Thursday, July 14, 2011


only 3 more months until our little princess is here. it's strange to think that it was one year ago when jake tapped on my shoulder and said "are you awake? i want a baby." we spent the next few weeks trying to compromise the right time to have a baby, i was insistent upon waiting another year or two, the hubs was ready then. now i can't believe i ever wanted to wait, i'm more than ready to be a mom. i want to meet our daughter so badly.

next week will be jake and i's 8 year anniversary. but it was july 15, 2003 when we found out we had a crush on each other during a hurricane claudette party at his apartment. little leila might not be on the way if 8 years ago tomorrow i hadn't been puddle jumping around victoria with my friend ralph and saw people on jake's balcony. if our friend james hadn't said "so jill, do you think my friend jacob is cute?" on that same balcony. if that night jake hadn't invited me to go see pirates of the caribbean the following weekend. i might not be in a wonderful marriage with a wonderful man if that hurricane hadn't come.

and here we are, 8 years later, expecting a child. i never thought our marriage could be better than it's been, but leila proved me wrong. she's brought so much happiness to our lives that i didn't even know was possible. the mornings when i wake up and jake has his hand on my belly. the moments when we swoon over monkey butt pants at the store. the times when we're cracking up as jake plays tug of war with kylie using a chicago bears onesie as i put furniture together. i'm ready for these next 3 months to pass so we can share our relationship with leila. i know being a parent is hard, but we are ready to work at it. we've vowed not to be the parents that use our child for leverage. we won't use her against each other and we won't tell people they can't see her unless they act a certain way. kids shouldn't suffer because their parents can't be adults or because their marriage isn't a happy one. i feel thankful that 8 years later, our relationship continues to strengthen and we are ready for the challenges of parenthood. or at least as ready as we'll ever be! now of course you can all feel free to ask me how that challenge is going when my nerves are shot come october, haha.

anyway, that's all for this sentimental day. 8 years with jake and 3 months to go with leila. i love our family more than the earth, moon, sun, and stars. i'm eager for all of us to be together at last.


  1. Awwww...that is so sweet! Love you, Jill!

  2. Sweet! Praying that a hurricane doesn't mark your next milestone? =) At least you're a little further north this time.