Wednesday, June 15, 2011

20 week ultrasound

i just realized our 20 week ultrasound was a few weeks ago and i hadn't ever posted the pictures confirming that we're having a girl. it truly was incredible to be able to know for sure that we're having a little girl. to be 100% honest, we wanted a girl the whole time. i had a hunch it was a boy, but we were team pink thus far in the pregnancy. i tried really hard not to say it out loud to many people because i didn't want others to think i'd be ungrateful if we had a boy. trust me, the major thing was simply wanting a healthy baby. but a little girl was our dream and our dream is coming true! we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl on the way.

date of ultrasound: may 26, 2011

gestational age: 19 weeks, 4 days

crown to rump measurement: the sonographer didn't say, but did say something about her being just under 12 oz. jake was drinking a diet coke (which i told him was a jerk move in an obgyn's office surrounded by pregnant women who can't drink those haha) so we were each picking up the can to decide how heavy she was. pretty funny.

gestational age based on measurement: leila is measuring right on track, although we didn't get a specific age here

due date: still october 16th

heart rate: i believe her heartrate was 138 bpm. which i totally thought would be higher because i drank orange juice beforehand.

gender: it's a girl!

who was there: jake was with me and it was so special to be just the two of us, i'm glad we didn't share this ultrasound with anyone else. my last couple were with friends and family, but it was nice to be the two of us. the sonographer went through the anatomy of leila's body piece by piece and we kept smiling at each new thing we learned. her little feet and toes were so cute. seeing all 4 heart chambers was a relief. you know, just seeing that every bit had fallen into place correctly was a relief. now that we know she's all healthy, we're anxious to know what she really looks like.

movement: i thought drinking orange juice before the ultrasound would make the baby more active, but no such luck! she was calm as a cucumber, which apparently was perfect for getting shots. we knew her gender within 2 minutes of starting the ultrasound. there were a couple times when the sonographer wanted her to move her arm to get a good look at something, so she would prod about a bit. then jake would say something hilarious to make me laugh and leila would move exactly as needed. guess it's a good thing my husband is so funny! perhaps that humor will give us an obedient child in the future? well, we can wish lol. i think i mentioned this in another blog, but i have anterior placenta and was told not to be alarmed if i don't feel as much movement as other friends do at this stage. i'm over 22 weeks now and haven't felt her in a few days, nor does my heart monitor machine pick up her beat yet. le sigh.

highlight of the ultrasound: knowing we're having a girl, definitely. we immediately went shopping for her. this was the first dress we bought our pumpkin. jake even picked it out!


here are the photos from the ultrasound.

{ it's a girl! }

{ someone is going to have big feet like her mama... }

{ torso on the left, head on the right, and arm on top }

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