Sunday, March 20, 2011

10 weeks

two more weeks until we're clear of the first trimester! we are so so so ready to start spilling the beans! but in the meantime,  here we go, week 10 synopsis of the baby enginerd pregnancy.

how far along: 10 weeks. my belly POPPED this week! i've heard you don't start showing until closer to 12 weeks and perhaps some of this is "bloating" or whatever, but i haven't really gained any weight. i thought people who were relatively skinny didn't start to show until later, but apparently my uterus has doubled in size, so i suppose that makes sense. regardless, i officially have a bump!

how big is baby: a little over an inch, about the size of a grape. hubby asked how big he was yesterday and when i told him that he was in awe. the baby has grown so much since our first ultrasound, almost tripled in size. also the little one already has little fingernails and toenails, plus eyes, nostrils, and ears. lots going on in there. :-)

weight gain / loss: i'm at 145.6, which is an overall 1.4 pound increase over the course of 6 weeks. that is about all i wanted to gain in this first trimester, so i've promised myself i'll be better about the candy snacking and opt for yogurt or trail mix instead.

symptoms: the morning sickness isn't as bad as it was before. i haven't thrown up and the problem only really occurs if i haven't eaten in awhile or if i drink something without food. i keep crackers on my desk at all hours and snack on them the second i feel nauseated. once i do that, i'm totally fine. the worst thing now is the headaches. i sound like a whiny brat, sorry. every morning i wake up with a headache, so i'm having to take tylenol first thing then eat some saltines because water alone upsets my stomach. i generally take another tylenol in the afternoon or evening, so it isn't too terribly bad. the bottle says to take two at a time, but i'm lucky enough that one will do the trick for hours on end. oh, also the bloating has subsided. yay!

cravings / aversions: i still like fruit, although fruit juices, especially orange juice, are out. now i'm slightly obsessed with milk. i've been going through a gallon a week, whereas it used to take us 2 weeks to get through a half gallon. my sugar tolerance is at an all-time low, i can't eat sweets the way i used to without feeling sick, and yet that doesn't stop me from a daily bag of skittles. it's an internal struggle between not feeling like myself and caving for my weaknesses.

movement: i can't feel anything, but i read that the baby is a moving machine now. he can open his fists, wiggle his toes, and shake his head. more like a baby everyday!

gender: we've been talking about when we'll be able to schedule this. i think they'll adjust my due date based on progress at our next ultrasound, then i'll have a better indication of when my 20 week appointment will be. right now it'd be around may 24th, but we'll see. until then, baby enginerd is a "he" in my head (as evidenced by all the "he" "his" and "hims" in my past couple posts)

belly button: no change, as usual

sleep: i finally found a sleep schedule that works for me. there was a night when i crashed at 845 and still didn't roll out of bed until 7, but i've found that going to bed at 930 and waking up at 615 has been good the past few work days. on weekends, it's like 930 to 8.

what i'm looking forward to: a little over a week until our next ultrasound! i hope everything looks good, because if it is, we are planning to announce the next day. i think we'll spend tuesday night calling grandparents and a couple of our best friends that we haven't told yet, then wednesday i'll scan in the ultrasound and make the public announcement via blog and facebook and all that jazz.

what i miss: feeling healthy. i love this baby with all my heart, but hot damn, it makes me ache somewhere all day everyday! i hope what they say is true, that when 12 weeks rolls around you start to feel better again. i also miss bikram yoga. i had started my bikram regime back up in january and was adoring every moment of it. then i read in "what to expect before you're expecting" that bikram yoga is no good for fertility and is especially no good for pregnancy! i LOVE the hot atmosphere, but you're not supposed to raise your body temperature above 100 degrees or something like that, so i had to ditch my favorite workout. and i miss headbands. oh my science do i miss my headbands! with these all day headaches i can't stand wearing those or my glasses. the pressure behind my ears is too much to handle. le sigh, i'm hoping the rosettes can come back in full swing when the second trimester rolls around.

highlights this past week: my belly popping out. it's not big by any means, but i can finally see a difference, and that makes the baby's presence even more realistic. :-)


  1. Congratulations!!! Such exciting news!
    Our little 'beans' will be about 6 weeks apart :)
    Looking forward to watching your belly growwww! haha

  2. Ha! I was THINKING that maybe you were expecting when you commented about tylenol and saltines on my fb post about headaches. Let's hope my headaches aren't caused by the same thing yours are!!! Lol :)