Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hittin the gym

i was catching up on my checklist on the babycenter app and noticed i hadn't acted upon its recommendation to get a workout regime going. to be perfectly honest, i haven't been to the gym since before i was pregnant. once i found out bikram yoga wasn't allowed for pregnant women or even women trying to conceive, i halted my workout efforts. that was early january. i'm actually glad i gave up doing hot yoga because i got pregnant a couple of weeks after quitting. just sayin.

anyway, i was hoping if i started working out again i'd regain some of my nightly energy. the energy i used to have after running that would drive me to wash dishes or fold laundry.

dream on, jill!

i spent 45 minutes on the treadmill, 15 of those spent with 5 lb. handweights. and then i almost fell asleep on the way home. actually i did close my eyes at a stoplight and got honked at when i didn't see the light had changed. i think i need to take the "regime" thing seriously if i want that boost of energy i used to get from working out.

so here's where i need your help.

this was me before i was pregnant.
well, a year before i was pregnant. but i promise nothing changed.
i just needed a photo that showed my pre-baby body sans most clothing.

this is me now, 5 months preggo.
i'm not very happy with my phone's quality.

anyway, i'm feeling good about my waist, it's basically all baby. i even kinda like my butt, as in, the fact that i HAVE a butt. same for boobage, it's nice to see those are making an appearance 10 years after puberty. what i am not in love with is my arms. nor am i a fan of my upper thighs.

so what kind of exercises can i do for my arms and upper legs? i know a lot of things are considered unsafe when you're pregnant and i'm not really sure who to turn to for this. i won't be seeing my doctor again for another month and i've read a few articles on the subject. but the recommended workouts like swimming and dancing aren't things i have the resources for. my office complex (where i went today) has a gym with a couple treadmills, exercise bikes, free weights, and weight systems. i want to utilize those things instead of spending money on a membership somewhere. that even puts yoga on the back burner, since i want to avoid paying for something. i've heard that i can watch yoga videos on netflix, but then i'm afraid i'm going to do my positions wrong. every time i visit a yoga studio the instructor has to correct me several times before i get the hang of it. partially because i don't know my right from my left. oops.

all i've come up with is walking the treadmill with handheld weights. i was going to start lifting leg weights today but then was scared that i was going to eff something up in uterus-land. i know that probably sounds crazy, but you can never be too careful and i was worried.

so any recommendations for my arms and perhaps upper legs?


  1. Indoor cycling was the top of the list my doc gave me.

  2. Oh, and I know when my friend was doing boot camp with me, she did most of the lunges and small weight lifting things with me (small, as in no more than 8 or 10 pound dumbbells).

  3. I alternate between walking and arm exercises.

    MWF I walk with my mom (so much fun in the NC summer heat with the already swollen ankles!)

    TTH I do 3 sets of 10:
    Hammer curls with very small alternating lunges
    Bicep curls with again, very small squats
    Tricep kickbacks

    It's not much, but since I know I'll be going sleeveless all summer I don't want any flabby arms!

    PLUS I read an article that said that moms who regularly worked out while pregnant had healthier newborns than most one-month olds!

  4. My SIL went to special yoga classes for pregnant ladies! Maybe they have some in your area? Plus walking and light weights can't hurt.

    But this is coming from someone who NEVER exercises. I just absolutely loathe it. I figure waiting tables is good enough, right? I admire your desire to try!

  5. dude seriously, pick up like a prenatal yoga dvd or something. you can also do lunges with handheld weights. i heard a horror story about putting your arms above your head, so i never did that, but did lots of curls and stuff. good luck girl :)