Wednesday, August 3, 2011


man, i can't believe it's already august. a little over 2 months before our baby girl is here. i had a dream last night that i went into labor crazy early and didn't have my hospital bag ready. needless to say, that is on my agenda tonight. maybe then i won't wake up worrying anymore.

the nursery is coming along pretty well. i want to have the walls finished, wall decor hung, and find some curtains before we have people at our house for two of my last three showers. the last three showers will be one with our austin friends and jake's family in a couple of weeks, then my coworkers are throwing us one at the office at the end of the month, and lastly our neighbors are throwing a block party shower in early september. the first and last of those will be at our house and i want to be able to show everyone our progress. i'm proud of the room so far. i know leila won't know the difference, but we'll be in there putting her to bed and reading her stories, so we want it to be perfect.

i haven't gotten to the point where i'm worn out yet, but my belly is getting a lot bigger now and i know the day will soon come. this summer has been busier than ever between our vacations to salt lake city and iowa, weddings, showers, etc. my friend sara is getting married next month and i am presenting at a conference at the end of september, then i will have to start staying in town. it'll be nice to have that as an excuse not to go places, haha.

well jake told me that my blogs are like novels you have to set aside 3 days to read, so i better wrap this up. i bought him a new ps3 today, maybe i should tell him to be a little nicer about my blogs if he wants it, haha. hope everyone else is having a great week so far!

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