Thursday, June 23, 2011

are you shitting me!?

so the replacement crib came in today. the box looked like this.


i tried to be optimistic. i thought perhaps the damage was confined to the edges of the box and maybe the styrofoam had done it's job.

then i took a piece out of the box. a piece where the box had no damage. i discovered the exact same problem we had with the first crib amazon / graco mailed us- splintered wood! gaps in the connection pieces!

we didn't bother taking any more pieces out. i'm sure there would've been damage from the holes in the box as a result of poor shipping or warehouse distribution. but the splintered wood and gaps where pieces are supposed to connect in a flush manner are clearly a problem from when the crib was made.

there is no way i'm going to put my baby girl in a crib of this quality. no effing way.

and now i shall ask, what brands do you guys recommend for cribs? i thought graco was a trusted name but i will trust them no more. nor do i trust amazon for selling this piece of junk. and for the crappy shipment of it.


  1. Oh that sucks. I would be livid. We have a Babi Italia Pinehurst crib and I absolutely love it. Bought it through Babies R Us and have no complaints there either. Good luck!

  2. I'm so sorry - what a bummer! Seems like shipping is the problem. Is there a local store that sells the crib you like? Hope you find a solution soon.. I know you'll feel better once it's in the nursery.

    This makes me SO worried because I'm less than 7 weeks out and still waiting on my crib. If arrives damaged I will flip my lid. Truly. This crib is already stressing me out.

  3. I already commented on FB but ours was a Childcraft and it held up through 4 kiddos! Graco got lousy reviews on cribs but high ratings on some of their carseats last I knew. I used a couple of different editions of the book Baby Bargains to research what crib, carseat, stroller, high chair, etc. to get. They put out a new one every year or so with reviews of all the newest models.