Sunday, June 26, 2011

24 weeks

i've been pregnant for 24 weeks. our little lady should arrive in around 16 weeks. ok, writing that out makes me feel like i don't have much time left to prepare- eeks!

how far along: 24 weeks

how big is baby: she has reached a milestone, over a pound! and almost a foot long, like an ear of corn. meanwhile, my uterus is supposedly around the size of a soccer ball. say what!?

weight gain / loss: i forgot to weigh myself when i woke up and refuse to do so after i've eaten because that's inaccurate. i'll try to remember to revise this section manana.

symptoms: nothing new or big here. most days i don't feel pregnant, until i try to bend over and it's a little more difficult, ha.

cravings / aversions: i've been craving ice cream like whoa. i'm not talking frozen yogurt or gelato or a popsicle, i mean i want mint chocolate chip from baskin robbins. nothing else can satisfy my craving!

movement: little kicks here and there, mostly at night.

gender: girly girl

belly button: my belly button hasn't popped out or anything, but i kind of think it might. it's starting to look a little funny. :-)

sleep: these bony hips are still making it difficult to sleep on my side, it hurts. but now laying on my back isn't as comfortable as it used to be either. oddly, i've discovered that wearing my hair in a bun when i go to bed is also uncomfortable. that never phased me before, but i have to wear my hair in a flat braid for it not to cramp my neck. my body is becoming so darn sensitive.

what i'm looking forward to: leaving for iowa in 4 days! super looking forward to our first baby shower this coming weekend. almost as much as i'm looking forward to seeing all our family and friends. i think it's looking like we'll have around 25 people or so at the house. i find that hard to believe, but i'm stoked nonetheless.

what i miss: being able to reach and bend. while i was painting the nursery i was getting frustrated because i simply can't reach as far as i used to be able to. apparently this soccer ball sized uterus is getting in the way. oh, and the baby inside of it. :-)

highlights this past week: finishing the paint and assembling our crib. here is the latest picture of the room. we've purchased the chair rail to go between the beige and pink, and our neighbor offered to help install it (he's a freaking miracle, that man) when we're all a little less busy, probably sometime in july.


  1. Wow, time is flying! I love how the raspberry color turned out!

  2. Hi Jill!

    I've been reading your blog for a few weeks. We don't know each other at all, I found you Googling something I can't even remember :)

    I'm 18 weeks pregnant and currently shopping online for an affordable crib. Can you tell me wich one you chose after being so disappointed with the Graco one?


  3. congrats on the pregnancy valerie!! we actually ended up getting the graco lauren crib after all. but instead of ordering it from amazon, we got it from burlington coat factory. i think the main issue was in shipping. my sister-in-law works at an amazon warehouse and said boxes NEVER look like ours when they leave, nor do products. i chalked it up to the consistently damaged part simply being susceptible to shipping problems. the one we got from BCF was in perfect condition, now we love it!

  4. Thanks so much for your answer. I finally found a used one for a $100 (mattress included!!). We'll get it tomorrow, I'm so excited! :)