Sunday, July 24, 2011

28 weeks

leila and i are officially in the third trimester! also, i added a little box to the left for guessing when leila will arrive, her length, weight, etc. make sure you guys take a guess! i had put in my answers then i asked the hubs for his and it's so weird that we both chose a time 42 minutes past the hour. great minds. :-)

how far along: 28 weeks

how big is baby: our daughter is around 2 1/4 pounds (she's gained almost a whole pound since the last update!) and measures 14.8 inches from head to heel. also, she is blinking now and has eyelashes. that is so sweet to me.

weight gain / loss: today i weigh 163.6. at my last check-in i was 161.6, so i've gained exactly 2 pounds in 2 weeks. this is an overall weight gain of 19.4 pounds for the pregnancy. i'm supposed to gain between 25 and 35 pounds, so if i keep up this pound a week thing for the next 12 weeks, i'll still be on course.

symptoms: i had my first major instance of round ligament pain this week. it lasted from saturday through wednesday, ouch! my friend kat was feeling my belly last weekend and said that it is suuuuuper tight, not the least bit squishy. apparently my body is stretching as leila grows, instead of leila growing into a stretched belly. it doesn't surprise me that i was having round ligament pain if my ligaments are trying to support the ever-growing baby in there.

cravings / aversions: i lost most of my appetite while i was sick so nothing to report here.

movement: i've started trying to pinpoint her most active hours of the day. i can almost always feel her from 8-9pm, but during the day it varies. i think a lot of that has to do with how relaxed i am.

gender: baby girl

belly button: the top part of my belly button keeps protruding and the hubs thinks it's hilarious for some reason. boys!

sleep: this is kind of like the craving/aversion. sleeping has been terrible the past week thanks to being sick. the best night of sleep i got was after i took nyquil on accident (oops!). otherwise i can't recall a day where i haven't woken up unable to breathe from congestion or with side pains. i'm ready to be fully cured of this crud.

what i'm looking forward to: 12 weeks zooming by so i can see what leila looks like! it's all i think about. i think i've finally settled on an image of her, which i'm sure will be so wrong. i think my light brown hair and nose with jake's blue-green eyes and pale skin. considering how impatient i am to see her, i don't know how people go so long without knowing the baby's gender. i would die.

what i miss: not making grotesque noises when i stand or bend over. um, wait, that came out wrong. i mean every time i hoist myself up i make some sort of grunting noise. or when i bend over to pick up the dog bowls i sound like i'm gasping for air as soon as my belly halts my chest from going any further. it's weird and unintentional, i think i sound like an old fat lady.

highlights this past week: feeling leila kick the day after i took nyquil. i was worried sick that i'd liquored my baby up and offed her. when you're pregnant, rationality isn't a woman's strong suit, lol. i took nyquil around 1am and didn't feel her kick until 5pm the next day. but when i did feel her kick, i was relieved! what a pathetic highlight, haha.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

shower and sickling

man, i have been sicker than a dog the better part of this week! sunday afternoon i was driving home from south austin and bam, felt like i'd been hit by a bus. my throat was beginning to feel sore and i was fatigued beyond belief. jake was sick last week so i assumed i'd caught his illness. by monday i had a mild fever and kept waking up in the night gasping for breath, my throat and chest were congested. since then it's been incredibly miserable, i constantly feel like my throat is going to close at any moment. on top of all that, i had the worst pain in my right abdomen saturday evening through today. i was very afraid that there was something wrong with my appendix, because of the fever accompanying all of this. luckily the side pain subsided this morning along with the fever. i still feel like garbage, this is the first time i've been on the computer for any length of time since sunday morning (except monday night when i had to do a quick task for work). as much as it sucks to be sick, my weekend was still pretty darn good.

why? because we had leila's second baby shower! my sisters stephanie, wendi, and ashley threw us a shower at the sanctuary in port o'connor. that place is so gorgeous and my sisters did a wonderful job. my brain is still a bit foggy right now, so i'm not going to go through and caption all of these. i'll just say it was wonderful to spend the afternoon with my sisters (except we missed laura!), mom, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, nieces, and friends. i love the women in my family and wouldn't trade any of them for the world. i feel very lucky that almost everyone in my family from the victoria, port lavaca, and poc area made the drive to attend! even great-aunt margitta came down from pennsylvania. i've had two lovely afternoons with my iowa and texas families, now i'm looking forward to our next shower in a few weeks with our austin friends and my favorites of jake's family.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


only 3 more months until our little princess is here. it's strange to think that it was one year ago when jake tapped on my shoulder and said "are you awake? i want a baby." we spent the next few weeks trying to compromise the right time to have a baby, i was insistent upon waiting another year or two, the hubs was ready then. now i can't believe i ever wanted to wait, i'm more than ready to be a mom. i want to meet our daughter so badly.

next week will be jake and i's 8 year anniversary. but it was july 15, 2003 when we found out we had a crush on each other during a hurricane claudette party at his apartment. little leila might not be on the way if 8 years ago tomorrow i hadn't been puddle jumping around victoria with my friend ralph and saw people on jake's balcony. if our friend james hadn't said "so jill, do you think my friend jacob is cute?" on that same balcony. if that night jake hadn't invited me to go see pirates of the caribbean the following weekend. i might not be in a wonderful marriage with a wonderful man if that hurricane hadn't come.

