Monday, May 23, 2011

much better!

before i go into this whole spiel about how much better i feel, i wanted to say that starting today and continuing until thursday i'm going to be doing a gender announcement series! it will be:

monday: nursery themes for either gender
tuesday: an old wives' tale gender prediction
wednesday: the name reveal, basically the names we've picked out for either gender
thursday: the big reveal, which gender we are having

so be on the lookout for those! this is an EXCITING week. not only is it my lucky #19, it's gender week. so obviously we are stoked.

i'm feeling a whole lot better about the pregnancy today! i feel calm and overjoyed again instead of stressed and worried. i was planning to go to work early yesterday, but instead my husband wanted us to go to lunch since we weren't able to hang out on saturday. i went to victoria for nichole's wedding but he had to stay home because he had gotten a call on friday about a job interview. he said he wished he could've gone to the wedding, but he did get a lot done around the house. he cleaned out the garage and even got rid of our broken washing machine. we have some guest furniture to give to my sister and he organized that. he also did a bunch of yardwork like pulling weeds, mulching around the front trees and bushes, etc. the yard looks fabulous! as does the garage. as does his man cave. lol. but anyway, saturday was my good friend nichole's wedding and here are some photos, including what i look like when i'm not posing for bi-weekly pictures haha.

{ mr. and mrs. herrera! }

{ the wedding party }

{ so happy for these two! i love them }

 { bump! }

{ me and brooke, possibly the sweetest person i've ever met. no really, like, EVER }

{ after the wedding i visited my sister steph and niece sarah }

{ acting crazy with my sisters and niece! we thought it'd be funny to play with sarah's toys }

the wedding was beautiful, i loved nichole's colors... possibly because they were the same colors as my own wedding, ha. but she put them together even better than i did. during the ceremony she even had pomanders in the aisles that my mom had made for my wedding! again, i am so so SO happy for nichole, fernando, and their whole family. they are really lucky to have each other and their families are lucky to have such a great new son and great new daughter.

anyway, despite how wonderful saturday was, i felt so bogged down on sunday. hubby and i went to lunch at freebird's and sat outside, it was nice. afterward we decided to go to babies r'us and finish our registry basics! we decided on a color and style for crib (which i then picked out online) and we finally agreed on boy bedding in case that's what we find out we're having on thursday. that post is coming later today. :-) i did go to work for a bit, but it wasn't too bad. i came home and hubby had already made us supper. then we watched robin hood: men in tights because i'd never seen it before. it was pretty hilarious. spending the morning and evening unwinding with the hubs and making some nursery decisions did wonders for improving my overwhelming day. plus, of course, i got to hear the heartbeat again today! it was 148 bpm. it's amazing how one little round of "thump, thump, thump" can put your life in perspective and help you focus on the important things. :-) thank you for that, baby t!

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