Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hittin the gym

i was catching up on my checklist on the babycenter app and noticed i hadn't acted upon its recommendation to get a workout regime going. to be perfectly honest, i haven't been to the gym since before i was pregnant. once i found out bikram yoga wasn't allowed for pregnant women or even women trying to conceive, i halted my workout efforts. that was early january. i'm actually glad i gave up doing hot yoga because i got pregnant a couple of weeks after quitting. just sayin.

anyway, i was hoping if i started working out again i'd regain some of my nightly energy. the energy i used to have after running that would drive me to wash dishes or fold laundry.

dream on, jill!

i spent 45 minutes on the treadmill, 15 of those spent with 5 lb. handweights. and then i almost fell asleep on the way home. actually i did close my eyes at a stoplight and got honked at when i didn't see the light had changed. i think i need to take the "regime" thing seriously if i want that boost of energy i used to get from working out.

so here's where i need your help.

this was me before i was pregnant.
well, a year before i was pregnant. but i promise nothing changed.
i just needed a photo that showed my pre-baby body sans most clothing.

this is me now, 5 months preggo.
i'm not very happy with my phone's quality.

anyway, i'm feeling good about my waist, it's basically all baby. i even kinda like my butt, as in, the fact that i HAVE a butt. same for boobage, it's nice to see those are making an appearance 10 years after puberty. what i am not in love with is my arms. nor am i a fan of my upper thighs.

so what kind of exercises can i do for my arms and upper legs? i know a lot of things are considered unsafe when you're pregnant and i'm not really sure who to turn to for this. i won't be seeing my doctor again for another month and i've read a few articles on the subject. but the recommended workouts like swimming and dancing aren't things i have the resources for. my office complex (where i went today) has a gym with a couple treadmills, exercise bikes, free weights, and weight systems. i want to utilize those things instead of spending money on a membership somewhere. that even puts yoga on the back burner, since i want to avoid paying for something. i've heard that i can watch yoga videos on netflix, but then i'm afraid i'm going to do my positions wrong. every time i visit a yoga studio the instructor has to correct me several times before i get the hang of it. partially because i don't know my right from my left. oops.

all i've come up with is walking the treadmill with handheld weights. i was going to start lifting leg weights today but then was scared that i was going to eff something up in uterus-land. i know that probably sounds crazy, but you can never be too careful and i was worried.

so any recommendations for my arms and perhaps upper legs?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

let the planning begin

while the hubs and i have been busy comparing paint swatches for the nursery and spending a small fortune on little girl clothes, my sister and good friend keli have been in full-on baby shower mode. laura designed these invitations to match the girly jungle theme. sorry for all the white-outs, i'm still so weird about putting my last name on the interwebs. isn't the invitation adorable? i love that she chose one with a monkey- jake's favorite animal, and a giraffe- my favorite animal!

friday night laura and alicia (my brother-in-law's sister, she's super sweet) did some trial cupcake runs. they are planning to decorate the cupcakes themselves and bought a cute little cupcake design book. the first round turned out super cute.

keli has been planning the rest of the food and came up with the most amazing idea. taco pizza!!! they're going to order a few of my absolute favorite food in the world and cut it into squares. there will be other snack foods too, but keli's mind is brilliant.

only one month until my sister ashley and i are driving up to iowa to spend the weekend with my fabulous friends and family for the 4th of july and leila's first shower! i can't wait. :-)

20 weeks

20 week halfway point! woo hoo!

how far along: 20 weeks today

how big is baby: about 6 1/2 inches long, the length of a banana. holy smokes! she's getting big.

weight gain / loss: today i am 150.4 lbs, so an overall gain of 6.2 pounds. but only 0.6 lbs over the past two weeks. overall, not bad for halfway through, i think. my body feels great!

symptoms: the whole having to pee 8 times a day thing has finally kicked in. i didn't have that problem in the beginning like most people, it's only been setting in the past couple of weeks.

cravings / aversions: hmm, i've been craving tap water a lot lately, which is insane because i've always hated tap water.

movement: my last post jinxed the baby movement. i felt movement friday and sunday, then it ceased after that. when we had our ultrasound on thursday the sonographer said the placenta was at the front of my stomach and that's most likely why i couldn't feel the flutters sooner and only felt it twice before my appt at almost 20 weeks. and also why i can still only feel them from the outside. i don't feel anything from the inside. thursday night the external movement picked up, it turns out baby loooooves queso! or hates it and wanted me to stop. whatevs, i can feel it from the outside about once a day now.

gender: unless you've been living under a rock, we're having a girl! ;-)

belly button: same

sleep: when i'm not working long hours for a deadline, i'm back on a normal 930pm - 630am sleep schedule.

