Monday, August 29, 2011

holiday happiness

only about 7 weeks left until my due date and it can't come soon enough. i'm ready to be a mom and meet the little girl that is going to bring oodles of happiness to our lives. i love how little babies can really bring families closer together. i found out last week that my sister laura is probably coming to texas for christmas this year with andrew and ava (mostly because they are planning a vacation). my iowa parents were already discussing a trip to austin between christmas and new year's to celebrate leila's first christmas too. if laura comes down, then i think my parents will come for sure.

and honestly, this would be a dream come true. i haven't been able to spend christmas (even if it's 2 separate events) with each of my complete immediate families since my parents divorced when i was 3. this would mean that i could spend a day with my mom, stepdad, steph, jarrett, laura, and ashley along with their spouses and kids, then another day with my dad, stepmom, laura and her husband and baby girl. see what i mean? dream come true! the only thing better would be if i could stick my aunts, uncles, and grandparents from iowa in laura's pocket so they could be here too.

i love everyone in my family so much, and i'm thankful that our precious leila is bringing us all together for the holidays. my dad said he doesn't like to go a month without seeing his grandkids, so i foresee a lot more trips to austin from my parents and maybe an increase in trips to iowa each year. this makes me really happy, i want everyone in our families to be part of leila's life, regardless of the distance. well, almost everyone. there are a couple people we've decided leila doesn't need to know even exist.

that's all going on here. just getting excited for leila to arrive and even more excited for all the happiness she's bringing to our families with her arrival. i could go into labor tomorrow and wouldn't mind in the least. i want to be a mommy now!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

32 weeks

the exciting thing about this week's picture is that despite my whale-like physique, you can see the finished chair rail and one piece of nursery decor- the banner laura and kathy made for my iowa baby shower. it was too precious not to have on display somewhere.

ps: sorry this is several days late

how far along: 32 weeks

how big is baby: leila is weighing in around 3.75 pounds- whoa mama! she's also about 16.7 inches long, which is a whole extra inch in two weeks.

weight gain / loss: monday i weighed 168 even, or a 23.8 pound overall pregnancy increase.

symptoms: i almost had a heart attack this week when i thought i saw a stretch mark. have no fear, it was just a scratch. my rings still fit too, so if my body wants to keep on this stretch mark and finger bloating free path, i'm on board.

cravings / aversions: i could eat pizza everyday and am loving fresh lemonade. canned lemonade makes me queasy.

movement: remember last week when i said i only ever feel movement on my right side? well i had an appointment on monday and my doctor said right now leila is head down with her back and legs on my right. i think she must love it over there because that's where i've felt all her movement these past several weeks.

gender: girl

belly button: it's an outtie now. le sigh. but if i have to trade an outtie belly button for no stretch marks, then that's a bargain.

sleep: i was waking up in the night from discomfort around my hips for a few days. once i put a pillow between my legs, i felt fine.

what i'm looking forward to: finishing the nursery this weekend. we got a glider and a gift card to buy our dresser at my office shower today, so we are almost done!

what i miss: can't think of anything, all is well with no regrets :-)

highlights this past week: we went swimming last weekend and i LOVED it. i felt so light, it was great. when i got out of the pool and felt like i was going to fall over from being heavy, well that wasn't as enjoyable. but those few hours of buoyant bliss were superb.

Monday, August 22, 2011

good stuff

well i finished reading no cry sleep solution and i liked it pretty well. i need to go to the library and pick up happiest baby on the block next. jake and i talked about sleep training last night and i said i was worried about getting up every hour and not getting any sleep. he said i shouldn't worry because we'll be taking turns. he is going to be the greatest dad, he's so eager to be hands on about everything. we talked about how i'd probably want to take leila to visit my family while i'm on maternity leave and he said i'd have to make them day trips because it isn't fair for me to take her away for even one night. how adorable is that? then again, by the time that rolls around he might be begging for a night of crying-free sleep, haha.

this thursday i have a baby shower at work and am looking forward to it. i also had a baby shower last weekend with friends and jake's family, it was lots of fun. we did a bib decorating activity which was neat. it'll be fun to feed leila and be reminded of the person who made that particular bib. leila got even more presents, tons of cute accessories this time. aunt gail ordered these precious socks that look like mary jane shoes in a bunch of colors. stephanie and celeste got her an assortment of headbands, flowers, and bows too, just like stuff her mama wears! she's going to be quite the fashionista with her little socks and headbands. we decided we are going to buy a nice camera next month so we can take good quality pictures of her at home. my poor baby is going to be like a doll, dressed up and having her picture taken all day! that's alright though, i need to take advantage of making her a girly girl now in case she becomes a tomboy later. :-)

well i better go, we need to head to the grocery store. my mom cooked for us this weekend and we haven't eaten that well since probably christmas. maybe we'll pick up something besides frozen pizza and sandwich food today. psssh, doubtful! good night everyone.

