Wednesday, June 29, 2011

bouncing off the walls

ahhhhh i am seriously bouncing off the walls with happiness today!!! first of all, i wasn't having a great day yesterday. i don't know, i was just in a... well... mood. so i bought a little treat from hey cupcake and headed home. when i checked the mail my day got 186 times better. first i noticed a little pink envelope with my sister-in-law wendi's return address label. the invitation to my second shower on july 16th! i immediately tore it open and it is crazy adorable. i'll take a picture of it and post on here, she did a great job. way better than any invitation i've ever done for a shower. heck, better than the ones i did for my own wedding, haha.

then i noticed there was a key in our mailbox, meaning we had a package. since we weren't expecting anything i wasn't sure what to think. then i saw it was from lizzy and used my keys to rip open the tape. it was filled with all sorts of pink goodies for leila! a dress, onesie, cardigans, bow, and monkey hoodie! i met lizzy at nichole's wedding and i have to say i'm pretty jealous that they are about to be sister-in-laws. i'm amazed that i only met lizzy a couple weeks ago yet between work, taking care of her beautiful baby olivia, and getting things ready for her own wedding next weekend, she and olivia were thoughtful enough to send leila some presents. she even got the exact same hoodie for olivia for when she's 2 years old, so they can be twins!! we're going to have to plan to both be in austin or victoria or denton or something around that time so they can have a picture together in their matching outfits. plus since olivia just turned a year old, all the little things about sleeping habits and monitors and other baby things are still fresh in lizzy's mind. she's been a wonderful source of advice and sharing her own experiences, i'm glad we've become friends.

it's crazy how checking the mail can completely alter a person's mood. on top of that, jake was cracking me up (but first freaking me out) with his fake roach. i asked him to put the cupcake in the fridge for me last night and when i took it out, i noticed the wrapper was loose. i assumed he'd caved and took a bite of it. instead, THIS gem was hidden under the cupcake.

what a turd! but a funny one. i screamed and almost dropped it, then realized it was his fake roach and died laughing. i love him.

on top of all of that, my sister ashley is coming to austin tonight so we can leave for iowa tomorrow!!!! i have a few last minute things to do like pick up a phone charger for my car and also pick up a prescription. otherwise i've done all the laundry, the house is clean enough, all the maps are printed. we are set for the road trip! i wish jake was going with us, but that's the trouble with owning his own business. he can't just up and leave without anyone to cover him. plus he can't take off his regular job to do his own business stuff in order to go. i'm going to miss him and the pups immensely.

however... i get to see my iowa family and friends this weekend! yay!!!

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