Wednesday, June 29, 2011

bouncing off the walls

ahhhhh i am seriously bouncing off the walls with happiness today!!! first of all, i wasn't having a great day yesterday. i don't know, i was just in a... well... mood. so i bought a little treat from hey cupcake and headed home. when i checked the mail my day got 186 times better. first i noticed a little pink envelope with my sister-in-law wendi's return address label. the invitation to my second shower on july 16th! i immediately tore it open and it is crazy adorable. i'll take a picture of it and post on here, she did a great job. way better than any invitation i've ever done for a shower. heck, better than the ones i did for my own wedding, haha.

then i noticed there was a key in our mailbox, meaning we had a package. since we weren't expecting anything i wasn't sure what to think. then i saw it was from lizzy and used my keys to rip open the tape. it was filled with all sorts of pink goodies for leila! a dress, onesie, cardigans, bow, and monkey hoodie! i met lizzy at nichole's wedding and i have to say i'm pretty jealous that they are about to be sister-in-laws. i'm amazed that i only met lizzy a couple weeks ago yet between work, taking care of her beautiful baby olivia, and getting things ready for her own wedding next weekend, she and olivia were thoughtful enough to send leila some presents. she even got the exact same hoodie for olivia for when she's 2 years old, so they can be twins!! we're going to have to plan to both be in austin or victoria or denton or something around that time so they can have a picture together in their matching outfits. plus since olivia just turned a year old, all the little things about sleeping habits and monitors and other baby things are still fresh in lizzy's mind. she's been a wonderful source of advice and sharing her own experiences, i'm glad we've become friends.

it's crazy how checking the mail can completely alter a person's mood. on top of that, jake was cracking me up (but first freaking me out) with his fake roach. i asked him to put the cupcake in the fridge for me last night and when i took it out, i noticed the wrapper was loose. i assumed he'd caved and took a bite of it. instead, THIS gem was hidden under the cupcake.

what a turd! but a funny one. i screamed and almost dropped it, then realized it was his fake roach and died laughing. i love him.

on top of all of that, my sister ashley is coming to austin tonight so we can leave for iowa tomorrow!!!! i have a few last minute things to do like pick up a phone charger for my car and also pick up a prescription. otherwise i've done all the laundry, the house is clean enough, all the maps are printed. we are set for the road trip! i wish jake was going with us, but that's the trouble with owning his own business. he can't just up and leave without anyone to cover him. plus he can't take off his regular job to do his own business stuff in order to go. i'm going to miss him and the pups immensely.

however... i get to see my iowa family and friends this weekend! yay!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

24 weeks

i've been pregnant for 24 weeks. our little lady should arrive in around 16 weeks. ok, writing that out makes me feel like i don't have much time left to prepare- eeks!

how far along: 24 weeks

how big is baby: she has reached a milestone, over a pound! and almost a foot long, like an ear of corn. meanwhile, my uterus is supposedly around the size of a soccer ball. say what!?

weight gain / loss: i forgot to weigh myself when i woke up and refuse to do so after i've eaten because that's inaccurate. i'll try to remember to revise this section manana.

symptoms: nothing new or big here. most days i don't feel pregnant, until i try to bend over and it's a little more difficult, ha.

cravings / aversions: i've been craving ice cream like whoa. i'm not talking frozen yogurt or gelato or a popsicle, i mean i want mint chocolate chip from baskin robbins. nothing else can satisfy my craving!

movement: little kicks here and there, mostly at night.

gender: girly girl

belly button: my belly button hasn't popped out or anything, but i kind of think it might. it's starting to look a little funny. :-)

sleep: these bony hips are still making it difficult to sleep on my side, it hurts. but now laying on my back isn't as comfortable as it used to be either. oddly, i've discovered that wearing my hair in a bun when i go to bed is also uncomfortable. that never phased me before, but i have to wear my hair in a flat braid for it not to cramp my neck. my body is becoming so darn sensitive.

what i'm looking forward to: leaving for iowa in 4 days! super looking forward to our first baby shower this coming weekend. almost as much as i'm looking forward to seeing all our family and friends. i think it's looking like we'll have around 25 people or so at the house. i find that hard to believe, but i'm stoked nonetheless.

what i miss: being able to reach and bend. while i was painting the nursery i was getting frustrated because i simply can't reach as far as i used to be able to. apparently this soccer ball sized uterus is getting in the way. oh, and the baby inside of it. :-)

highlights this past week: finishing the paint and assembling our crib. here is the latest picture of the room. we've purchased the chair rail to go between the beige and pink, and our neighbor offered to help install it (he's a freaking miracle, that man) when we're all a little less busy, probably sometime in july.

