since i was about 10. haven't had any aversions lately, i'll pretty much eat anything i ate before.

movement: nada

gender: still 3 months away and it's killing me! i'm ready to decorate the nursery.

belly button: no change

sleep: can't get enough of it!

what i'm looking forward to: our next ultrasound is in about 3 weeks on march 29, followed by a third ultrasound on april 7 for down syndrome screening. we get to see the baby so much in about a one month time frame! i'm sure we'll go through withdrawals after that.

what i miss: umm, buttoning my jeans easily. HA! my works pants are all still fine, but jeans not so good.

highlights this past week: knowing the baby is healthy thus far and telling my sisters and brother about the pregnancy this weekend. my family keeps referring to it as "jillybean" because that was my nickname growing up. it's so fun to see everyone this excited for us!

Friday, March 4, 2011


morning sickness.



those 4 words can sum up my life for the past week. i've gained maybe half a pound or a pound but i am so damn bloated that i hate buttoning my pants! i've been going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 7am. plus the all-day nausea on top of that.

baby enginerd, you best be worth this discomfort! ;-)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

our first ultrasound

yesterday afternoon we had our first ultrasound. it was WONDERFUL! first of all, i cannot say enough about how great dr. meadows is. she's incredibly easy to get along with, has both a calming and fun presence, is intelligent, and i mean you'd really think i want to marry this woman, i like her so much! haha. the rest of the staff at the cedar park women's center were also friendly and enjoyable. i feel very comfortable knowing this woman will deliver our baby and am looking forward to the next 7 months of visits.

* i came back to this post on may 15, 2011 and revised this post to use a new format specifically for ultrasound stats. :-) *

here is a bit of information about baby enginerd.

date of ultrasound: march 1, 2011

gestational age: 7 weeks, 2 days

crown to rump measurement: 0.99cm

gestational age based on measurement: although i was 7 weeks 2 days yesterday (based on LMP instead of ovulation), the baby was measuring at 7 weeks 1 days. anything within a week is considered on track, so i feel good about the measurement! 

due date: the doc says october 16th. i've been considering our due date october 17th based on ovulation. i told my doctor that i knew when i had ovulated and such, but they're basing my due date on the LMP, so for all intents and purposes, we're now calling the due date october 16th.

heart rate: 148 bpm. i looked up what kind of heart rates are good for tadpoles our baby's age and 148 is actually quite strong! it sounds like most doctors say anything from 100-150 is good, and since we're on the high end of that i'm going to call it great haha. let's hope that little heart keeps up the good work.

gender: too early to tell

who was there: hubby and myself. i am really glad he came along for this first ultrasound. the moment you could see the baby on the screen his eyes widened. obviously our eyes are not trained for ultrasounds, but we could both see the little blob and knew what it had to be. the doctor told us there was only one in there (PHEW! because seriously, i couldn't handle twins my first go-round!) and then showed us the heartbeat. we could see the movement of the little heart and we just looked at each other and smiled. then she turned on the sound so we could hear it. it was like a galloping horse in there! again we just kept looking at each other and the screen and smiling. i could tell he felt a huge sense of relief after seeing that everything was good at this appointment. i think we're both going to continue to be guarded for the next few weeks, until we're past the 12 week mark, but for now we know everything is good so far and we're grateful for that.

movement: i think we have more of a jellybean than a baby going on, so no movement, lol.

highlight of the ultrasound: seeing our baby for the first time! and the heartbeat was pretty surreal too.

now the moment you've been waiting for... introducing our wee little baby!