Sunday, May 29, 2011

let the planning begin

while the hubs and i have been busy comparing paint swatches for the nursery and spending a small fortune on little girl clothes, my sister and good friend keli have been in full-on baby shower mode. laura designed these invitations to match the girly jungle theme. sorry for all the white-outs, i'm still so weird about putting my last name on the interwebs. isn't the invitation adorable? i love that she chose one with a monkey- jake's favorite animal, and a giraffe- my favorite animal!

friday night laura and alicia (my brother-in-law's sister, she's super sweet) did some trial cupcake runs. they are planning to decorate the cupcakes themselves and bought a cute little cupcake design book. the first round turned out super cute.

keli has been planning the rest of the food and came up with the most amazing idea. taco pizza!!! they're going to order a few of my absolute favorite food in the world and cut it into squares. there will be other snack foods too, but keli's mind is brilliant.

only one month until my sister ashley and i are driving up to iowa to spend the weekend with my fabulous friends and family for the 4th of july and leila's first shower! i can't wait. :-)

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  1. Oh my gosh, baby shower cupcakes are my FAVORITE cupcakes. I found a mini-cupcake pan and mini-cupcake liners once and used those... then I frosted them and put animal crackers on top. Too adorable.

    I'm so stoked to go shopping for this, you're my first pregnant FRIEND and not relative, which is about eighteen times as exciting :) (If I had a sister it would be more exciting but the preggos have all been aunts, step-sister-in-laws, etc.)

    Dave and I also get to go to our first FRIEND wedding at the end of June so it's shaping up to be an exciting summer!!