Friday, August 19, 2011

running out of time

i just got home from a long day at work and am exhausted from overtime trying to crank out a deadline this week. i keep reminding myself that the overtime is worth it though. every hour of overtime is another hour i will get to spend with my baby girl this fall. i'm planning to take off 11-12 weeks of maternity leave, returning after the holidays. jake has decided to take 2 weeks off work. we have under 2 months to go and much to do in that time. the nursery is done except we need to buy the dresser and glider, which i keep putting off. i need to finish washing leila's clothes, towels, and blankets too. i'm around halfway done, but that child has so many things that every time i finish a load we get a package in the mail with a new bathrobe or something. our friends are so sweet. :-)

i'm on a reading mission now. i was pretty positive i was going to use the babywise methods to sleep train leila because it came so highly recommended. but as i read the book, i realized it wasn't for me. i'm going to hold onto it for the next few months (can't have it back yet megan s!) in case it turns out i'm capable of withstanding the cry it out method. but in the meantime, i'm reading no cry sleep solution and am going to try hard to finish happiest baby on the block and the baby whisperer before leila arrives too. i want to be informed on a few different methods and make a decision accordingly. i also have a book on breastfeeding to read.

so many decisions to make when you're pregnant and you think you have ages to figure it all out. then bam, you're 8 weeks away from your due date wondering where the time went. speaking of time, how is it almost 9pm? i need to go to bed, we are going to see my mom this weekend. i'm looking forward to walking the beach and hanging out at the pool. i've been wanting to go swimming all summer and completely forgot my grandma has a pool. too bad we have to drive 4 hours to enjoy it, but i'm all for something relaxing after this stressful week! good night.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

30 weeks

*i can't believe there are only 7 guesses logged to the left, you slackers. surely more than 7 people read this blog, so click the box and make your guess for leila's arrival stats! :-)

we had a really fun and busy weekend, sorry i didn't get a chance to post until now. i'm also impressed with the quality of this photo considering i took it before work using the camera's self-timer haha. and please note that the putty on the chair rail shall soon be painted over. i sanded it down last week and got clearance from my doctor to paint the chair rail this week as long as the room is well ventilated.

how far along: 30 weeks

how big is baby: our baby girl has gained yet another pound and another inch since my last update 2 weeks ago. she's up to 3 pounds and 15.7 inches long now.

weight gain / loss: monday i weighed 165.4, which is a 1.8 pound increase from 2 weeks ago. that's an overall weight gain of 21.2 pounds for the pregnancy

symptoms: just sort of feeling pregnant!

cravings / aversions: i'm back on my milk kick. i may or may not have drank 1/4 of a gallon of milk on sunday alone...

movement: she is still kicking and i can only feel her on my right side. for some reason i've never felt any movement on my left side. i'm guessing it's either because her legs are on my right and she's not a puncher, or because of that anterior placenta thing.

gender: sweet girl

belly button: the top half is almost permanently out, but the bottom half is holding strong and staying in haha.

sleep: sleep is like clockwork. for the past several weeks i've gone to sleep on my left side at 930pm, wake up at 3am to go to the bathroom, then come back and sleep on my right side until i wake up at 630am. i'm not too uncomfortable yet, but i have to switch sides because my hip bones start to hurt.

what i'm looking forward to: getting to about 90% completion on the nursery this week before our baby shower on saturday.

what i miss: alcohol. it took 30 weeks, but i admit that i now miss wine and margaritas like whoa. so if people could stop posting pictures of their moscato (cough nichole cough) on facebook and stop taking wine samples at the grocery store (cough jake cough) i'd suuuuper appreciate it. ;-)

highlights this past week: lots of DIY and crafting! i hope i can stay this creative when leila arrives and that we do lots of fun school projects together. we got the tricky parts of the chair rail up and the whole thing sanded, plus i finished the name letters for the nursery. the how-to should be coming soon if i can find time amidst our shower preparations this week.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


man, i can't believe it's already august. a little over 2 months before our baby girl is here. i had a dream last night that i went into labor crazy early and didn't have my hospital bag ready. needless to say, that is on my agenda tonight. maybe then i won't wake up worrying anymore.

the nursery is coming along pretty well. i want to have the walls finished, wall decor hung, and find some curtains before we have people at our house for two of my last three showers. the last three showers will be one with our austin friends and jake's family in a couple of weeks, then my coworkers are throwing us one at the office at the end of the month, and lastly our neighbors are throwing a block party shower in early september. the first and last of those will be at our house and i want to be able to show everyone our progress. i'm proud of the room so far. i know leila won't know the difference, but we'll be in there putting her to bed and reading her stories, so we want it to be perfect.

i haven't gotten to the point where i'm worn out yet, but my belly is getting a lot bigger now and i know the day will soon come. this summer has been busier than ever between our vacations to salt lake city and iowa, weddings, showers, etc. my friend sara is getting married next month and i am presenting at a conference at the end of september, then i will have to start staying in town. it'll be nice to have that as an excuse not to go places, haha.

well jake told me that my blogs are like novels you have to set aside 3 days to read, so i better wrap this up. i bought him a new ps3 today, maybe i should tell him to be a little nicer about my blogs if he wants it, haha. hope everyone else is having a great week so far!