Monday, April 25, 2011

ok, fiiiiiine

ok, fiiiiiine. i'm going to my appointment tomorrow. i talked to my sister and decided i'm going to go because i have a couple of questions for my doctor. i'm going to ask about the pains on my right side- although we're both pretty sure it's just round ligament pain. which, might i add, a few people have told laura and i only comes during the third trimester, but i'm sorry, my uterus is growing like whoa and at 6 weeks my doc told me i was having round ligament pain, sooo shove it. ahem, i mean, please keep your opinions to yourself when you are sans medical degree.

the other reason i'm going is because i'm a little concerned with my lack of weight gain. yesterday i did my weekly weigh-in (although i only post the numbers in my bi-weekly survey) and was 144.8. that's still only 0.6 pounds since i was 4 weeks preggo. my friend megan made a good point- that i've changed my diet and that if i wasn't pregnant, i would've lost 5 to 10lbs thanks to that change alone. like a said, very good point, but the problem is that i didn't NEED to lose those 5 to 10lbs. most websites say the very low end of a healthy weight for a 5'9" gal is 135, some say 130. i was down to around 130 a little over a year ago for laura's wedding in key west, but i was going to boot camp 3 times a week and was active on weight watchers. i haven't quite made that drastic of a change, and my husband didn't like how skinny i had become in that time. apparently he doesn't think rib bones are attractive? meh. to each his own. ;-)

so anyways, i want to figure out a healthy way to put on a little weight for the baby. this is a typical eating schedule for me on a weekday:

breakfast (570 cal)
two slices of whole wheat toast (200 cal)
topped with peanut butter (200 cal)
and half a banana (50 cal)
cranberry-apple 100% juice (120 cal)

morning snack (80 cal)
apple (80 cal)

lunch (530 cal)
two slices of whole wheat bread (200 cal)
with tuna fish / mayo / pickles (100 cal)
and a bag of potato chips (230 cal)

afternoon snack (170 cal)
key lime pie yogurt (90 cal)
half cheddar half mozzarella string cheese (80 cal)

dinner (600 cal)
can of beefaroni (480 cal)
cranberry-apple 100% juice (120 cal)

dessert (340 cal)
mint chocolate chip ice cream (340 cal)

don't judge me on the dinner thing, a pregnant girl wants what a pregnant girl wants lol. and i'll have you know there is a full serving of vegetables in one serving or can or whatever of chey boyardee. moral of the story, how is 2290 calories not enough for one day? i mean, sometimes i'll eat fiber one honey clusters cereal with milk for breakfast (160 cereal + 105 milk), which is about 300 calories less at breakfast, but that's maybe one day a week. and sometimes for lunch i'll have a microwavable lunch like dinty moore beef stew at 250 cal (again, avert your judgy gaze) but then have to follow it with a bag of chips because i'm still hungry, lol. i do see that i royally suck at getting my protein intake, but i'm not a big fan of meat. i'm usually better with protein when hubby cooks since he likes to grill turkey burgers, smoke pork ribs, etc. so i mean, 2 or 3 days a week i get a bit more meat than usual. (that's what she said?)

i'm definitely not going to hate on any sort of badass metabolism that allows me to eat so much and gain so little, but i'm thinking of the baby here. so with that said, i'm going to my appointment tomorrow and shall see what the doc says about these things!

Friday, April 22, 2011

whiny pants

i'm being a real baby diva today. i called my doctor's office to ask a question about billing and thought i'd ask what to expect at my 16 week appointment next week. she said it'd be a regular appointment. i asked what she meant by regular, because i've had an ultrasound at all my previous appointments. she said no ultrasound, just heartbeat and measurements.

here's the thing. i'm not trying to be little miss whiny pants, but i just had an ultrasound last week where i heard the baby's heartbeat and got to see tons. i don't really want to go to this appointment if it's not for an ultrasound. i have three deadlines next week and every afternoon i take off work for these appointments is an afternoon taken away from my maternity leave. or it's three more hours of overtime i have to work to get it back.

