Tuesday, August 9, 2011

30 weeks

*i can't believe there are only 7 guesses logged to the left, you slackers. surely more than 7 people read this blog, so click the box and make your guess for leila's arrival stats! :-)

we had a really fun and busy weekend, sorry i didn't get a chance to post until now. i'm also impressed with the quality of this photo considering i took it before work using the camera's self-timer haha. and please note that the putty on the chair rail shall soon be painted over. i sanded it down last week and got clearance from my doctor to paint the chair rail this week as long as the room is well ventilated.

how far along: 30 weeks

how big is baby: our baby girl has gained yet another pound and another inch since my last update 2 weeks ago. she's up to 3 pounds and 15.7 inches long now.

weight gain / loss: monday i weighed 165.4, which is a 1.8 pound increase from 2 weeks ago. that's an overall weight gain of 21.2 pounds for the pregnancy

symptoms: just sort of feeling pregnant!

cravings / aversions: i'm back on my milk kick. i may or may not have drank 1/4 of a gallon of milk on sunday alone...

movement: she is still kicking and i can only feel her on my right side. for some reason i've never felt any movement on my left side. i'm guessing it's either because her legs are on my right and she's not a puncher, or because of that anterior placenta thing.

gender: sweet girl

belly button: the top half is almost permanently out, but the bottom half is holding strong and staying in haha.

sleep: sleep is like clockwork. for the past several weeks i've gone to sleep on my left side at 930pm, wake up at 3am to go to the bathroom, then come back and sleep on my right side until i wake up at 630am. i'm not too uncomfortable yet, but i have to switch sides because my hip bones start to hurt.

what i'm looking forward to: getting to about 90% completion on the nursery this week before our baby shower on saturday.

what i miss: alcohol. it took 30 weeks, but i admit that i now miss wine and margaritas like whoa. so if people could stop posting pictures of their moscato (cough nichole cough) on facebook and stop taking wine samples at the grocery store (cough jake cough) i'd suuuuper appreciate it. ;-)

highlights this past week: lots of DIY and crafting! i hope i can stay this creative when leila arrives and that we do lots of fun school projects together. we got the tricky parts of the chair rail up and the whole thing sanded, plus i finished the name letters for the nursery. the how-to should be coming soon if i can find time amidst our shower preparations this week.


  1. I guessed. Without knowing it, I guessed basically what Jake had already guessed, except for the time. In my defense, I tried to put in exactly how much *I* weighed and when *I* came into the world. *grin*

  2. I had to make my Jake come up with a kick butt virgin margarita while I was carrying Olivia because I missed them so much. The first one post birth is fabulous, you'll love it! Your letters turned out amazing, can't wait to see the finished nursery.

  3. I am in love with those letters! And you have the cutest belly now! Good luck with the painting :o)