Monday, April 4, 2011

12 weeks

good morning! i'm kind of excited that i have a lot of new followers for this week's preggo update. we had a busy weekend so i coerced a coworker into taking my photo (hence why it looks different than previous pics) this morning. thus, i'm a day late, sorry about that. but who cares, the important thing is that i'm officially 12 weeks pregnant and am stoked for the second trimester!

how far along: 12 weeks yesterday. all i can say is yay bump! :-) i'm a little biased, but i think it's pretty darn cute.

how big is baby: just over 2 inches long, about the size of a lime. at our ultrasound last week he measured 4.73cm. remember when the baby was only one centimeter big a month ago? he's quintupled (is that even a word??) in size!

weight gain / loss: i'm at 143.6, which is an overall 0.6 pound decrease over the course of two months. last time i weighed in i'd gained about a pound, but i appear to have lost 2 pounds in the past couple weeks. it hasn't been intentional by any means, but i've been eating a ton healthier so i think the baby is getting ample nutrients without me packing on the pounds.

symptoms: no more nausea, no more bloating, minimal headaches, around 11 weeks it all basically disappeared and i have my appetite back. i'm crossing my fingers those evil symptoms stay away for the rest of the pregnancy.

cravings / aversions: of course this drastically changes from week to week. a couple weeks ago i hated fruit juices and loved milk. now i can't stand milk and can't get enough cran-apple and cran-grape juices. i can eat sweets again without feeling super sick, but definitely not on the level i was able to before. about half a bag of skittles is all i can bear.

movement: oh my goodness! although i can't feel anything, baby enginerd was doing all sorts of somersaults during the ultrasound on tuesday. he was flipping and turning and moving his arms around. i can't wait to feel those movements! except you know, when he's kicking my bladder or something.

gender: still convinced it's a boy, still 2 months away, i'm guessing the appointment will be may 24th.

belly button: no change

sleep: it is lovely to have energy again. last week i was able to go to bed at 930 and wake up at 6 again. i still took naps on both saturday and sunday, but i was tired of being tired all the time.

what i'm looking forward to: gaining my full appetite back and turning minimal headaches into zero headaches. my sisters and friend keli have already started planning two of my three showers, both in july. it's been fun coordinating with them on what all they need from me, and throwing around cute shower theme ideas. i'm reeeeally pushing for taco pizza at the iowa shower! haha.

what i miss: hmm, can't think of anything this week. everything is good! having a baby is totally worth skipping out on yoga and candy. i don't miss them anymore.

highlights this past week: the 12 week ultrasound and announcement. i honestly didn't expect the tremendous outpouring of love we received from our friends and family. we had upwards of 150 comments of congrats on facebook alone, that doesn't include the phone calls, texts, e-mails, blog messages, etc. i know that we're obviously excited, but i didn't imagine so many people would be equally excited for us. my mom and older sister came up for the ultrasound and that was definitely another highlight. yay for sweet grandmas and aunties. :-)


  1. Love it all! You look so cute with a little bump. Can't wait til it gets even bigger!!! :) I craved fruit a ton during my pregnancy and surprisingly couldn't eat much dairy. Ice cream was a total turn off most nights. Keep posting updates!!

  2. What a marvelous update----enjoyed it immensely. You look so adorable with your little bump!!!! You are going to love being a Mom. I am so happy you have so much family close to you to share in all this joy. But all of us far away can also share in the joy because of your wonderful communications.Looking forward to future updates! Love & Hugs, Auntie Di