i know that sounds so selfish and the heartbeat is definitely a good thing to hear, but i guess in my mind i heard it last week and will hear it again at my 20 week appointment. except last week it was free and my 20 week appointment will also give us a clean bill of health for heart, brain, fingers, toes, etc. (although i already saw last week where the baby's heart had properly divided into four chambers)

my other thought though, is that while i might look like i'm growing in the pictures i post every other week, that's not how i look all the time. some days i look bigger, most days i look like i have zero bump. i wear dresses in my pics and eat lunch first to make it look bigger than it really is because i'm not growing. ha! so maybe if they're planning measurements and see that i'm not growing much and have gained a solitary pound over the course of 2 months, they'll do an ultrasound... or maybe that's not even the type of measurement they take, i don't know these things lol.

additionally, i've been having some pain on my right side when i twist, turn, get out of bed, reach for my pills, etc. kat didn't see anything weird last week and i've just assumed it was round ligament pain. but maybe they'll ultrasound for that?

look at me, dissecting what symptoms could possibly warrant an ultrasound. i'm ridiculous. we are going to port o'connor the weekend of the 13th and victoria the weekend of the 21st, so maybe i need to take a side trip to corpus for another ultrasound if i'm that desperate to know the baby's gender.

OR i could simply wait until 20 weeks like the rest of america!!!!!! what a spoiled brat i am!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

14 weeks

i am very excited for this post, and you'll have to read the responses below to understand why. let's just say i had an ultrasound this weekend and it was a bit revealing.

how far along: 14 weeks today. now when people ask how far along i am i can round up to 4 months. i'm big on the rounding by the way. makes me feel like i'm further along than i really am.

how big is baby: about 3 1/2 inches long, the size of a lemon

weight gain / loss: i'm at 144.6 today, which is an overall 0.4 pound increase from when i started weighing in at 4 weeks. my weight has been fluctuating between about 143 and 145 these past couple months, which isn't really a gain at all, but i know the kiddo is getting plenty of nutrients though, so i'm not worried.

symptoms: no pregnancy symptoms lately, unless you count the continuation of pants not fitting. which, might i add, is not due to weight gain or much a bump. i was confused for weeks and the other day i realized what's been changing- i've been getting WIDER. like my hips are taking the "birthing hips" phrase quite seriously. i realized it when i put on my favorite little black dress for the hubs' birthday.

cravings / aversions: i'm going through the sweet and salty phase right now. the one that goes something like "hmm, i just ate a little microwave pasta lunch, now i need something sweet. how about an apple. you know, that apple was delicious, but almost too sweet, so now i'm really feeling something salty. perhaps a bag of chips. oh gosh, those chips are leaving a much too salty taste in my mouth, perhaps i'll eat some yogurt." vicious cycle, i tell you.

movement: at my latest ultrasound the baby was in a yoga pose. hands on her head, legs crossed. then she started moving her arms and legs around. some people start feeling movement around 16 weeks, i really hope i can feel the flutters soon.

gender: sooo remember how i've been convinced we're having a boy this whole time? well one of my best friends is an ultrasound tech and offered to give me one this weekend for the purpose of trying to figure out the gender. i mean, why not!? it's free, she's a pro, i said yes please. so she did the ultrasound, first abdominal, then vaginally. let me add that it wasn't "too personal" or anything. i mean, i had a sheet over my legs and was the one who put the transducer in. so stop judging. anyways, in the abdominal view, we were pretty sure we saw three lines of a girl, but only like 70% sure. so we switched to the vaginal method and still didn't see any boy parts. the baby's legs were crossed first, so that was hard to see anything. then she finally uncrossed them and the umbilical cord got in the way a bit too. but moral of the story, we didn't see any boy parts so she's upping her statistical certainty to 75%. but you never know, we could have a late boy bloomer on our hands or he could've had the boy parts tucked a bit. so i'm hoping at my next (official) ultrasound next week we can get a bit more confirmation. in the meantime, i'm changing the he's to she's and him's to her's. :-)

belly button: nothing new

sleep: i'm going to take advantage of these days where i'm far enough that i'm not desperate for sleep but not too far that it's uncomfortable. i'm getting a full 9 hours!

