Sunday, March 6, 2011

8 weeks

remember how last time i did one of these i was in awe of how it'd been 2 weeks since we found out? um, can you believe i've kept this a secret for a solid month!? okay, secret is a bit of an overstatement considering something like 15 people probably know now. but i haven't spilled on my other blog or facebook or at work or to several of my very close friends, so it's a secret if i'm not talking about it to everybody 24-7. :-)

how far along: 8 weeks today. there is a shadow on the left side of my face that makes my face look chubby, but i haven't really gained anything there. i wore workout shorts instead of jeans with hopes that i wouldn't have awkward pants bulges but failed, you can still see my same little pooch under "football" and two creases in my shorts under that. honestly, i look the same as two weeks ago, still zero baby bump.

how big is baby: at our ultrasound a week ago, the baby measured 0.99cm crown to rump which is just under half an inch (blueberry-sized!). apparently babies grow about a millimeter a day at this point, so it should be closer to the size of a kidney bean. i suppose this is why i'm still lacking the baby bump, lol.

weight gain / loss: i'm at 144.8, which is a 0.6 pound increase from 4 weeks ago. i think you're only supposed to gain 2 to 4 pounds in the first trimester, so i'm pleased with 0.6 pounds at 2 months along. let's just hope it stays down.

symptoms: i haven't had any hardcore morning sickness since that weekend around week 6, although i've had a little nausea here and there. i'm a lot more tired than i was before, but it's nothing an extra hour of sleep isn't currently curing. the worst symptom right now is feeling bloated. i know a lot of women would experience that during their "time of the month", but i can say in all honesty i've never really felt bloated, nor have i had heartburn. i've heard the latter gets bad during pregnancy so i'm not looking forward to it!

cravings / aversions: i'm loving all kinds of fruit! we keep a stash of bananas, apples, peaches, etc. in our break room at work and i usually skip them for a twix, haha. but i even ventured out and ate a plum this week, which i haven't eaten since i was about 10. haven't had any aversions lately, i'll pretty much eat anything i ate before.

movement: nada

gender: still 3 months away and it's killing me! i'm ready to decorate the nursery.

belly button: no change

sleep: can't get enough of it!

what i'm looking forward to: our next ultrasound is in about 3 weeks on march 29, followed by a third ultrasound on april 7 for down syndrome screening. we get to see the baby so much in about a one month time frame! i'm sure we'll go through withdrawals after that.

what i miss: umm, buttoning my jeans easily. HA! my works pants are all still fine, but jeans not so good.

highlights this past week: knowing the baby is healthy thus far and telling my sisters and brother about the pregnancy this weekend. my family keeps referring to it as "jillybean" because that was my nickname growing up. it's so fun to see everyone this excited for us!

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