Sunday, June 5, 2011

nursery inspiration

we've made some pretty big nursery decisions the past few weeks and i'm excited to share them with yall. we've confirmed the bedding, crib, and wall color. YAY!

the following items are featured in this inspiration board:

carter's jungle jill bedding
graco lauren crib in espresso
olympic salsa diane paint

for the bedding, we knew what we wanted from the first time we saw this bedding and it was an easy choice.

the crib, i am shocked to say, my husband ACTUALLY had an opinion on. i had picked out the graco sarah crib and had already put it on our registry. then i thought "hmm, perhaps i should ask the hubs his opinion." and who woulda thunk it, he had an opinion. he wasn't a big fan of the crib i'd chosen and asked if there were any others i'd liked. i showed him my top five and the graco lauren in espresso was his favorite. we both knew we wanted to use a dark color wood and after seeing this in person, i was even more confident in my husband's taste in furniture. i read through several reviews and you really can't beat this crib for the price. i think the cheapest i've found is at target or amazon, babies r'us is $30 more than those. we visited pottery barn kids and other furniture stores too for cribs and didn't love any as much as this one.

we've been talking about different paint combinations for the past week or so and decided on salsa diane today. er, i decided on it today, lol. we went to lowe's and picked up about 5 swatch cards that we thought matched our bedding. i took them to babies r'us today and held them next to both our crib and bedding. we are planning to keep the top of the walls beige then add a white chair rail and paint the bottom this deep raspberry pink color. although after finding that other nursery photo from the above collage online, i kind of love the idea of a white bottom with pink top. i guess we'll see what happens when we go to lowe's again! anyway, we couldn't find a good green to match the neon-ish green of the bedding and also sage storage bins we liked. baby pink wasn't really up our alley. the orange was cute, but i felt like there wasn't enough orange in the bedding for it to really feel cohesive. dark brown was my favorite at first, but it looked awful against our espresso (like a dark cherry color) wood. the raspberry color was dark enough that it was different than the bedding (although the color is in some of the details), but still worked well with the room. and i think it's a color our little girl will be happy with down the road. oh! and did you guys notice the irony of the paint name? i hadn't given it a second thought until i was walking out of the store convinced of my choice. the name "salsa diane" for leila diane's room was icing on the cake.

if i don't have to work overtime next weekend, i'm hoping we can paint the nursery then. we've also been planning to buy the crib this week. then i think we're going to be on hold with leila's room until our showers come along. my family keeps telling us to stop buying things, but it's really hard when you have a vision and are oh so excited about it!

well that's all for today. i hope i can get some before and after pics posted in the next couple of weeks!!

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  1. That's so cute! We chose the same crib but we purchased (yes we already have it....but its still in the box!) It from burlington coat factory.