Sunday, May 15, 2011

18 weeks

almost halfway through the pregnancy my dears! instead of the usual baby bump picture, i'm going to post one from our babymoon this week. hubby and i took a week off of work to visit salt lake city and park city, utah, then we rented a cabin in the hill country near hunt, texas, and lastly topped off the vacation with a trip to sunday beach in matagorda bay. this picture from sunday beach shows my stomach without layers of clothing on, so i think it's kind of perfect for 18 weeks. :-)

i also like this one of my friend nichole and myself because it's more of a side view. and *gasp* i'm sporting maternity shorts for the first time! haha. thanks for posting this pic, miss bride-to-be in a week!

how far along: 18 weeks today

how big is baby: around 5 1/2 inches long or basically a bell pepper.

weight gain / loss: today i am 149.8 lbs. that's an overall gain of 5.6 pounds. i'm finally gaining weight, although i'm pretty sure this big surge (up 3.9 pounds from 2 weeks ago) is due to being on vacation and eating out a lot. i bet the protein from the brazilian steakhouse was good for the baby, but perhaps the inability to let my eyes instead of stomach guide the food intake wasn't. and i'm sure the fresh stonewall peaches in the peach cobbler i whipped up friday were also good for the baby, but perhaps i should have stopped at one piece? ;-) oh well, who cares. i'll be back on a normal food routine when i go back to work this week, but all that eating out was mighty delicious!

symptoms: no big symptoms lately that i can think of.

cravings / aversions: pickles and cranberry juice. but not combined, yuck, lol. anytime we make dinner i like to eat a side of little hamburger dill pickles with my main meal. they are good! and occasionally you can find me hanging out over the kitchen sink with a jar full of pickle juice and a spoon. mmm! as for the cranberry juice, this has been going on for a month or two now. i've started trying new flavors like cran-lime, cran-grape, etc. so far i think cran-apple is my favorite. i drink at least one class of cran-something juice a day, usually 2 or 3 though.

movement: we have movement! friday we went to sunday beach, which is a beach off the coast of port o'connor in matagorda bay (where my mom and stepdad live). we took my parents' boat out there and had a blast. on the way back, my stepdad took a really bumpy route back to the mainland. a lot of times boating isn't recommended while you're pregnant for this exact reason, but for some reason the gulf was really choppy on the way back (it was very smooth on the way out). he slowed down when he realized it was too crazy for me, and when we got back to land, my stomach was going nuts! either this baby is planning to be a beach bum, or he/she was petrified of boating. all i know is that it was the first time i felt anything on the inside and subsequently could feel the movement from the outside. i quickly told hubby to put his hand on my stomach and he felt it too. then my mom and sister ashley wanted to feel the baby as well and did! my mom said it was exactly what her first movements felt like through her five pregnancies. plus i could tell it was different than anything i'd ever felt before. it sort of reminded me of popcorn popping, but almost like a floating popping. hard to explain! and now as i sit here typing this up, i have that same sensation in my belly. even if these movements aren't very prevalent yet, i love that i have them! i especially love that my husband, mom, and sister were able to share in the first experience. the rest of the day hubby kept placing his hand on my stomach hoping for more action, but alas, the baby was done for the day. :-) i also hope the baby wasn't too shaken up by the bumpy boat ride. we didn't realize it was going to be so nuts going back.

gender: only 11 days until the big reveal. we've had our girl name finalized since last july, but have been going back and forth on the boy name the past several months. we had a favorite from around july to december, then that switched from december to april. we had a new favorite for about 2 days last week, and now we're back to the original from last summer. i plan to spill the beans on the names when we find out what we're having. (although our close friends and family have known what we've had chosen for ages)

belly button: no difference

sleep: i don't know how i'm going to go back to work tomorrow! i've been sleeping sooo much lately! i swear it's been nothing short of 10 or 11 hours every night we've been on vacation. we've even got the puppies on our new sleep schedule and they have been waking up whenever we do, instead of being the ones to pounce on the bed and wake us up promptly at 6am. they're going to be really sad when we're not home all day tomorrow.

what i'm looking forward to: next thursday, the 26th. definitely!

what i miss: spending time personalizing the house. it feels like all of our money is going toward baby items right now. we bought our stroller and two car seats (i should post pictures of those...) and it seems like all our spare money is going toward some new thing we need to do to prepare. this weekend i've been trying to make it a priority to finish a couple things in the house. i finally bought curtain rods to hang the curtains i bought for the living room well over a month ago. i'd like to go to ross today and see if i can find some pretty curtains to hang in the entry window as well as the small window in the loft. making curtains a priority might sound weird, but i'm a stickler for ensuring exact measurements and making things center, the hubs cannot be trusted with this task! lol. i won't be able to stand on the step ladder much longer without losing my balance and i've already started to feel the occasional light-headedness, so i want to make sure those items are done now. the other big thing is moving the large guest bed, my lifting days will soon be over and we need to get that accomplished as well. i feel like i already miss lifting and climbing, and i'm not even limited yet, ha.

highlights this past week: feeling the baby move, hands down. it was such the highlight of this week, even more than seeing the beautiful mountains of park city, eating s'mores by the river in the hill country, and walking the beach to pick up sand dollars in matagorda bay. funny how the things that make you happiest change once there is a baby on the way!


  1. Cutest baby bump ever! And it definitely made me feel much more preggers when I actually felt the baby move. Good luck with the nesting!

  2. Cant' wait to find out FOR CERTAIN the gender of Little T. Your belly is adorable. I love when preggo ladies where bikinis with their cute bellies. Hence why I did it back when I was preggers too! :) Cranberry juice and pickles...sounds about right! Have you had the "pickle in a pouce"? I'm fairly certain you need to GET ON THAT! The dill one of course, not the hot one. Seriously, don't even try the "hot" one. Its torture.

    Glad you felt movement now!! So exciting!

  3. I love that picture too! I'm so very happy that you blog about this . Even though we talk via facebook, gchat, text, and phone calls about the baby, I still enjoy reading about your pregnancy!