Monday, April 25, 2011

ok, fiiiiiine

ok, fiiiiiine. i'm going to my appointment tomorrow. i talked to my sister and decided i'm going to go because i have a couple of questions for my doctor. i'm going to ask about the pains on my right side- although we're both pretty sure it's just round ligament pain. which, might i add, a few people have told laura and i only comes during the third trimester, but i'm sorry, my uterus is growing like whoa and at 6 weeks my doc told me i was having round ligament pain, sooo shove it. ahem, i mean, please keep your opinions to yourself when you are sans medical degree.

the other reason i'm going is because i'm a little concerned with my lack of weight gain. yesterday i did my weekly weigh-in (although i only post the numbers in my bi-weekly survey) and was 144.8. that's still only 0.6 pounds since i was 4 weeks preggo. my friend megan made a good point- that i've changed my diet and that if i wasn't pregnant, i would've lost 5 to 10lbs thanks to that change alone. like a said, very good point, but the problem is that i didn't NEED to lose those 5 to 10lbs. most websites say the very low end of a healthy weight for a 5'9" gal is 135, some say 130. i was down to around 130 a little over a year ago for laura's wedding in key west, but i was going to boot camp 3 times a week and was active on weight watchers. i haven't quite made that drastic of a change, and my husband didn't like how skinny i had become in that time. apparently he doesn't think rib bones are attractive? meh. to each his own. ;-)

so anyways, i want to figure out a healthy way to put on a little weight for the baby. this is a typical eating schedule for me on a weekday:

breakfast (570 cal)
two slices of whole wheat toast (200 cal)
topped with peanut butter (200 cal)
and half a banana (50 cal)
cranberry-apple 100% juice (120 cal)

morning snack (80 cal)
apple (80 cal)

lunch (530 cal)
two slices of whole wheat bread (200 cal)
with tuna fish / mayo / pickles (100 cal)
and a bag of potato chips (230 cal)

afternoon snack (170 cal)
key lime pie yogurt (90 cal)
half cheddar half mozzarella string cheese (80 cal)

dinner (600 cal)
can of beefaroni (480 cal)
cranberry-apple 100% juice (120 cal)

dessert (340 cal)
mint chocolate chip ice cream (340 cal)

don't judge me on the dinner thing, a pregnant girl wants what a pregnant girl wants lol. and i'll have you know there is a full serving of vegetables in one serving or can or whatever of chey boyardee. moral of the story, how is 2290 calories not enough for one day? i mean, sometimes i'll eat fiber one honey clusters cereal with milk for breakfast (160 cereal + 105 milk), which is about 300 calories less at breakfast, but that's maybe one day a week. and sometimes for lunch i'll have a microwavable lunch like dinty moore beef stew at 250 cal (again, avert your judgy gaze) but then have to follow it with a bag of chips because i'm still hungry, lol. i do see that i royally suck at getting my protein intake, but i'm not a big fan of meat. i'm usually better with protein when hubby cooks since he likes to grill turkey burgers, smoke pork ribs, etc. so i mean, 2 or 3 days a week i get a bit more meat than usual. (that's what she said?)

i'm definitely not going to hate on any sort of badass metabolism that allows me to eat so much and gain so little, but i'm thinking of the baby here. so with that said, i'm going to my appointment tomorrow and shall see what the doc says about these things!

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  1. When my old boss was preggers, she barely gained any weight and didn't start showing til almost 6 or so months, and she was eating too! They told her she was just holding the baby inside? or something like that. She had a happy and healthy baby :) I'm sure everything will befine :)