Friday, June 24, 2011

lucky kiddo

leila is one lucky girl. maybe she'll be an artist like her dad.

you know, because clearly her father is a pro at using microsoft paint. these are his latest facebook profile pictures. he cracks me up!!!!! big thanks to my hubs for cheering me up after the crib debacle yesterday. i couldn't possibly be in a bad mood after treating ourselves to hey cupcake and seeing these gems. love you, honey!!

{ this is a cast over my face because i'm always so clumsy and hurt myself }

 { and now i'm a zombie. could be worse, could be a nazi zombie! }

Thursday, June 23, 2011

are you shitting me!?

so the replacement crib came in today. the box looked like this.


i tried to be optimistic. i thought perhaps the damage was confined to the edges of the box and maybe the styrofoam had done it's job.

then i took a piece out of the box. a piece where the box had no damage. i discovered the exact same problem we had with the first crib amazon / graco mailed us- splintered wood! gaps in the connection pieces!

we didn't bother taking any more pieces out. i'm sure there would've been damage from the holes in the box as a result of poor shipping or warehouse distribution. but the splintered wood and gaps where pieces are supposed to connect in a flush manner are clearly a problem from when the crib was made.

there is no way i'm going to put my baby girl in a crib of this quality. no effing way.

and now i shall ask, what brands do you guys recommend for cribs? i thought graco was a trusted name but i will trust them no more. nor do i trust amazon for selling this piece of junk. and for the crappy shipment of it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

counting down!

ahh, exactly 4 months until my due date! the hubs and i went out to dinner last night and were discussing how we want to handle the week of leila's arrival. i know my doctor is not averse to inducing, and i really think if october 16 comes and goes i will want to be induced right away. i couldn't handle being even a week late, babies get so big at the end! also, i'm all about the drugs. inducing drugs, pain reducing drugs, i want them all.

anyway, my family is so big and spread out but they all want to be here right away when leila comes. my dad is in salt lake city for work while my stepmom is in iowa. my sister laura is also in iowa. those three will all have to fly down. my mom and stepdad are 4 hours away on the texas coast while my sisters ashley and stephanie plus brother jarrett are about an hour inland from them. they'll all have to drive quite a distance to see her.

so i'm due on a sunday and my northern parents would like to fly down thursday to sunday after she's born. my sister laura and niece ava will also fly down then. i'm pretty sure my mom and stephanie will be here the day leila is born, mom never misses the birth of a grandbaby! then i think they will probably go back home after a day or two and return when laura is down. they don't get to see ava very often and i know they will want to spend time with both little girls. i'm not sure when ashley and jarrett will visit, it will probably depend on work schedules, but i have a hunch they might come when laura is here too. then all of the grandbabies- addison, sarah, ava, and leila can be together. or they may come on arrival day, who knows!

jake's mom and aunt both live in austin and i'm hoping they will be at the hospital when leila is born too. this is mimi's second grandchild but first granddaughter. i went to visit her a couple weeks ago and we lost track of time chatting about the nursery, what to expect in motherhood, how great of a dad jake is going to be. i can tell she's excited to be a grandma again. jake's brother nate and his girlfriend stephanie live in pennsylvania but have been planning to come down and visit this year. steph has become like a sister to me, we talk all the time and it's a shame we weren't as close when they lived in texas. i feel like we missed out on a couple years of great friendship. but she's like a sister now and they are going to hold off on coming down until october or later because they don't want to miss meeting their first niece! very sweet of them. :-)

i don't want to plan things out too detailed because of course they never happen that way, but ideally we'll have a few very close family members at the hospital when she's born along with our friends visiting in and out like the thetfords, pat and ruthie, aunt coco, etc. i really wish my megs could be here too (stupid pittsburgh). after the first day or two, we'd like to have a couple of days to ourselves. it's really important to us that we have intimate time just the three of us for a bit. i know there will be lots to learn and we'll want and need help, but help can arrive on thursday. we want her all to ourselves a little while too! then hotel enginerd will open up and we'll have our family staying at the house.

