Sunday, April 17, 2011

14 weeks

i am very excited for this post, and you'll have to read the responses below to understand why. let's just say i had an ultrasound this weekend and it was a bit revealing.

how far along: 14 weeks today. now when people ask how far along i am i can round up to 4 months. i'm big on the rounding by the way. makes me feel like i'm further along than i really am.

how big is baby: about 3 1/2 inches long, the size of a lemon

weight gain / loss: i'm at 144.6 today, which is an overall 0.4 pound increase from when i started weighing in at 4 weeks. my weight has been fluctuating between about 143 and 145 these past couple months, which isn't really a gain at all, but i know the kiddo is getting plenty of nutrients though, so i'm not worried.

symptoms: no pregnancy symptoms lately, unless you count the continuation of pants not fitting. which, might i add, is not due to weight gain or much a bump. i was confused for weeks and the other day i realized what's been changing- i've been getting WIDER. like my hips are taking the "birthing hips" phrase quite seriously. i realized it when i put on my favorite little black dress for the hubs' birthday.

cravings / aversions: i'm going through the sweet and salty phase right now. the one that goes something like "hmm, i just ate a little microwave pasta lunch, now i need something sweet. how about an apple. you know, that apple was delicious, but almost too sweet, so now i'm really feeling something salty. perhaps a bag of chips. oh gosh, those chips are leaving a much too salty taste in my mouth, perhaps i'll eat some yogurt." vicious cycle, i tell you.

movement: at my latest ultrasound the baby was in a yoga pose. hands on her head, legs crossed. then she started moving her arms and legs around. some people start feeling movement around 16 weeks, i really hope i can feel the flutters soon.

gender: sooo remember how i've been convinced we're having a boy this whole time? well one of my best friends is an ultrasound tech and offered to give me one this weekend for the purpose of trying to figure out the gender. i mean, why not!? it's free, she's a pro, i said yes please. so she did the ultrasound, first abdominal, then vaginally. let me add that it wasn't "too personal" or anything. i mean, i had a sheet over my legs and was the one who put the transducer in. so stop judging. anyways, in the abdominal view, we were pretty sure we saw three lines of a girl, but only like 70% sure. so we switched to the vaginal method and still didn't see any boy parts. the baby's legs were crossed first, so that was hard to see anything. then she finally uncrossed them and the umbilical cord got in the way a bit too. but moral of the story, we didn't see any boy parts so she's upping her statistical certainty to 75%. but you never know, we could have a late boy bloomer on our hands or he could've had the boy parts tucked a bit. so i'm hoping at my next (official) ultrasound next week we can get a bit more confirmation. in the meantime, i'm changing the he's to she's and him's to her's. :-)

belly button: nothing new

sleep: i'm going to take advantage of these days where i'm far enough that i'm not desperate for sleep but not too far that it's uncomfortable. i'm getting a full 9 hours!

what i'm looking forward to: the next ultrasound next week! we are so flipping spoiled on this. we had one at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 13 weeks for the first trimester screening, and 14 weeks with my friend. i don't know what i'm going to do after 16 weeks and i have to start waiting monthly again.

what i miss: deli sandwiches. i ordered jimmy johns last week, a turkey sandwich. i put the meat in the microwave and back on my sandwich, it tasted awful. i want my lunch meat back!

highlights this past week: the potential gender news. we're not going out and buying anything pink yet (ok, ok, hubs came out of beall's with a little pink bath robe today, so we did buy one thing) but i like having something in my head that at least alludes to what we may be having!


  1. So exciting! I'm jealous of all your ultrasounds. We had one at 12 weeks and one at 20 weeks and that's it. Our next look at teh baby will be when she's born. Glad sleep is going well for you and hope that continues! I think it's interesting how different doctors tell their patients differnt things about pregnancy and what they can/can't do. I have a number of friends who were told no lunch meat, some who were told fresh only or heated up, and mine told me that turkey/chicken are fine but no "red" lunchmeat like bologna, salami, etc. So weird to me!

    Look forward to hearing more about Baby Enginerd!

  2. grow baby, grow! we wanna know if you're a boy or a girl!
    so excited for you, jill!

  3. Lucky getting all those sneak peaks at the little one! we haven't had one since January and it's killing me. So happy that everything seems to be going so well for you.