Thursday, June 16, 2011

counting down!

ahh, exactly 4 months until my due date! the hubs and i went out to dinner last night and were discussing how we want to handle the week of leila's arrival. i know my doctor is not averse to inducing, and i really think if october 16 comes and goes i will want to be induced right away. i couldn't handle being even a week late, babies get so big at the end! also, i'm all about the drugs. inducing drugs, pain reducing drugs, i want them all.

anyway, my family is so big and spread out but they all want to be here right away when leila comes. my dad is in salt lake city for work while my stepmom is in iowa. my sister laura is also in iowa. those three will all have to fly down. my mom and stepdad are 4 hours away on the texas coast while my sisters ashley and stephanie plus brother jarrett are about an hour inland from them. they'll all have to drive quite a distance to see her.

so i'm due on a sunday and my northern parents would like to fly down thursday to sunday after she's born. my sister laura and niece ava will also fly down then. i'm pretty sure my mom and stephanie will be here the day leila is born, mom never misses the birth of a grandbaby! then i think they will probably go back home after a day or two and return when laura is down. they don't get to see ava very often and i know they will want to spend time with both little girls. i'm not sure when ashley and jarrett will visit, it will probably depend on work schedules, but i have a hunch they might come when laura is here too. then all of the grandbabies- addison, sarah, ava, and leila can be together. or they may come on arrival day, who knows!

jake's mom and aunt both live in austin and i'm hoping they will be at the hospital when leila is born too. this is mimi's second grandchild but first granddaughter. i went to visit her a couple weeks ago and we lost track of time chatting about the nursery, what to expect in motherhood, how great of a dad jake is going to be. i can tell she's excited to be a grandma again. jake's brother nate and his girlfriend stephanie live in pennsylvania but have been planning to come down and visit this year. steph has become like a sister to me, we talk all the time and it's a shame we weren't as close when they lived in texas. i feel like we missed out on a couple years of great friendship. but she's like a sister now and they are going to hold off on coming down until october or later because they don't want to miss meeting their first niece! very sweet of them. :-)

i don't want to plan things out too detailed because of course they never happen that way, but ideally we'll have a few very close family members at the hospital when she's born along with our friends visiting in and out like the thetfords, pat and ruthie, aunt coco, etc. i really wish my megs could be here too (stupid pittsburgh). after the first day or two, we'd like to have a couple of days to ourselves. it's really important to us that we have intimate time just the three of us for a bit. i know there will be lots to learn and we'll want and need help, but help can arrive on thursday. we want her all to ourselves a little while too! then hotel enginerd will open up and we'll have our family staying at the house.

so that's that. exactly 4 months until my due date, looking forward to sharing leila's special arrival with our special families!

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  1. I can't believe you only have four more months!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!