Monday, May 2, 2011

16 weeks

guess what. i hardly even ate before this picture! and i wasn't purposely sticking my stomach out! this isn't like a mini pop, it's like a real baby pop. although it's weird because i swear i never think i look that big when i'm changing into my pajamas or anything. cameras must add 10 lbs. also, i wanted to add that a couple people have laughed at how i arch my back to stick out my stomach. i'm sad to say i actually have horrible posture and that i'm not purposely arching my back. that's just how it looks. in fact, i spent 20 minutes trying to find a picture of me standing sideways so you could see how i normally am. so the first pic is the bump, the second is from laura's wedding about a year ago (i'm first next to the bride of course). my back doesn't go down straight like alicia or amy's, it arches pretty significantly.

ps: do i wear something blue EVERY freakin' day that i'm taking this photo? sheesh, i'm going to have to make sure to wear a different color next time. i hardly even like how blue looks on me, so strange! oh oh, and big thanks to mandy for taking my photo at work today. we've started scheduling "baby bump photos" on our work calendars to take of each other every other week. i love being preggo with her!!

how far along: 16 weeks on sunday.

how big is baby: roughly 4 1/2 inches long, the size of an avacado. i keep wanting to buy these foods at the grocery store and compare them to my belly lol

weight gain / loss: i weighed in at 145.9 yesterday, up 1.3 pounds from 2 weeks ago! i went to my appointment on tuesday and my doctor said as long as the baby is getting all the proper nutrients, i needn't worry. then i decided you know what, if i'm so anxious to gain weight, why don't i just eat more junk food? so i did. and i've proven to myself that i can gain weight, i just have to consume like 2600 calories a day to do it. and now i'm going back to healthy jill, because i keep feeling like crap after i eat so much as 2 girl scout cookies.

symptoms: well, this is a weird symptom, but for the past couple months i've had excess saliva. sorry if that grosses people out, but i find myself having to spit all the dang time. when i'm at a construction site, i probably look like one of the guys but when i'm washing dishes or brushing my hair it feels so awkward.

cravings / aversions: tea. i have been craving tea like crazy lately. so i finally decided to cave in and drink a little cup of tea every couple of days. as long as i keep my caffeine consumption under 200mg a day, it's fine. i usually reserve that intake for chocolate (not the full 200mg, obviously), but i've had to give in to tea lately.

movement: i haven't felt anything yet, but my coworker was saying when she first felt flutters it reminded her of a pop bubbles floating around. that sounds strange to me, however i'm going to start paying attention to every little movement my stomach makes now. i can't wait to feel something.

gender: well i didn't have an ultrasound last week, but that's alright. we are scheduled to have our 20 week anatomy scan on may 26th. i think back on how the past 3 or 4 weeks have flown and am eager for these next ones to do the same. we started on the nursery transition this weekend, organizing and moving closet items from the first guest room (now nursery) to the second guest room (now main one). i'm hoping to get the beds moved in the next couple weeks soon so we can start painting the moment we know what we're having!

belly button: same ol', same ol'

sleep: haven't had any sleep deprivation lately, been feeling good in that department.

what i'm looking forward to: may 26th of course!

what i miss: this is about as weird as the saliva symptom, sorry. but i miss my bras fitting. i'm pretty convinced my boobs haven't been growing, but i've been getting backaches when i wear my bra on the loosest notch. so that means i wear one, but i don't snap it now lol. i usually wear a white undershirt underneath my work blouses, so that tends to make it less noticeable. mostly i just need to go out and buy some new bras soon. my only worry is that i'll buy some that fit now and then don't fit later. what to do, what to do!

highlights this past week: working on the nursery. throwing things away, organizing storage bins, and transferring items from one room to another isn't usually that much fun on a saturday. but knowing it's the first step in getting baby's bedroom ready makes it pretty darn great.


  1. you are so freakin' cute!!! i love it!

  2. I <3 your bump! You are absolutely adorable!

  3. Your oldest sisterMay 2, 2011 at 9:28 PM

    Cant wait til you find out the sex of the baby!!

  4. look at that bump!!!! how cute are you?!?

    what do you think you're having?!

  5. You are looking cute Jill! And about your bra situation...I hated wearing bras too both pregnancies! Maternity bras were my best friend! SO comfy, I got a bunch from Gordmans, you should check it out if not to just sleep in when you get a little bigger :) good luck!