so that's that. exactly 4 months until my due date, looking forward to sharing leila's special arrival with our special families!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

20 week ultrasound

i just realized our 20 week ultrasound was a few weeks ago and i hadn't ever posted the pictures confirming that we're having a girl. it truly was incredible to be able to know for sure that we're having a little girl. to be 100% honest, we wanted a girl the whole time. i had a hunch it was a boy, but we were team pink thus far in the pregnancy. i tried really hard not to say it out loud to many people because i didn't want others to think i'd be ungrateful if we had a boy. trust me, the major thing was simply wanting a healthy baby. but a little girl was our dream and our dream is coming true! we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl on the way.

date of ultrasound: may 26, 2011

gestational age: 19 weeks, 4 days

crown to rump measurement: the sonographer didn't say, but did say something about her being just under 12 oz. jake was drinking a diet coke (which i told him was a jerk move in an obgyn's office surrounded by pregnant women who can't drink those haha) so we were each picking up the can to decide how heavy she was. pretty funny.

gestational age based on measurement: leila is measuring right on track, although we didn't get a specific age here

due date: still october 16th

heart rate: i believe her heartrate was 138 bpm. which i totally thought would be higher because i drank orange juice beforehand.

gender: it's a girl!

who was there: jake was with me and it was so special to be just the two of us, i'm glad we didn't share this ultrasound with anyone else. my last couple were with friends and family, but it was nice to be the two of us. the sonographer went through the anatomy of leila's body piece by piece and we kept smiling at each new thing we learned. her little feet and toes were so cute. seeing all 4 heart chambers was a relief. you know, just seeing that every bit had fallen into place correctly was a relief. now that we know she's all healthy, we're anxious to know what she really looks like.

movement: i thought drinking orange juice before the ultrasound would make the baby more active, but no such luck! she was calm as a cucumber, which apparently was perfect for getting shots. we knew her gender within 2 minutes of starting the ultrasound. there were a couple times when the sonographer wanted her to move her arm to get a good look at something, so she would prod about a bit. then jake would say something hilarious to make me laugh and leila would move exactly as needed. guess it's a good thing my husband is so funny! perhaps that humor will give us an obedient child in the future? well, we can wish lol. i think i mentioned this in another blog, but i have anterior placenta and was told not to be alarmed if i don't feel as much movement as other friends do at this stage. i'm over 22 weeks now and haven't felt her in a few days, nor does my heart monitor machine pick up her beat yet. le sigh.

highlight of the ultrasound: knowing we're having a girl, definitely. we immediately went shopping for her. this was the first dress we bought our pumpkin. jake even picked it out!


here are the photos from the ultrasound.

{ it's a girl! }

{ someone is going to have big feet like her mama... }

{ torso on the left, head on the right, and arm on top }

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

weekend nursery progress

i did a couple of things for the nursery this weekend, some good, some bad!

on saturday i decoupaged leila's name letters. the project isn't done yet, i'm planning to buy some frames to place around them and paint green and turquoise. the letters are 10" tall, so i need to find cheap 11" x 14" frames for the second half the project. i'll post instructions for both when i finish the whole thing and have it hanging. the letters started as this...

and ended as this...

then sunday we went to lowe's and bought the "salsa diane" paint. it took quite awhile to use the laser level and put tape around the perimeter of the room, but i want to make the chair rail process as painless as possible. we chose to paint the bottom pink and keep the top beige because we didn't want to deal with standing on a stepladder for hours, plus ceiling lines are so difficult to get right!

