Sunday, May 29, 2011

20 weeks

20 week halfway point! woo hoo!

how far along: 20 weeks today

how big is baby: about 6 1/2 inches long, the length of a banana. holy smokes! she's getting big.

weight gain / loss: today i am 150.4 lbs, so an overall gain of 6.2 pounds. but only 0.6 lbs over the past two weeks. overall, not bad for halfway through, i think. my body feels great!

symptoms: the whole having to pee 8 times a day thing has finally kicked in. i didn't have that problem in the beginning like most people, it's only been setting in the past couple of weeks.

cravings / aversions: hmm, i've been craving tap water a lot lately, which is insane because i've always hated tap water.

movement: my last post jinxed the baby movement. i felt movement friday and sunday, then it ceased after that. when we had our ultrasound on thursday the sonographer said the placenta was at the front of my stomach and that's most likely why i couldn't feel the flutters sooner and only felt it twice before my appt at almost 20 weeks. and also why i can still only feel them from the outside. i don't feel anything from the inside. thursday night the external movement picked up, it turns out baby loooooves queso! or hates it and wanted me to stop. whatevs, i can feel it from the outside about once a day now.

gender: unless you've been living under a rock, we're having a girl! ;-)

belly button: same

sleep: when i'm not working long hours for a deadline, i'm back on a normal 930pm - 630am sleep schedule.

what i'm looking forward to: don't take this as my being materialistic or anything, but our baby showers. my sister laura has been in full shower planning mode and it's making me excited. i've started a separate post about what all she has planned, but basically i've been getting daily e-mails and texts with pictures of the invitations she designed and ordered, her first cupcake decorating trial, and the gifts she has already purchased. it is making me giddy to see all my friends and celebrate!

what i miss: i can't think of anything. all is too blissful to miss much.

highlights this past week: finding out we're having a girl. what a big day that was! we went to our favorite mexican joint to celebrate, bought leila her first dress, and called and texted all of our loved ones. everyone is so excited for us to have a girl, our families have been the greatest!

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  1. I am so very happy for you and Jake. I hope the next 20 weeks go by as easy as the first half. I know you both will be great parents!