what i'm looking forward to: don't take this as my being materialistic or anything, but our baby showers. my sister laura has been in full shower planning mode and it's making me excited. i've started a separate post about what all she has planned, but basically i've been getting daily e-mails and texts with pictures of the invitations she designed and ordered, her first cupcake decorating trial, and the gifts she has already purchased. it is making me giddy to see all my friends and celebrate!

what i miss: i can't think of anything. all is too blissful to miss much.

highlights this past week: finding out we're having a girl. what a big day that was! we went to our favorite mexican joint to celebrate, bought leila her first dress, and called and texted all of our loved ones. everyone is so excited for us to have a girl, our families have been the greatest!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

it's a....


ultrasound pics and more about today to come. but for now, i thought i'd free you from the suspense. :-)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

gender reveal #3: baby names

well here we are, wednesday morning, and i couldn't keep my breakfast down. i've successfully eaten one piece of food since lunch on monday and it kind of sucks. i reeeeeally need to be better in time for our 20 week sonogram tomorrow, i don't want to spread sickness to other preggo women in my doctor's office. so onto baby names.

if anyone asks me in person what names we have picked out for the baby, i don't hesitate to tell them. but for some reason i have been so weird about using the names online! i haven't made any reference on facebook or even on my blogs. perhaps because we were never 100% sure on the boy name until a week or so ago and i didn't want to put something in writing. that feels so... permanent.

but now, the day before we find out the gender of baby enginerd, i'm making them official, along with the runner ups and reasoning.

for a little girl...


first name reasoning: we've had the name leila picked out for a girl since ohhh july of last year. there is nothing particularly special about it except that we think the name is lovely. then while i was in cancun i read a thousand splendid suns and the character laila was an amazing heroine, so i decided that was enough for me.

middle name reasoning: the middle name, on the other hand, has a very special meaning to us. as i asked hubs what he thought about katherine, charlotte, or anneliese for a middle name because those are the names of my grandmothers (grandma darlyn did not make the cut lol), he said he wasn't a big fan of any of those names. then his eyes got bright and he said "what about diane?" and that was it. she HAD to be diane. diane is the name of my great-aunt, and the woman with the largest heart i've ever known. auntie diane is married to my dad's uncle lee, but it never feels like she married into the family. she just IS our family. and not only that, she's one of the pieces that holds our crazy clan together. she starts family facebook groups, has albums for every one of my uncle's siblings and their kids and grandkids. she keeps us together better than anyone else. meanwhile, she is also fighting breast cancer. okay, now i'm actually crying as i type this! it seems so unfair that a woman as funny and kind as auntie diane has to deal with such a hardship but i love her even more for it. she has been a strong inspiration to all of us. she cracks jokes after chemo, sends sweet messages after a hard day, and is an optimist above all others. we are very proud to announce our tribute to our favorite aunt! (no, really, hubs is always telling me that she's his favorite person in my family. we love her to pieces!!)

runner up #1: leila alexandra
runner up #2: leila elizabeth
runner up #3: alexandra marie

why the runner up's were nixed: as much as we loved the name alexandra, it wasn't as special as diane. if we have another girl one day we might go the alexandra route. we contemplated marie for a middle name because that is mine and my mom's middle name, but my niece addison marie was named after mom and me, and i didn't want to take that away from her. as for elizabeth, we have loved that name for years. but when hubs and i were pregnant 7 years ago that was the name we'd picked for a girl and it sort of holds a place in our heart from back then.

for a baby boy...


first name reasoning: we have gone back and forth on the boy name month after month. we had picked out alexander when we first started trying and then succumbed to other names we loved too. after all was said and done, we came back to alexander, which is simply a name we enjoy. (and no, we will not have an alexander and alexandra, should a girl follow!)

middle name reasoning: jacob is my husband's middle name. which, well, i don't know why i never post his name on here. i guess to feel like i have some privacy? hey self, you are posting pictures from within your uterus, i think privacy is a goner at this point. so anyway, my husband's name is james jacob and goes by jake. so the fact that jacob is his middle name might be weird to those of you that know me personally, but he was never a fan of the name james. for plenty of generations his family has had james'. james jason, james jacob, etc. but he decided to forgo that tradition (PHEW!) and start a new one with the middle name jacob.

