Monday, March 21, 2011

pregnancy diet

as i said in my last post, i'm determined not to gain much more weight this trimester. i'd like the maximum to be about 2 pounds and with a baby doubling and tripling all the dang time, it's hard to manage. but in an effort to keep up with this goal, i've put myself on a "pregnancy diet" so to speak.

when i first discovered i was pregnant i scoured the android market for the perfect pregnancy app. i downloaded a couple mediocre ones and finally settled on one. at that point, there was not a babycenter app for android. but then this weekend i discovered that version 1.0.3 was out! which means i'm not too late in the babycenter game. and my GOODNESS, is that the best pregnancy app out there. i went through the checklist of daily activities and was pleased that i'd been keeping up with the list despite not having a list to go by. i've gone on walks a couple times a week, taken my prenatal vitamins, done some kegel exercises (tmi, who cares), even done some stretching. however i've been slacking in the "pack healthy snacks" and "eat a pregnancy superfood" categories.

some pregnancy super foods include eggs, salmon, sweet potatoes, yogurt, walnut, beans, and colorful fruit. so saturday morning my determined little butt got up and cooked eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast. pregnancy superfood victory day #1! then sunday we went to the grocery store where i stocked up on a couple servings of yogurt. pregnancy superfood victory day #2. and as we speak right now, i'm munching on some homemade trail mix with walnuts in it. pregnancy superfood victory day #3. i might not eat a pregnancy superfood everyday, but i am determined to do so at least every other day.

some healthy snacks babycenter recommends are fruit, raisins, yogurt, homemade trail mix, salad bars, carrots, string cheese, whole grain cereal, instant oatmeal, orange juice, and cottage cheese. i don't really like cottage cheese, but i do eat high fiber whole grain cereal for breakfast or oatmeal each day, and i also have some baby carrots in the fridge here at work. yesterday i bought a box of whole grain chex along with a bag of locally produced nuts and dried fruits. at first i was going to buy a couple bags of dried fruit, raisins, and nuts and mix them into the mix. but then i saw a package that already had my favorites- dried cranberries and oranges, pistachios, walnuts, almonds. i don't generally love raisins or prunes, but i'll take one for the team. that mix is the perfect blend of 3 healthy snacks and even a couple superfoods. i filled three ziploc bags with the trail mix, put one in the car, and took the other two to work. the one in the car was perfect on my way to work as i combated the usual i-really-need-to-eat-nausea. i've already gone through over half a bag at work snacking this morning. that's my problem- i constantly snack when i'm at work!

{ snack happy at work! }

so it's about 1030 and i'm full from my whole grain cereal with milk, superfood healthy trail mix snack, and 2 glasses of water. we're off to a great start on this pregnancy diet. i hope you're prepared to be the most nutritious baby on the planet little enginerd! :-)

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  1. Good job Jillsie! Stick with it. PS, I like the blog design on here! Can you make this blog public now so that it comes up in my google reader please? Thanks!