{ taping the room... please note the super snazzy shorts i'm wearing. they are jake's! none of my crappy paint clothes fit now, haha }

{ getting around the trim }

overall, the room looks red-orange and blotchy. i will probably put the second coat up on sunday when we return from dallas. or heck, maybe i'll get off work early one day and do it then. we shall see!

well that is the progress on miss leila's room so far! i'm sure i'll post more pictures when we finalize the paint and assemble the crib, most likely this weekend. nurseries are too much fun!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

happy pregnancy changes

it's amazing the way your mind and priorities change once you're pregnant. i used to get so bent out of shape over the smallest things, and lately even the big things can't keep me down. my husband was blogging a few weeks ago about how he couldn't be happier with leila on the way and that he's enjoying little things more than he used to. the little things aren't bothering him as much either. that post meant the world to me. i know we're extremely happy right now (is there such a thing as too happy?) but it's always nice to hear your husband announce that to the rest of the world. :-)

i have had a lot of stress at work lately with late nights and weekends. but you know what, my baby makes it easy to see the positive side of everything. when i was at the office last sunday, i kept telling myself "well, these couple of hours will pay for leila's crib!" or yesterday i painted the nursery and it looked terrible. it's really blotchy and looks red-orange. my friends say the second and possibly third coats will help even it out and make it pinker. so i tell myself that each coat of paint is my dedication to making leila's life as perfect as i can, all the way down to the shade of pink on her walls. when i need some time to unwind after a long day, i find myself at babies r'us or target picking out things for leila. (jake usually tags along too hehe) most of the time i'm not even buying anything, i'm just thinking about how that white vase might look on her dresser or green lamp might look on her bookshelf.

i guess what i'm trying to say is that i never imagined planning for a baby would have this kind of effect on me. leila isn't here yet and the happiness i feel when painting or picking out nursery letters for her is overwhelming. it's like putting her first soothes me. i wish others could find this same happiness in their children, it's really sad when people spend so much time and energy focusing on bitterness and hatred. any time i feel the least bit of negativity building up, all i have to do is put my hand on my belly and know there is a little girl squirming about in there, waiting patiently to meet her mommy and daddy. i can't wait to put a face on this happiness, we are so excited to meet our daughter. only 18 weeks to go!

ps: i've been meaning to link this for awhile, but my bff nichole is back in the blogging world. she got married a few weeks ago and i know her life is equally blissful right now too. so if you were a follower of hers before, you can check out her new blog

Sunday, June 12, 2011

22 weeks

it was just over 4 months ago that we found out we were pregnant, and here we are with only 4 months left. i hope they fly by!

how far along: 22 weeks

how big is baby: leila is around 11 inches long and just under a pound now. since i'm an engineer, i always have a scale (well, fancy ruler in non-engineer terms) on my desk so a lot of times i will grab it and hold it up to my belly to see how big she is. i'm in awe of her being around 11 inches right now, how on earth can i not feel a creature that big on a regular basis!? and how does she ball herself up to fit!? i don't see where that room exists.

weight gain / loss: i'm up to 155.0, or an overall 10.8 pound weight gain for the pregnancy. i'm still below average for how far along i am but i know leila is getting the nutrients she needs which is the most important thing.

symptoms: this is a really weird one so you guys are going to have to tell me if you went through this. my sweat glands have done a 180. i sweat like a man and it's been plaguing me since i was around 12. for years i would put sweat pads on the underarms of my shirts, wear sweaters to cover anyone from seeing sweat stains, etc. about 8 years ago my friend brandon told me about certain-dri deodorant and i've been using it ever since. it's been the only thing that could ever curb my sweating. anyway, i ran out last week and figured i could survive a day with regular deodorant since i couldn't make it to the store yet. not only did i survive, i didn't sweat like a man. i'm now on day 11 without certain-dri and have yet to sweat through a shirt. i knew my hormones were going to change once i became pregnant, but this is shocking to me!

cravings / aversions: salads with italian dressing. mmm, i want to eat at olive garden every day!