runner up #1: elliot alexander
runner up #2: elliot jacob
runner up #3: hayden jacob

why the runner up's were nixed: obviously our major contenders were elliot and hayden. elliot, because jake loves the musician elliot smith (pre-suicide of course), and i love elliot stabler. PLEASE don't tell my husband that!! i have managed not to say that out loud in case we went with elliot, i didn't want him to know my obsession with law and order: svu had any bearing on our name choice, hahaha. one reason we decided against elliot was that his initials would be ET and that rubbed me the wrong way. furthermore, we loved it combined with alexander, in which case he'd be EAT. um, what if we had a chunker!? that is not okay. that poor child would be teased forever. hayden was another front-runner for months, but we opted against it because we discovered that more couples have been naming their girls hayden. some people like unisex names, but that wasn't for us. oh, and one other thing. if the hubs had his way, i think our kid would be benjamin david after ben folds and dave matthews. we do have a strange way of naming our dogs after ben folds songs (kylie connecticut and dexter hiroshima), and if we'd chosen elliot we would've done so again (elliot smith is the subject of the song "late"). benjamin david was a bit excessive for me though, so it was never a runner up. just jake's pipe dream, lol.

so there you have it! tomorrow we'll find out if we're having a leila or an alex!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

gender reveal #2: old wives tales

i remember my sister doing this last year when she was on the verge of finding out what she and andrew were having, so here we go, my turn!

Old Wives Tales:

1. Is your hair shiny and full of body or thin and stringy?

Shiny and full of body, I love that I can blowdry it and it's silky smooth - BOY

2. Is your hair growing faster or the same?

I think the same. My toenails on the other hand... jk! - GIRL

3. Any morning sickness?

Nope, nada! - BOY

4. Are you craving sweet or salty?

Salty for sure. I cannot get enough PICKLES! And FRENCH FRIES! Mmmm - BOY

5. Is your butt getting bigger?

I don't think so actually - BOY

6. Hold a necklace over your belly. If it swings back and forth its a boy. If it swings in a circular motion its a girl.

How fun, circular motion - GIRL

7. What did your mother have? Take a look at the position you are in terms of her children, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. If you are the first born you will have what your mother had starting with the 2nd then 3rd, 4th, etc. If you are a middle child you will have them backwards. If you are the last child you will have exactly what your mother had.

Alrighty, my mom had Stephen (boy), then Stephanie (girl), then Jarrett (boy), then me (girl), then Laura (girl). Since that puts me in the middle, I'll have them backwards. Meaning... - GIRL

8. My mom says she can tell what someone is having based on the clothes they wear once they find out they are pregnant. She says if you wear more girly colors like pinks, oranges, and yellows you're having a girl. If you wear more blues, greens, and neutrals you're having a boy.

Well I appear to be wearing blue in almost all of my weekly photos, but this is based more on the fact that my brighter clothes are a bit more summery and revealing, they don't work well with my belly band lol. Then again, I've been sporting a lot of neutrals too. - BOY

9. Pick up a key. If you pick it up by the thinner end you're having a girl. If you pick it up by the bigger end you're having a boy.

I always pick it up from the bigger end, what a weird analysis! - BOY

10. Are your feet colder than before or the same?

The same. - GIRL

11. Do you eat the heel of a loaf of bread?

That's even worse than the crusts, so no. - GIRL

12. Has your breast development been dramatic in pregnancy?

Yes, and I'm pretty sure that's one of the first things my dear mother commented on. "You have boobs, Jill!" Along with Megan S. Me: 8 weeks, not much of a difference yet. Meg: well, in some areas there are ;-)... for weeks I thought she meant my butt was getting big until Laura told me she was talking about my boobs, haha - GIRL

13. Is the baby's heart rate above 140bpm or below?

148bpm at week 8, 170bpm at week 12, then 148bpm yesterday - GIRL

14. Do you crave orange juice?

That's been one of my biggest cravings alongside cranberry juice - GIRL

15. Are you carrying high or low?

Honestly, I haven't been told anything either way but I guess based on that bikini pic it looks low? I personally think it looks smack in the middle, but for the purpose of this we'll say low - BOY

16. Is your tummy shaped more like a watermelon or a beach ball?

I guess watermelon? - BOY

17. Is your baby active?

Nope! I felt movement last Friday then again on Sunday and nothing since, it's been over a week. - GIRL

18. Is dad gaining weight with you?

Well we both gained quite a bit of weight on vacation but he's lost it again. - BOY

19. Are you gaining weight in your face?

Not really. Around week 10 I thought my face looked atrocious, that was one heck of a week for water retention - BOY

20. Any acne?

No, my face has never been clearer - BOY

21. Are you feeling graceful or clumsy?

Graceful, and that's utterly shocking because I'm generally clumsy - GIRL

22. Was the month of conception even or odd?

January 23, so odd. Yes I have the date memorized, it was the day my Bears played hubby's Packers in the NFC Championship. Bwahahaha. - BOY

23. Mayan Tale - add mother's age at conception and year of conception. Even = girl. Odd = boy.

25 +2011 = 2036 - GIRL

24. When asked to show your hands do you keep your palms down or palms up?

Palms up - GIRL

25. What do you think you're having based on intuition? It is said that moms to be correctly guessed the sex of their baby 71% of the time.

