Monday, July 11, 2011

26 weeks

26 weeks down, 14 to go... i say that, but my friend mandy just had her baby over two weeks early. so who knows, maybe i only have 12 weeks to go!? you can never be sure with babies. :-)

how far along: 26 weeks yesterday

how big is baby: leila is about 1 2/3 pounds and measures 14 inches from head to heel. i was 19 3/4 inches when i was born, it is crazy to think she's almost there.

weight gain / loss: i never posted my weight in that last survey, oops. it was over 160, but i don't remember the exact number. yesterday i was 161.6 lbs. that's smack at average, which makes me happy. i felt like i was gaining weight a bit too rapidly the past couple months so i started using myfitnesspal again last week merely to keep track of what i'm eating. i inadvertently lost 2 pounds in about 4 days, i think my body was detoxing all the shiz in there from my road trip. but, seriously, don't judge that i'm tracking what i eat. if you look at my food log, you'd see that yesterday i ate movie popcorn, sour patch kids, a butterfinger, and root beer for lunch. i'm not starving my baby, lol. just being more conscious of doing that one meal a day instead of two. :-)

symptoms: i've started getting lower back pain, but only at night. i typically do hatha yoga stretching now after i wake up and it helps get my body ready for the day. i keep waiting for my rings to not fit and my feet to swell up, i feel like i'm due for that soon.

cravings / aversions: i've been on a salad kick the past week. it started as an effort to eat healthier meals, then i remembered how much i friggin' love raspberry vinaigrette dressing and have eaten a salad 3 of the past 4 days. oh, and i have one coming for lunch today too! my biggest aversion right now is fried food. we went out for chinese food on saturday night, which i usually love for all its fried yumminess. that's possibly the least amount of food i've ever taken from a buffet, most of the time i'm an oinker!

movement: leila has taken the kicking to full gear. i feel her everyday now, at least two or three times a day. i typically feel her when i've just started eating and or drinking something, plus when i go to bed (possibly from drinking water with my prenatal vitamin). yesterday i was reading a book all afternoon, and sometimes i would stop and simply watch my stomach bobbing about. it's so neat to see her being active.

gender: girl

belly button: i still have an innie, but it looks different every time i pay attention to it. i think it may have to do with whatever position she is in.

sleep: like i said before, i've been getting some lower back pain when i sleep. we turned our mattress yesterday and i slept better than i have in about a week, i hope that simple fix will help keep me comfortable for awhile.

what i'm looking forward to: another baby shower this weekend! i'm planning to post the blog about my first shower (complete with pictures) tomorrow, sorry for the delay. i'm also looking forward to being in the third trimester, which i believe is coming up in the next week or two.

what i miss: walking fast. you know how sometimes you go to the mall with a friend and it feels like you're zipping through because you can't keep up with her long legs and naturally fast-paced walk? i'm that friend. it has always driven jake crazy that i walk fast. now i have to tell him to slow down so i can keep up. in an effort to remedy that, i'm trying to go for a walk at least every other day. i'd like to do it everyday, but i'm not going to set that bar too high yet.

highlights this past week: this is going to sound incredibly corny, but the way leila has become a person for us. like when jake called this morning he said "i love you, tell leila hi." i dunno, between the kicking and the referring to her by her name, it gets more real everyday that we are going to be parents soon.

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