Wednesday, May 25, 2011

gender reveal #3: baby names

well here we are, wednesday morning, and i couldn't keep my breakfast down. i've successfully eaten one piece of food since lunch on monday and it kind of sucks. i reeeeeally need to be better in time for our 20 week sonogram tomorrow, i don't want to spread sickness to other preggo women in my doctor's office. so onto baby names.

if anyone asks me in person what names we have picked out for the baby, i don't hesitate to tell them. but for some reason i have been so weird about using the names online! i haven't made any reference on facebook or even on my blogs. perhaps because we were never 100% sure on the boy name until a week or so ago and i didn't want to put something in writing. that feels so... permanent.

but now, the day before we find out the gender of baby enginerd, i'm making them official, along with the runner ups and reasoning.

for a little girl...


first name reasoning: we've had the name leila picked out for a girl since ohhh july of last year. there is nothing particularly special about it except that we think the name is lovely. then while i was in cancun i read a thousand splendid suns and the character laila was an amazing heroine, so i decided that was enough for me.

middle name reasoning: the middle name, on the other hand, has a very special meaning to us. as i asked hubs what he thought about katherine, charlotte, or anneliese for a middle name because those are the names of my grandmothers (grandma darlyn did not make the cut lol), he said he wasn't a big fan of any of those names. then his eyes got bright and he said "what about diane?" and that was it. she HAD to be diane. diane is the name of my great-aunt, and the woman with the largest heart i've ever known. auntie diane is married to my dad's uncle lee, but it never feels like she married into the family. she just IS our family. and not only that, she's one of the pieces that holds our crazy clan together. she starts family facebook groups, has albums for every one of my uncle's siblings and their kids and grandkids. she keeps us together better than anyone else. meanwhile, she is also fighting breast cancer. okay, now i'm actually crying as i type this! it seems so unfair that a woman as funny and kind as auntie diane has to deal with such a hardship but i love her even more for it. she has been a strong inspiration to all of us. she cracks jokes after chemo, sends sweet messages after a hard day, and is an optimist above all others. we are very proud to announce our tribute to our favorite aunt! (no, really, hubs is always telling me that she's his favorite person in my family. we love her to pieces!!)

runner up #1: leila alexandra
runner up #2: leila elizabeth
runner up #3: alexandra marie

why the runner up's were nixed: as much as we loved the name alexandra, it wasn't as special as diane. if we have another girl one day we might go the alexandra route. we contemplated marie for a middle name because that is mine and my mom's middle name, but my niece addison marie was named after mom and me, and i didn't want to take that away from her. as for elizabeth, we have loved that name for years. but when hubs and i were pregnant 7 years ago that was the name we'd picked for a girl and it sort of holds a place in our heart from back then.

for a baby boy...


first name reasoning: we have gone back and forth on the boy name month after month. we had picked out alexander when we first started trying and then succumbed to other names we loved too. after all was said and done, we came back to alexander, which is simply a name we enjoy. (and no, we will not have an alexander and alexandra, should a girl follow!)

middle name reasoning: jacob is my husband's middle name. which, well, i don't know why i never post his name on here. i guess to feel like i have some privacy? hey self, you are posting pictures from within your uterus, i think privacy is a goner at this point. so anyway, my husband's name is james jacob and goes by jake. so the fact that jacob is his middle name might be weird to those of you that know me personally, but he was never a fan of the name james. for plenty of generations his family has had james'. james jason, james jacob, etc. but he decided to forgo that tradition (PHEW!) and start a new one with the middle name jacob.

runner up #1: elliot alexander
runner up #2: elliot jacob
runner up #3: hayden jacob

why the runner up's were nixed: obviously our major contenders were elliot and hayden. elliot, because jake loves the musician elliot smith (pre-suicide of course), and i love elliot stabler. PLEASE don't tell my husband that!! i have managed not to say that out loud in case we went with elliot, i didn't want him to know my obsession with law and order: svu had any bearing on our name choice, hahaha. one reason we decided against elliot was that his initials would be ET and that rubbed me the wrong way. furthermore, we loved it combined with alexander, in which case he'd be EAT. um, what if we had a chunker!? that is not okay. that poor child would be teased forever. hayden was another front-runner for months, but we opted against it because we discovered that more couples have been naming their girls hayden. some people like unisex names, but that wasn't for us. oh, and one other thing. if the hubs had his way, i think our kid would be benjamin david after ben folds and dave matthews. we do have a strange way of naming our dogs after ben folds songs (kylie connecticut and dexter hiroshima), and if we'd chosen elliot we would've done so again (elliot smith is the subject of the song "late"). benjamin david was a bit excessive for me though, so it was never a runner up. just jake's pipe dream, lol.

so there you have it! tomorrow we'll find out if we're having a leila or an alex!


  1. My husband goes by his middle name too!!!

    I love the names you guys have picked!! I can't wait to find out what it is!!!

  2. my initials are ET! although i did get teased some, it hasn't been all that bad. my middle initial is L, so i'm really hoping that my future husband will have a last name starting with F so i can be ELF. i've always had the ears for it anyway :)

  3. Those are fantastic names!! Thanks for sharing with us. :-) I can't wait for the big reveal!

  4. Have so much fun tomorrow, great names!