I thought boy from the get-go, it was my gut feeling. But meanwhile, the only thing I could VISUALIZE was a girl. Like when I close my eyes and picture a little kiddo running around, she's a girl. For the past week I've randomly had a specific line from Wicked stuck in my head. "It's a healthy, perfect, lovely little... AHHH!" then Elphaba was a girl. So either this means we're having a girl or a green baby. Take your pick. ;-) - GIRL

So...based on all of this let's see the verdict...

GIRL - 13/25
BOY - 12/25

According to Old Wives Tales, we are having a GIRL! Time to find out how "accurate" these funny tales really are. Should be interesting to get the ultrasound results...

What do you guys think it is?! Is Baby Enginerd a GIRL or a BOY??? Post your guesses please and we'll see if you guys are psychic in a mere two days!

gender reveal #1: the nursery

i'm sorry i didn't get this posted last night. i came home from work and went straight to bed. i've thrown up a couple of times this morning and can't keep anything down. well, i did successfully eat applesauce a little bit ago. small victories? so i'll try to double up today in honor of gender reveal week.

one of the most fun parts of having a baby is all the decorating we get to do for the nursery! we've narrowed down our favorite bedding options for either a boy or a girl. we adore little animal themes with lots of colors so that's what we're aiming for. both sets are made by carter's, who are apparently masters in the nursery design department.

if baby t is a girl, we are going to have a feminine safari theme. the bedding we picked out is called "jungle jill". no really, could that name BE any more perfect!? (also, if you click the link below you can see all the accessories individually)

{ photo from toysrus.com }

this bedding is kind of a big step for us because i'm not a huge fan of overloaded pink. however, if you take out that enormous pink rug from the photo, you'll see the bedding is much less blinding. i really wanted some sort of bedding with a bird theme, but the hubs isn't a big fan. this was my way of giving him the monkey stuff he likes, but strategically pulling in a few birds here and there. see!?

i'm not usually big on animal prints, but i think mixed with the animals and polka dots, it'll be a fun way to accessorize the room. i mean really, we could get gifts with any of those fabrics and they'd match beautifully. for the paint we are going to do a chair rail in the middle of the wall. we will keep the top portion beige, which is the existing wall color. under that, i think we are leaning toward a light green, salmon pink, or orange. i don't think the orange would look good with the beige and pink is a tough color for me, so we are still taking suggestions on that!

{ swatches from sherwin-williams.com }

and now onto our boy alternative! we had picked out the girl bedding over a month ago but couldn't quite agree on something for a boy. we finally found one we both love and i'm excited to debut it here because i haven't even shown my sisters yet. they will all be a bit surprised to see that we didn't opt for an overwhelming monkey theme, nor did we even go the safari route.

if we have a little boy, he's going to be surrounded by forest animals. this set is called "tree top". (again, click the link to see the whole set)

{ photo from toysrus.com }

i'll give you a moment to swoon over the accessories on this one. the raccoon on the wall! the fox on the diaper stacker! little owls and turtles also make an appearance in the set, which i adore.

as far as paint goes, we will again do the chair rail with beige on top and a different color on bottom. we have some leftover paint from our living room makeover that i think could work well. i sort of love that orangey red color though and think it would be neat as well. or you know, there is always brown. thoughts?

{ swatches from sherwin-williams.com } 

 so that's it! what do you guys think?

Monday, May 23, 2011

much better!

before i go into this whole spiel about how much better i feel, i wanted to say that starting today and continuing until thursday i'm going to be doing a gender announcement series! it will be:

monday: nursery themes for either gender
tuesday: an old wives' tale gender prediction
wednesday: the name reveal, basically the names we've picked out for either gender
thursday: the big reveal, which gender we are having

so be on the lookout for those! this is an EXCITING week. not only is it my lucky #19, it's gender week. so obviously we are stoked.

i'm feeling a whole lot better about the pregnancy today! i feel calm and overjoyed again instead of stressed and worried. i was planning to go to work early yesterday, but instead my husband wanted us to go to lunch since we weren't able to hang out on saturday. i went to victoria for nichole's wedding but he had to stay home because he had gotten a call on friday about a job interview. he said he wished he could've gone to the wedding, but he did get a lot done around the house. he cleaned out the garage and even got rid of our broken washing machine. we have some guest furniture to give to my sister and he organized that. he also did a bunch of yardwork like pulling weeds, mulching around the front trees and bushes, etc. the yard looks fabulous! as does the garage. as does his man cave. lol. but anyway, saturday was my good friend nichole's wedding and here are some photos, including what i look like when i'm not posing for bi-weekly pictures haha.

