Sunday, June 12, 2011

22 weeks

it was just over 4 months ago that we found out we were pregnant, and here we are with only 4 months left. i hope they fly by!

how far along: 22 weeks

how big is baby: leila is around 11 inches long and just under a pound now. since i'm an engineer, i always have a scale (well, fancy ruler in non-engineer terms) on my desk so a lot of times i will grab it and hold it up to my belly to see how big she is. i'm in awe of her being around 11 inches right now, how on earth can i not feel a creature that big on a regular basis!? and how does she ball herself up to fit!? i don't see where that room exists.

weight gain / loss: i'm up to 155.0, or an overall 10.8 pound weight gain for the pregnancy. i'm still below average for how far along i am but i know leila is getting the nutrients she needs which is the most important thing.

symptoms: this is a really weird one so you guys are going to have to tell me if you went through this. my sweat glands have done a 180. i sweat like a man and it's been plaguing me since i was around 12. for years i would put sweat pads on the underarms of my shirts, wear sweaters to cover anyone from seeing sweat stains, etc. about 8 years ago my friend brandon told me about certain-dri deodorant and i've been using it ever since. it's been the only thing that could ever curb my sweating. anyway, i ran out last week and figured i could survive a day with regular deodorant since i couldn't make it to the store yet. not only did i survive, i didn't sweat like a man. i'm now on day 11 without certain-dri and have yet to sweat through a shirt. i knew my hormones were going to change once i became pregnant, but this is shocking to me!

cravings / aversions: salads with italian dressing. mmm, i want to eat at olive garden every day!

movement: i can always feel leila when i eat mexican food, ice cream, and watch atheism documentaries (the hubs and i are nerds). girl after my own heart! no really, those are literally the only times i feel her, it's only about three times a week now. she did kick a little painfully during a particularly stressful deadline day at work, which clearly means she disliked that project as much as i did, lol.

gender: girl

belly button: no change. but my coworker was showing me pics of his son's newborn session and i was a bit disturbed by the remaining umbilical cord looking almost black. i was not aware my baby was going to have a freaky black belly button during her first weeks. yuck.

sleep: 8-9 glorious hours a night. i read that you're not supposed to sleep on your back after about 20 weeks, but i still do. it hurts to sleep on my side for a long period of time because i have bony hips. i start on my side, but wake up on my back and apparently as long as i'm comfortable, that's alright. my body will likely wake me up if i'm cutting off any oxygen and whatnot.

what i'm looking forward to: we ordered our crib! i can't wait to assemble it this week.

what i miss: being able to pick up heavy things easily, like my dog. i think i'm supposed to stop lifting heavy items at some point buuuut i don't really remember the rules and dexter is probably only about 15-20 lbs, so i still love picking him up! it's just a little more difficult now because i don't feel as strong. on that same token, i totally spent memorial day disassembling and moving the guest bed from one room to the other, mattress included. i hate to feel helpless and i think as long as i'm using my legs more than my back, i should be fine.

highlights this past week: getting the nursery going. the crib should be here thursday or friday, i made the first part of leila's name letters, and we picked the wall color. starting to kick into baby planning gear now!

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