and here we are, 8 years later, expecting a child. i never thought our marriage could be better than it's been, but leila proved me wrong. she's brought so much happiness to our lives that i didn't even know was possible. the mornings when i wake up and jake has his hand on my belly. the moments when we swoon over monkey butt pants at the store. the times when we're cracking up as jake plays tug of war with kylie using a chicago bears onesie as i put furniture together. i'm ready for these next 3 months to pass so we can share our relationship with leila. i know being a parent is hard, but we are ready to work at it. we've vowed not to be the parents that use our child for leverage. we won't use her against each other and we won't tell people they can't see her unless they act a certain way. kids shouldn't suffer because their parents can't be adults or because their marriage isn't a happy one. i feel thankful that 8 years later, our relationship continues to strengthen and we are ready for the challenges of parenthood. or at least as ready as we'll ever be! now of course you can all feel free to ask me how that challenge is going when my nerves are shot come october, haha.

anyway, that's all for this sentimental day. 8 years with jake and 3 months to go with leila. i love our family more than the earth, moon, sun, and stars. i'm eager for all of us to be together at last.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

iowa shower weekend

wow, what a weekend we had in iowa!!!

ashley and i left austin on thursday morning and drove to kansas city to meet my great-aunt and uncle for dinner. it was great, we hadn't seen lee and diane since our wedding over 2 years ago.

after dinner, we drove to ankeny, iowa, which is where my sister laura lives. we spent the night there and got to play with little ava before daycare on friday. she is the happiest baby i've ever been around. she never wakes up crying, she wakes up smiling and laughing, it's unreal. i kept telling leila to take notes!! we ate lunch with laura and andrew and i hung out with kathy (andrew's mom) for a bit. i've dubbed kathy as leila's adopted grandmother, she is so sweet, i love her like she's my mother-in-law. when we were there kathy was actually sewing burp clothes for leila with her name embroidered on them. they're adorable, i must take pictures and post them.

we arrived in davenport on friday and spent the afternoon with my parents, just chatting. then we went to dinner at rudy's with liz, delilah, dave, vicky, and dan. liz took us around in her dad's classic bonneville, always a good time! after dinner my sister asked if all of my friends there were atheist, based on the subject matter of our conversations. i think it was good for her to get out of bible-thumpin' republican victoria and see that in other parts of the country there are diverse groups of friends. we all get together and discuss same-sex marital rights, evolution, and politics at dinner instead of my husband's cousin's girlfriend said blah blah blah on facebook yesterday. after dinner we grabbed whitey's ice cream and spent the evening outside.

saturday was the baby shower, it was fantastic! i could go on and on about the great job keli and laura did. keli ordered taco pizza to go along with the yummy snack foods, it was a huge hit! the cake mom ordered was both cute and delicious. laura and kathy made a banner using a cricut machine and it was the neatest thing, we are even going to hang it in the nursery because it matches so well. we played a couple games, like where you guess the chocolate in the diapers and guess how big i am with a piece of yarn.


we had around 30 guests at the house, it was wonderful to see everyone. big thank you to all the friends and family who showed up! and then some of my friends brought their moms or gifts from their moms, i loved that because these are girls i've been friends with since we were 5, their moms made us pb&j and took us to the movies.


i was very humbled by all the generosity too, half of our babies r'us registry is gone. my aunt karin and uncle les really outdid themselves! they walked in the door with several loads of presents, we couldn't believe our eyes. everything under the sun from crib sheets, playard sheets, changing station, huuuge box of wipes, box of diapers, an umbrella stroller, swing-bouncer combo. and on top of that, aunt karin had time to make a beautiful quilt. plus a doll with a matching mini quilt! my other aunt karen made us a gorgeous quilt too. i love those kinds of heirloom gifts, things leila can treasure forever because they were custom made for her. my mom gave us our bedding, everyone agreed it's so precious and even better in person than online. my grandma gave us our changing table, well i'm saying she did because i used her cash to pick that up last week! ;-)

the funniest gift was definitely from liz and vicky. they gave us a dinosaur outfit, nerdy alphabet flashcards like "a is for atom", "b is for binary code", a book called "go the f*ck to sleep" and a personal baby assistant. the pba is SO cool, i would've never thought to register for one! you can keep track of feedings, diaper changes, etc. the book was embarrassingly hilarious. i had to read an excerpt to everyone so they could get the full effect of how funny it was, even my grandma was cracking up!! vicky and liz also gave us a cd of samuel l. jackson narrating the book. you have to look it up, we were dying. so many other awesome gifts, way too much to name them all. laura's gift alone was neverending. she bought us about 10 things from the registry and made a diaper cake, plus saved us big time by giving us ava's bumbo and boppy. anyway, like i said, too many awesome gifts to keep track of for one post.


after the shower ash, laura, andrew, ava, and i walked down to the river. we live a block or two from the mississippi and thought ashley might like to see it.


after our walk the fam ate dinner at jersey grille, then us kiddos headed to the mall. since i was in nfc north territory, i just HAD to get some bears gear for leila. i decided to get a packers onesie too, to be fair to jake. then tuesday night we were in the nursery assembling the changing table and jake thought it'd be funny to play tug of war with kylie using the bears onesie. rude!! haha. after shopping i stopped by a friend's 4th of july party, then sunday morning visited my great-aunt eleanor because she broke her foot and couldn't attend the shower.


after that, ashley and i hit the road. i had a fun time bonding with my little sister on the car drive, all the way down to her rinsing the grapes out the window on the kansas turnpike, ha. here are some of our adventures.

now i'm looking forward to seeing my texas family this weekend in port o'connor. yay for another shower!