{ mr. and mrs. herrera! }

{ the wedding party }

{ so happy for these two! i love them }

 { bump! }

{ me and brooke, possibly the sweetest person i've ever met. no really, like, EVER }

{ after the wedding i visited my sister steph and niece sarah }

{ acting crazy with my sisters and niece! we thought it'd be funny to play with sarah's toys }

the wedding was beautiful, i loved nichole's colors... possibly because they were the same colors as my own wedding, ha. but she put them together even better than i did. during the ceremony she even had pomanders in the aisles that my mom had made for my wedding! again, i am so so SO happy for nichole, fernando, and their whole family. they are really lucky to have each other and their families are lucky to have such a great new son and great new daughter.

anyway, despite how wonderful saturday was, i felt so bogged down on sunday. hubby and i went to lunch at freebird's and sat outside, it was nice. afterward we decided to go to babies r'us and finish our registry basics! we decided on a color and style for crib (which i then picked out online) and we finally agreed on boy bedding in case that's what we find out we're having on thursday. that post is coming later today. :-) i did go to work for a bit, but it wasn't too bad. i came home and hubby had already made us supper. then we watched robin hood: men in tights because i'd never seen it before. it was pretty hilarious. spending the morning and evening unwinding with the hubs and making some nursery decisions did wonders for improving my overwhelming day. plus, of course, i got to hear the heartbeat again today! it was 148 bpm. it's amazing how one little round of "thump, thump, thump" can put your life in perspective and help you focus on the important things. :-) thank you for that, baby t!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


i can't believe i am 19 weeks pregnant today, basically 5 months. it seems like this pregnancy goes slow, then speeds up. i have an appointment tomorrow to hear the baby's heartbeat and meet with my obgyn. then thursday we have the appointment with our sonographer to find out the gender.

i can't believe i'm going to be a mom in a few short months... sometimes it scares me and sometimes it's exciting. part of me is thinking about all the things i still need to do. i'm thinking about my projects at work, one of which has been going on since december and won't be complete until september. that particular project makes me glad i'm due in october so i can be around to finish it! i'm also thinking about the tfma conference in late september, i'm hoping to present there (while 8 months pregnant) and that'll include a bit of preparation.

and of course aside from work, there's the actual BABY preparation. i've been putting most of that off until we know the gender. we honestly haven't bought much of anything except the stroller and two carseats. one reason is that we did a preliminary trip to babies r'us to start our registry and picked out gender neutral things like a bouncer, video monitors, etc. but are planning to go back once we know what we're having and finalize the list. then i guess we'll start buying things? or maybe we'll wait to see what we receive from our showers? and then i guess we'll paint once we've decided on the bedding we want for sure? so many decisions!!

we also haven't found a daycare yet. i was doing a good job with meeting people, calling references, etc. a month or two ago but work got busy then we were busy on vacation too and i simply haven't found the time to wrap that up. we still need a pediatrician as well. plus i had this fabulous plan to read several parenting books before the baby arrives like babywise, happiest baby on the block, etc. and well, that hasn't happened! i got through about page 3 of babywise and that's all i've accomplished.

so while it might seem like october 16th is about 5 months away and i have plenty of time, i've completely lost track of the past 5 months and accomplished close to zilch. there are a million things to do. on that note, i have to go to work for a few hours now. i'm sure when i get back i won't be in the mood to do any cleaning or finishing up the guest room, so maybe i'll read. well, in an ideal world i'd do that. i'll probably plop on the couch and watch tv from this exhausting week. i worked about 60 hours last week and spent yesterday driving 3 hours to victoria, attended the beautiful wedding of one of my dearest friends, then drove 3 hours back. actually i had to stop in lockhart and take a 30 minute power nap in the parking lot of the gas station at 11pm because i was so tired. i'm still tired, but work beckons... i seriously hope life slows down, i think hearing the heartbeat tomorrow will help me sit back and take things in a bit better. here's hoping that thought becomes a reality.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

13 week ultrasound aka first trimester screening

check it out, i'm almost done catching up on the ultrasounds! only one more post to have done by the 26th.

