Friday, April 22, 2011

whiny pants

i'm being a real baby diva today. i called my doctor's office to ask a question about billing and thought i'd ask what to expect at my 16 week appointment next week. she said it'd be a regular appointment. i asked what she meant by regular, because i've had an ultrasound at all my previous appointments. she said no ultrasound, just heartbeat and measurements.

here's the thing. i'm not trying to be little miss whiny pants, but i just had an ultrasound last week where i heard the baby's heartbeat and got to see tons. i don't really want to go to this appointment if it's not for an ultrasound. i have three deadlines next week and every afternoon i take off work for these appointments is an afternoon taken away from my maternity leave. or it's three more hours of overtime i have to work to get it back.

i know that sounds so selfish and the heartbeat is definitely a good thing to hear, but i guess in my mind i heard it last week and will hear it again at my 20 week appointment. except last week it was free and my 20 week appointment will also give us a clean bill of health for heart, brain, fingers, toes, etc. (although i already saw last week where the baby's heart had properly divided into four chambers)

my other thought though, is that while i might look like i'm growing in the pictures i post every other week, that's not how i look all the time. some days i look bigger, most days i look like i have zero bump. i wear dresses in my pics and eat lunch first to make it look bigger than it really is because i'm not growing. ha! so maybe if they're planning measurements and see that i'm not growing much and have gained a solitary pound over the course of 2 months, they'll do an ultrasound... or maybe that's not even the type of measurement they take, i don't know these things lol.

additionally, i've been having some pain on my right side when i twist, turn, get out of bed, reach for my pills, etc. kat didn't see anything weird last week and i've just assumed it was round ligament pain. but maybe they'll ultrasound for that?

look at me, dissecting what symptoms could possibly warrant an ultrasound. i'm ridiculous. we are going to port o'connor the weekend of the 13th and victoria the weekend of the 21st, so maybe i need to take a side trip to corpus for another ultrasound if i'm that desperate to know the baby's gender.

OR i could simply wait until 20 weeks like the rest of america!!!!!! what a spoiled brat i am!


  1. I'm jealous. It took forever to get to hearing the heartbeat at our appointments (I think we had to wait until 16 or 20 weeks) and I always thought it was the coolest thing!

    As far as the pain goes, is it in your hips? It could just be everything loosening up a bit to get ready for the baby to come out! Weird to think about, huh? :)

    About the bump - I would say it took me until about 5 1/2 - 6 months to actually look pregnant. Up until that point I just kind of looked like I needed to hit the gym but I didn't really have much of a bump. It seems annoying at first but I promise when you get to month 8 and 9 and aren't HUGE, you will be so grateful!

  2. You are so funny!!!! You are not being a brat---you are just super excited. Try & take it easy & relax!!!!! You will know soon enough what the sex is. Back in my day, we all had to wait the full 9 months til it popped out---LOL.We love our dear great niece & nephew & our great great baby to be soooooo much!!!