Tuesday, May 24, 2011

gender reveal #2: old wives tales

i remember my sister doing this last year when she was on the verge of finding out what she and andrew were having, so here we go, my turn!

Old Wives Tales:

1. Is your hair shiny and full of body or thin and stringy?

Shiny and full of body, I love that I can blowdry it and it's silky smooth - BOY

2. Is your hair growing faster or the same?

I think the same. My toenails on the other hand... jk! - GIRL

3. Any morning sickness?

Nope, nada! - BOY

4. Are you craving sweet or salty?

Salty for sure. I cannot get enough PICKLES! And FRENCH FRIES! Mmmm - BOY

5. Is your butt getting bigger?

I don't think so actually - BOY

6. Hold a necklace over your belly. If it swings back and forth its a boy. If it swings in a circular motion its a girl.

How fun, circular motion - GIRL

7. What did your mother have? Take a look at the position you are in terms of her children, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. If you are the first born you will have what your mother had starting with the 2nd then 3rd, 4th, etc. If you are a middle child you will have them backwards. If you are the last child you will have exactly what your mother had.

Alrighty, my mom had Stephen (boy), then Stephanie (girl), then Jarrett (boy), then me (girl), then Laura (girl). Since that puts me in the middle, I'll have them backwards. Meaning... - GIRL

8. My mom says she can tell what someone is having based on the clothes they wear once they find out they are pregnant. She says if you wear more girly colors like pinks, oranges, and yellows you're having a girl. If you wear more blues, greens, and neutrals you're having a boy.

Well I appear to be wearing blue in almost all of my weekly photos, but this is based more on the fact that my brighter clothes are a bit more summery and revealing, they don't work well with my belly band lol. Then again, I've been sporting a lot of neutrals too. - BOY

9. Pick up a key. If you pick it up by the thinner end you're having a girl. If you pick it up by the bigger end you're having a boy.

I always pick it up from the bigger end, what a weird analysis! - BOY

10. Are your feet colder than before or the same?

The same. - GIRL

11. Do you eat the heel of a loaf of bread?

That's even worse than the crusts, so no. - GIRL

12. Has your breast development been dramatic in pregnancy?

Yes, and I'm pretty sure that's one of the first things my dear mother commented on. "You have boobs, Jill!" Along with Megan S. Me: 8 weeks, not much of a difference yet. Meg: well, in some areas there are ;-)... for weeks I thought she meant my butt was getting big until Laura told me she was talking about my boobs, haha - GIRL

13. Is the baby's heart rate above 140bpm or below?

148bpm at week 8, 170bpm at week 12, then 148bpm yesterday - GIRL

14. Do you crave orange juice?

That's been one of my biggest cravings alongside cranberry juice - GIRL

15. Are you carrying high or low?

Honestly, I haven't been told anything either way but I guess based on that bikini pic it looks low? I personally think it looks smack in the middle, but for the purpose of this we'll say low - BOY

16. Is your tummy shaped more like a watermelon or a beach ball?

I guess watermelon? - BOY

17. Is your baby active?

Nope! I felt movement last Friday then again on Sunday and nothing since, it's been over a week. - GIRL

18. Is dad gaining weight with you?

Well we both gained quite a bit of weight on vacation but he's lost it again. - BOY

19. Are you gaining weight in your face?

Not really. Around week 10 I thought my face looked atrocious, that was one heck of a week for water retention - BOY

20. Any acne?

No, my face has never been clearer - BOY

21. Are you feeling graceful or clumsy?

Graceful, and that's utterly shocking because I'm generally clumsy - GIRL

22. Was the month of conception even or odd?

January 23, so odd. Yes I have the date memorized, it was the day my Bears played hubby's Packers in the NFC Championship. Bwahahaha. - BOY

23. Mayan Tale - add mother's age at conception and year of conception. Even = girl. Odd = boy.

25 +2011 = 2036 - GIRL

24. When asked to show your hands do you keep your palms down or palms up?

Palms up - GIRL

25. What do you think you're having based on intuition? It is said that moms to be correctly guessed the sex of their baby 71% of the time.

I thought boy from the get-go, it was my gut feeling. But meanwhile, the only thing I could VISUALIZE was a girl. Like when I close my eyes and picture a little kiddo running around, she's a girl. For the past week I've randomly had a specific line from Wicked stuck in my head. "It's a healthy, perfect, lovely little... AHHH!" then Elphaba was a girl. So either this means we're having a girl or a green baby. Take your pick. ;-) - GIRL

So...based on all of this let's see the verdict...

GIRL - 13/25
BOY - 12/25

According to Old Wives Tales, we are having a GIRL! Time to find out how "accurate" these funny tales really are. Should be interesting to get the ultrasound results...

What do you guys think it is?! Is Baby Enginerd a GIRL or a BOY??? Post your guesses please and we'll see if you guys are psychic in a mere two days!


  1. Did you do the Chinese gender chart? That's supposed to always be right... Old wives tales were all wrong for me... I kind of feel like you're having a boy... What do you think?!?

  2. Hmmm.... I'm going to guess "girl". :-)