this 13 week ultrasound was really the first trimester screening. it was very important to hubby and i to do the first trimester screening to test for the probability of down's syndrome and other related chromosomal disorders. everyone is entitled to their own opinion on whether or not they'd terminate a pregnancy with a high risk for a disease such as down's syndrome. for us, we knew that as much as we wanted a child, any child, we weren't sure our marriage could survive a special needs child to that extent. i know we'll be patient and devoted parents, but we are also realistic and know our own strengths, weaknesses, and what we as individuals and parents can handle. that is why we opted for the first trimester screening. if we go to our 20 week appointment and find out there is something significantly wrong with the baby, we will try with all of our might to prepare ourselves for the challenges to come. but given the option to know if we're high or low risk for major illnesses at 13 weeks was again, simply important to us.

date of ultrasound: april 7, 2011

gestational age: 12 weeks, 4 days

crown to rump measurement: i wanna say she told me the baby was about 6.5cm, but i didn't get a print out with the measurement so i can't remember! the focus wasn't so much on the crown to rump measurement as the measurement of fluid behind the neck.

gestational age based on measurement: i do remember she said the baby was measuring at exactly 12 weeks, 4 days that day. still on perfect track.

due date: see, it's good they don't change your due date every time the ultrasound says the baby is measuring a little ahead or a little late. we were back to measuring exactly on that, so october 16th it is.

heart rate: i don't recall this number. again, no print out of it to jog my memory.

gender: i wanted to ask but resisted! i did, however, go home and do some research on if it's too early to tell if you're having a boy or a girl. apparently there is a theory on the "angle of the dangle". let me find the excerpt i found to send to my sister on this...

"The nub theory is basically about 'the angle of the dangle'. Between 11 and 14 weeks' gestation both genders have a penis-like protuberance between the legs. They look incredibly similar at this point, except for the angle at which they are pointing. Sometimes there are males and females at this stage which are in the 'grey area', but essentially a boy's 'dangle' is 30 degrees up relative to the backbone and a girl's is below 30 degrees.

If you get your scan at 11 weeks, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the genders. A scan at 12 weeks is around 75% accurate and at 13 weeks it's closer to 95% accurate."

i posted a photo from my 13 week ultrasound onto one of these "nub theory" message boards and 5 out of 6 people guessed girl based on the angle. i personally thought it looked to be angled upwards, but then i looked at the confirmed boy and girl photos on the message boards and it does look more like the girl anatomy. it's all a mere theory, so we'll have a better indication at the 20 week ultrasound. it's a bit too soon to buy pink based on that!

who was there: just me this time. hubby didn't need to be around to see them prick my finger for blood. he'll be at the 20 week ultrasound for sure, but he had to work this day and this one wasn't critical for him to be there.

movement: the tech said the baby was nothing short of perfect. he/she laid still when she needed to do the fluid measurements, then moved appropriately when she needed to check a few other things. no somersaults that day!

highlight of the ultrasound: being told we were low-risk for the probability of down's syndrome and a few other disorders of that nature. quite a burden lifted, honestly.

these are a couple of photos from the first trimester screening.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

12 week ultrasound

these ultrasound recaps are way late, but i wanted to make sure i had them posted before we get to the 20 week appointment. if i'm this bad at important pregnancy updates without a child, i truly hope i can get my act together for the baby book! i decided to start doing these as a survey similar to the bi-weekly updates so i remember to keep track of all the important information.

date of ultrasound: march 29, 2011

gestational age: 11 weeks, 2 days

crown to rump measurement: 4.73cm

gestational age based on measurement: the baby is measuring at 11 weeks, 4 days right now, about 2 days ahead. it's so early in the pregnancy, but part of me wants to think it's just going to be a tall kiddo like his/her mama!

due date: despite measuring two days ahead, it's still october 16th. i'm convinced the baby is coming on october 19th, and i think the new measurement helps my case lol.

heart rate: 170 bpm. nice and strong again!

gender: a bit too early still.

who was there: my mom and sister stephanie came up from victoria to go to the ultrasound with me. hubby had to work and nana was stoked to have the opportunity to see her grandbaby. nana brought some presents for baby enginerd, including a couple of outfits and books. we hadn't formally announced our pregnancy at this point and already the little tyke is being spoiled!

movement: man, baby enginerd was going c-r-a-z-y in the womb during this ultrasound. one second the baby was on one side, the next second he/she was flipped over to the other. i didn't even know babies could somersault around like that so early in the pregnancy, but this bambino sure was. it was a bit of a shock since at our previous ultrasound a mere month ago, our baby was more like a blog. now we could see the distinct features of a person, amazing!

highlight of the ultrasound: definitely seeing all the pieces of a human coming together. that sounds kind of creepy, but those little arms were more like fins last time that we couldn't see, lol. seeing the progress of the baby first hand is so neat!