movement: i can always feel leila when i eat mexican food, ice cream, and watch atheism documentaries (the hubs and i are nerds). girl after my own heart! no really, those are literally the only times i feel her, it's only about three times a week now. she did kick a little painfully during a particularly stressful deadline day at work, which clearly means she disliked that project as much as i did, lol.

gender: girl

belly button: no change. but my coworker was showing me pics of his son's newborn session and i was a bit disturbed by the remaining umbilical cord looking almost black. i was not aware my baby was going to have a freaky black belly button during her first weeks. yuck.

sleep: 8-9 glorious hours a night. i read that you're not supposed to sleep on your back after about 20 weeks, but i still do. it hurts to sleep on my side for a long period of time because i have bony hips. i start on my side, but wake up on my back and apparently as long as i'm comfortable, that's alright. my body will likely wake me up if i'm cutting off any oxygen and whatnot.

what i'm looking forward to: we ordered our crib! i can't wait to assemble it this week.

what i miss: being able to pick up heavy things easily, like my dog. i think i'm supposed to stop lifting heavy items at some point buuuut i don't really remember the rules and dexter is probably only about 15-20 lbs, so i still love picking him up! it's just a little more difficult now because i don't feel as strong. on that same token, i totally spent memorial day disassembling and moving the guest bed from one room to the other, mattress included. i hate to feel helpless and i think as long as i'm using my legs more than my back, i should be fine.

highlights this past week: getting the nursery going. the crib should be here thursday or friday, i made the first part of leila's name letters, and we picked the wall color. starting to kick into baby planning gear now!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

nursery inspiration

we've made some pretty big nursery decisions the past few weeks and i'm excited to share them with yall. we've confirmed the bedding, crib, and wall color. YAY!

the following items are featured in this inspiration board:

carter's jungle jill bedding
graco lauren crib in espresso
olympic salsa diane paint

for the bedding, we knew what we wanted from the first time we saw this bedding and it was an easy choice.

the crib, i am shocked to say, my husband ACTUALLY had an opinion on. i had picked out the graco sarah crib and had already put it on our registry. then i thought "hmm, perhaps i should ask the hubs his opinion." and who woulda thunk it, he had an opinion. he wasn't a big fan of the crib i'd chosen and asked if there were any others i'd liked. i showed him my top five and the graco lauren in espresso was his favorite. we both knew we wanted to use a dark color wood and after seeing this in person, i was even more confident in my husband's taste in furniture. i read through several reviews and you really can't beat this crib for the price. i think the cheapest i've found is at target or amazon, babies r'us is $30 more than those. we visited pottery barn kids and other furniture stores too for cribs and didn't love any as much as this one.

we've been talking about different paint combinations for the past week or so and decided on salsa diane today. er, i decided on it today, lol. we went to lowe's and picked up about 5 swatch cards that we thought matched our bedding. i took them to babies r'us today and held them next to both our crib and bedding. we are planning to keep the top of the walls beige then add a white chair rail and paint the bottom this deep raspberry pink color. although after finding that other nursery photo from the above collage online, i kind of love the idea of a white bottom with pink top. i guess we'll see what happens when we go to lowe's again! anyway, we couldn't find a good green to match the neon-ish green of the bedding and also sage storage bins we liked. baby pink wasn't really up our alley. the orange was cute, but i felt like there wasn't enough orange in the bedding for it to really feel cohesive. dark brown was my favorite at first, but it looked awful against our espresso (like a dark cherry color) wood. the raspberry color was dark enough that it was different than the bedding (although the color is in some of the details), but still worked well with the room. and i think it's a color our little girl will be happy with down the road. oh! and did you guys notice the irony of the paint name? i hadn't given it a second thought until i was walking out of the store convinced of my choice. the name "salsa diane" for leila diane's room was icing on the cake.

if i don't have to work overtime next weekend, i'm hoping we can paint the nursery then. we've also been planning to buy the crib this week. then i think we're going to be on hold with leila's room until our showers come along. my family keeps telling us to stop buying things, but it's really hard when you have a vision and are oh so excited about it!

well that's all for today. i hope i can get some before and after pics posted in the next couple of weeks!!