Sunday, May 22, 2011


i can't believe i am 19 weeks pregnant today, basically 5 months. it seems like this pregnancy goes slow, then speeds up. i have an appointment tomorrow to hear the baby's heartbeat and meet with my obgyn. then thursday we have the appointment with our sonographer to find out the gender.

i can't believe i'm going to be a mom in a few short months... sometimes it scares me and sometimes it's exciting. part of me is thinking about all the things i still need to do. i'm thinking about my projects at work, one of which has been going on since december and won't be complete until september. that particular project makes me glad i'm due in october so i can be around to finish it! i'm also thinking about the tfma conference in late september, i'm hoping to present there (while 8 months pregnant) and that'll include a bit of preparation.

and of course aside from work, there's the actual BABY preparation. i've been putting most of that off until we know the gender. we honestly haven't bought much of anything except the stroller and two carseats. one reason is that we did a preliminary trip to babies r'us to start our registry and picked out gender neutral things like a bouncer, video monitors, etc. but are planning to go back once we know what we're having and finalize the list. then i guess we'll start buying things? or maybe we'll wait to see what we receive from our showers? and then i guess we'll paint once we've decided on the bedding we want for sure? so many decisions!!

we also haven't found a daycare yet. i was doing a good job with meeting people, calling references, etc. a month or two ago but work got busy then we were busy on vacation too and i simply haven't found the time to wrap that up. we still need a pediatrician as well. plus i had this fabulous plan to read several parenting books before the baby arrives like babywise, happiest baby on the block, etc. and well, that hasn't happened! i got through about page 3 of babywise and that's all i've accomplished.

so while it might seem like october 16th is about 5 months away and i have plenty of time, i've completely lost track of the past 5 months and accomplished close to zilch. there are a million things to do. on that note, i have to go to work for a few hours now. i'm sure when i get back i won't be in the mood to do any cleaning or finishing up the guest room, so maybe i'll read. well, in an ideal world i'd do that. i'll probably plop on the couch and watch tv from this exhausting week. i worked about 60 hours last week and spent yesterday driving 3 hours to victoria, attended the beautiful wedding of one of my dearest friends, then drove 3 hours back. actually i had to stop in lockhart and take a 30 minute power nap in the parking lot of the gas station at 11pm because i was so tired. i'm still tired, but work beckons... i seriously hope life slows down, i think hearing the heartbeat tomorrow will help me sit back and take things in a bit better. here's hoping that thought becomes a reality.

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