here are the photos from the ultrasound. you can totally see the head, body, and even little arms rubbing the eyes too.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

18 weeks

almost halfway through the pregnancy my dears! instead of the usual baby bump picture, i'm going to post one from our babymoon this week. hubby and i took a week off of work to visit salt lake city and park city, utah, then we rented a cabin in the hill country near hunt, texas, and lastly topped off the vacation with a trip to sunday beach in matagorda bay. this picture from sunday beach shows my stomach without layers of clothing on, so i think it's kind of perfect for 18 weeks. :-)

i also like this one of my friend nichole and myself because it's more of a side view. and *gasp* i'm sporting maternity shorts for the first time! haha. thanks for posting this pic, miss bride-to-be in a week!

how far along: 18 weeks today

how big is baby: around 5 1/2 inches long or basically a bell pepper.

weight gain / loss: today i am 149.8 lbs. that's an overall gain of 5.6 pounds. i'm finally gaining weight, although i'm pretty sure this big surge (up 3.9 pounds from 2 weeks ago) is due to being on vacation and eating out a lot. i bet the protein from the brazilian steakhouse was good for the baby, but perhaps the inability to let my eyes instead of stomach guide the food intake wasn't. and i'm sure the fresh stonewall peaches in the peach cobbler i whipped up friday were also good for the baby, but perhaps i should have stopped at one piece? ;-) oh well, who cares. i'll be back on a normal food routine when i go back to work this week, but all that eating out was mighty delicious!

symptoms: no big symptoms lately that i can think of.

cravings / aversions: pickles and cranberry juice. but not combined, yuck, lol. anytime we make dinner i like to eat a side of little hamburger dill pickles with my main meal. they are good! and occasionally you can find me hanging out over the kitchen sink with a jar full of pickle juice and a spoon. mmm! as for the cranberry juice, this has been going on for a month or two now. i've started trying new flavors like cran-lime, cran-grape, etc. so far i think cran-apple is my favorite. i drink at least one class of cran-something juice a day, usually 2 or 3 though.

movement: we have movement! friday we went to sunday beach, which is a beach off the coast of port o'connor in matagorda bay (where my mom and stepdad live). we took my parents' boat out there and had a blast. on the way back, my stepdad took a really bumpy route back to the mainland. a lot of times boating isn't recommended while you're pregnant for this exact reason, but for some reason the gulf was really choppy on the way back (it was very smooth on the way out). he slowed down when he realized it was too crazy for me, and when we got back to land, my stomach was going nuts! either this baby is planning to be a beach bum, or he/she was petrified of boating. all i know is that it was the first time i felt anything on the inside and subsequently could feel the movement from the outside. i quickly told hubby to put his hand on my stomach and he felt it too. then my mom and sister ashley wanted to feel the baby as well and did! my mom said it was exactly what her first movements felt like through her five pregnancies. plus i could tell it was different than anything i'd ever felt before. it sort of reminded me of popcorn popping, but almost like a floating popping. hard to explain! and now as i sit here typing this up, i have that same sensation in my belly. even if these movements aren't very prevalent yet, i love that i have them! i especially love that my husband, mom, and sister were able to share in the first experience. the rest of the day hubby kept placing his hand on my stomach hoping for more action, but alas, the baby was done for the day. :-) i also hope the baby wasn't too shaken up by the bumpy boat ride. we didn't realize it was going to be so nuts going back.

gender: only 11 days until the big reveal. we've had our girl name finalized since last july, but have been going back and forth on the boy name the past several months. we had a favorite from around july to december, then that switched from december to april. we had a new favorite for about 2 days last week, and now we're back to the original from last summer. i plan to spill the beans on the names when we find out what we're having. (although our close friends and family have known what we've had chosen for ages)

belly button: no difference

sleep: i don't know how i'm going to go back to work tomorrow! i've been sleeping sooo much lately! i swear it's been nothing short of 10 or 11 hours every night we've been on vacation. we've even got the puppies on our new sleep schedule and they have been waking up whenever we do, instead of being the ones to pounce on the bed and wake us up promptly at 6am. they're going to be really sad when we're not home all day tomorrow.

what i'm looking forward to: next thursday, the 26th. definitely!