what i'm looking forward to: the next ultrasound next week! we are so flipping spoiled on this. we had one at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 13 weeks for the first trimester screening, and 14 weeks with my friend. i don't know what i'm going to do after 16 weeks and i have to start waiting monthly again.

what i miss: deli sandwiches. i ordered jimmy johns last week, a turkey sandwich. i put the meat in the microwave and back on my sandwich, it tasted awful. i want my lunch meat back!

highlights this past week: the potential gender news. we're not going out and buying anything pink yet (ok, ok, hubs came out of beall's with a little pink bath robe today, so we did buy one thing) but i like having something in my head that at least alludes to what we may be having!

Monday, April 4, 2011

12 weeks

good morning! i'm kind of excited that i have a lot of new followers for this week's preggo update. we had a busy weekend so i coerced a coworker into taking my photo (hence why it looks different than previous pics) this morning. thus, i'm a day late, sorry about that. but who cares, the important thing is that i'm officially 12 weeks pregnant and am stoked for the second trimester!

how far along: 12 weeks yesterday. all i can say is yay bump! :-) i'm a little biased, but i think it's pretty darn cute.

how big is baby: just over 2 inches long, about the size of a lime. at our ultrasound last week he measured 4.73cm. remember when the baby was only one centimeter big a month ago? he's quintupled (is that even a word??) in size!

weight gain / loss: i'm at 143.6, which is an overall 0.6 pound decrease over the course of two months. last time i weighed in i'd gained about a pound, but i appear to have lost 2 pounds in the past couple weeks. it hasn't been intentional by any means, but i've been eating a ton healthier so i think the baby is getting ample nutrients without me packing on the pounds.

symptoms: no more nausea, no more bloating, minimal headaches, around 11 weeks it all basically disappeared and i have my appetite back. i'm crossing my fingers those evil symptoms stay away for the rest of the pregnancy.

cravings / aversions: of course this drastically changes from week to week. a couple weeks ago i hated fruit juices and loved milk. now i can't stand milk and can't get enough cran-apple and cran-grape juices. i can eat sweets again without feeling super sick, but definitely not on the level i was able to before. about half a bag of skittles is all i can bear.

movement: oh my goodness! although i can't feel anything, baby enginerd was doing all sorts of somersaults during the ultrasound on tuesday. he was flipping and turning and moving his arms around. i can't wait to feel those movements! except you know, when he's kicking my bladder or something.

gender: still convinced it's a boy, still 2 months away, i'm guessing the appointment will be may 24th.

belly button: no change

sleep: it is lovely to have energy again. last week i was able to go to bed at 930 and wake up at 6 again. i still took naps on both saturday and sunday, but i was tired of being tired all the time.

what i'm looking forward to: gaining my full appetite back and turning minimal headaches into zero headaches. my sisters and friend keli have already started planning two of my three showers, both in july. it's been fun coordinating with them on what all they need from me, and throwing around cute shower theme ideas. i'm reeeeally pushing for taco pizza at the iowa shower! haha.

what i miss: hmm, can't think of anything this week. everything is good! having a baby is totally worth skipping out on yoga and candy. i don't miss them anymore.

highlights this past week: the 12 week ultrasound and announcement. i honestly didn't expect the tremendous outpouring of love we received from our friends and family. we had upwards of 150 comments of congrats on facebook alone, that doesn't include the phone calls, texts, e-mails, blog messages, etc. i know that we're obviously excited, but i didn't imagine so many people would be equally excited for us. my mom and older sister came up for the ultrasound and that was definitely another highlight. yay for sweet grandmas and aunties. :-)