what i miss: spending time personalizing the house. it feels like all of our money is going toward baby items right now. we bought our stroller and two car seats (i should post pictures of those...) and it seems like all our spare money is going toward some new thing we need to do to prepare. this weekend i've been trying to make it a priority to finish a couple things in the house. i finally bought curtain rods to hang the curtains i bought for the living room well over a month ago. i'd like to go to ross today and see if i can find some pretty curtains to hang in the entry window as well as the small window in the loft. making curtains a priority might sound weird, but i'm a stickler for ensuring exact measurements and making things center, the hubs cannot be trusted with this task! lol. i won't be able to stand on the step ladder much longer without losing my balance and i've already started to feel the occasional light-headedness, so i want to make sure those items are done now. the other big thing is moving the large guest bed, my lifting days will soon be over and we need to get that accomplished as well. i feel like i already miss lifting and climbing, and i'm not even limited yet, ha.

highlights this past week: feeling the baby move, hands down. it was such the highlight of this week, even more than seeing the beautiful mountains of park city, eating s'mores by the river in the hill country, and walking the beach to pick up sand dollars in matagorda bay. funny how the things that make you happiest change once there is a baby on the way!

Monday, May 2, 2011

16 weeks

guess what. i hardly even ate before this picture! and i wasn't purposely sticking my stomach out! this isn't like a mini pop, it's like a real baby pop. although it's weird because i swear i never think i look that big when i'm changing into my pajamas or anything. cameras must add 10 lbs. also, i wanted to add that a couple people have laughed at how i arch my back to stick out my stomach. i'm sad to say i actually have horrible posture and that i'm not purposely arching my back. that's just how it looks. in fact, i spent 20 minutes trying to find a picture of me standing sideways so you could see how i normally am. so the first pic is the bump, the second is from laura's wedding about a year ago (i'm first next to the bride of course). my back doesn't go down straight like alicia or amy's, it arches pretty significantly.

ps: do i wear something blue EVERY freakin' day that i'm taking this photo? sheesh, i'm going to have to make sure to wear a different color next time. i hardly even like how blue looks on me, so strange! oh oh, and big thanks to mandy for taking my photo at work today. we've started scheduling "baby bump photos" on our work calendars to take of each other every other week. i love being preggo with her!!

how far along: 16 weeks on sunday.

how big is baby: roughly 4 1/2 inches long, the size of an avacado. i keep wanting to buy these foods at the grocery store and compare them to my belly lol

weight gain / loss: i weighed in at 145.9 yesterday, up 1.3 pounds from 2 weeks ago! i went to my appointment on tuesday and my doctor said as long as the baby is getting all the proper nutrients, i needn't worry. then i decided you know what, if i'm so anxious to gain weight, why don't i just eat more junk food? so i did. and i've proven to myself that i can gain weight, i just have to consume like 2600 calories a day to do it. and now i'm going back to healthy jill, because i keep feeling like crap after i eat so much as 2 girl scout cookies.

symptoms: well, this is a weird symptom, but for the past couple months i've had excess saliva. sorry if that grosses people out, but i find myself having to spit all the dang time. when i'm at a construction site, i probably look like one of the guys but when i'm washing dishes or brushing my hair it feels so awkward.

cravings / aversions: tea. i have been craving tea like crazy lately. so i finally decided to cave in and drink a little cup of tea every couple of days. as long as i keep my caffeine consumption under 200mg a day, it's fine. i usually reserve that intake for chocolate (not the full 200mg, obviously), but i've had to give in to tea lately.

movement: i haven't felt anything yet, but my coworker was saying when she first felt flutters it reminded her of a pop bubbles floating around. that sounds strange to me, however i'm going to start paying attention to every little movement my stomach makes now. i can't wait to feel something.

gender: well i didn't have an ultrasound last week, but that's alright. we are scheduled to have our 20 week anatomy scan on may 26th. i think back on how the past 3 or 4 weeks have flown and am eager for these next ones to do the same. we started on the nursery transition this weekend, organizing and moving closet items from the first guest room (now nursery) to the second guest room (now main one). i'm hoping to get the beds moved in the next couple weeks soon so we can start painting the moment we know what we're having!

belly button: same ol', same ol'

sleep: haven't had any sleep deprivation lately, been feeling good in that department.

what i'm looking forward to: may 26th of course!

what i miss: this is about as weird as the saliva symptom, sorry. but i miss my bras fitting. i'm pretty convinced my boobs haven't been growing, but i've been getting backaches when i wear my bra on the loosest notch. so that means i wear one, but i don't snap it now lol. i usually wear a white undershirt underneath my work blouses, so that tends to make it less noticeable. mostly i just need to go out and buy some new bras soon. my only worry is that i'll buy some that fit now and then don't fit later. what to do, what to do!

highlights this past week: working on the nursery. throwing things away, organizing storage bins, and transferring items from one room to another isn't usually that much fun on a saturday. but knowing it's the first step in getting baby's bedroom ready makes it pretty darn great.